Saturday, July 24, 2021

Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain – Wedding Cake Review

Wedding Cake is a strain with a high level of potency. After using this strain, it takes only a short while before the effects hit you heavily. However, it has a high percentage of 22% THC content which makes it grossly inappropriate for novices to rush into.

It is advisable for newbies and those with low THC tolerance to be careful when taking Wedding Cake. If it is not taken with care and caution, this strain will knock you out for a long time and render you useless for any activity that requires your attention.

What Is The Wedding Cake Strain? 

This strain is an indica dominant hybrid marijuana. It is gotten by crossing Cherry Pie with Girl Scout Cookies. This allows the Wedding Cake strain to combine the sour features of Cherry Pie with the appealing features of GSC to provide its peculiar taste and feel.

Also, the high THC level of the Wedding Cake strain is obtained as a result of the high concentration level of trichomes in its buds. This strain gets its name from the creamy feeling it subtly gives in the process of smoking which can easily be compared with the feel of a cake.

The Wedding Cake varies in terms of appearance, the look is greatly influenced by the way the strain is grown. However, the regular look for Wedding Cake strains is that they should have a combination of dark green and light green buds. These buds are wrapped in stigmas of amber colour that makes the nugs have a tint of golden-brown colour. This tint is covered under white trichomes that retain their colour. In contrast to the trichomes that do not change colour, the Wedding Cake phenotypes have slight accents in purple colour.


Wedding Cake has various effects and uses for different users. It is an appropriate strain for you to use if you are going through depressing situations. This strain would help you lift your spirit and mood whenever you feel like you are down. You get a long-term euphoric feeling that puts a smile on your face after it hits you with its full-on impact.

If you are also dealing with anxiety and nervousness, Wedding Cake would help you relax well. For medical cannabis patients, Wedding Cake helps in aiding feelings of perceptiveness that allows them to focus more on the moment.

Also, for those dealing with disorders that affect their attention span, Wedding Cake allows them to gain a level-headed and lucid feeling that helps them in focusing on important tasks. This strain is a good solution to help you get your job done especially if you have a high THC tolerance.

Another effect of using the Wedding Cake strain is that it aids your level of creativity and productivity. This cannabis opens up your mind to fresh ideas and insights on how to run your life. If you are looking for cannabis that would help you get better results as a creative, the Wedding Cake strain is the perfect option.

For those struggling with insomnia who are looking for the best type of strain that would just knock them out, this one is a perfect option. It is a sedative that offers gradual waves of relaxation that can ameliorate conditions that have to do with both chronic and temporary pains and aches that you might be experiencing. To achieve this sort of effect with the Wedding Cake strain, it is necessary that you take it in high dosage.

If you are also looking for a strain that would serve as a stimulant for your appetite, get this one. It would help you regain your hunger especially in cases where it has been lost to diseases or chemotherapy.

Adverse Effects 

Using this strain can cause you to have dry eyes and cottonmouth, so it is necessary that you pay attention to the dosage. You can also feel a certain level of dizziness which can grow into paranoia. If you pace around repeatedly and reduce the dose that you take, you can solve this issue.


This strain is popular for having a vanilla cake frosting aroma that is very difficult to miss. However, other customers have said that the aroma can only be mistaken as vanilla but it is a mixture of floral and earthy notes that is coated with a sweet aroma. All of these contribute to the high level of appeal you experience using this strain.


Wedding Cake is a combination of both sour and earthy taste that is quite contrary to what the name of the strain, or its aroma, implies.


This strain can be cultivated in various environments. When harvested, it produces dense, THC rich buds. The Wedding Cake strain is a little bit weighty when you place it on your palm. It carries a forest green color that gets dark when it starts to have purple undertones.

Pruning is also important with Wedding Cake because of its dense foliage that tends to grow thicker. If this is left to grow, it would worsen the situation by causing root and bud rot. The flowering time is between 7 to 8 weeks that gives you access to about 21 ounces of buds.


Using the Wedding Cake strain has enormous benefits especially for your health. If you are dealing with insomnia, arthritis, anorexia and others, smoking this strain appropriately would help you.

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