Cereal Milk Cannabis Strain – Cereal Milk Review

Cereal Milk is a potent but balanced sativa-indica hybrid hybrid cannabis strain that has been gaining popularity in the marijuana community. It comes from Cookies, a well-known brand and manufacturer of marijuana strains. Cereal milk has an aroma and flavor similar to, you guessed it, cereal milk, which makes it seem like you’re vaping your favorite breakfast cereal!

Since it was created by crossing Y Life and Snowman, it’s no surprise that Cereal Milk possesses a pleasant and balanced mix of effects. This strain is particularly popular for its ability to make users feel relaxed, creative, and uplifted. For those looking for a mellow high without being too heavy on the body or mind, this may be an ideal choice for you.


Cereal Milk is a soothing strain that gives you an energizing boost without the anxiety-inducing qualities of other sativa strains. Cereal milk relaxes aches and pains, while bringing out creativity in many users. It also has uplifting effects which encourage movement rather than slowing it down as many indica hybrids do, which can be helpful for people at home or on their daily commute to work!

This strain can also be a great way to make it through the workday. Many users describe their high as one that’s incredibly balanced with equal parts of a mellow mindset blended with just enough energetic creativity. Artists may particularly love this strain if they’ve been feeling like they need some extra motivation, and for those who are well-versed in weed, Cereal Milk could provide the focus needed to move through your list effortlessly.

The Cereal Milk high is often described as a perfect blend of its parent strains, creating an all-encompassing buzz. The strain can relax your body while simultaneously improving focus, making it ideal for both day or night use. This balanced experience won’t be short lived either—just the opposite in fact! Cereal Milk offers hours upon hours to enjoy this sweet buzz that will leave you feeling soothed from head to toe with little to no dry mouth whatsoever.

Flavor + Aroma 

Although there isn’t much information yet concerning growing this strain, we do know that Cereal Milk plants tend to grow to a medium height and are fairly wide. Their olive green nugs are short and fat with minty undertones and dark orange pistils. Frosty white trichomes cover this strain’s buds from top to bottom like flakes of snow.

Cereal Milk is just as tasty and sweet in flavor as it smells. As you can probably guess, it tastes like you’re drinking the leftover milk from your favorite cereal, thanks to its Cherry Pie and Cookie ancestors. The fruity profile has an extra tang that complements the sweetness well on exhale, with no part of its flavor profile being too overpowering or strong for your taste buds!

You’ll experience hints of sweet fruits, berries, and iced cereal milk when you take in this strain’s aroma, which is very similar but lighter than your average weed smell. The most commonly reported flavors of this strain are vanilla, tropical fruits, and a signature sweetness.

Medical Benefits

Recreationally, the use of Cereal Milk can make you feel like a million bucks, and it’s no different when used for medical purposes. This hybrid strain has been reported to be great at treating anxiety, depression, migraines and pain caused by other health issues! This strain delivers on both physical relief as well as mental clarity making this the perfect cannabis option for those who need help with various ailments or mood related issues.

Cereal milk is a versatile and calming strain that won’t lock you to the couch. It provides a boost of energy without triggering anxiety or paranoia, making it one for those with high-energy needs who want to keep their mind sharp and relieve tension in body parts such as joints and inflammation.

As the high seeps in and your mind reaches new heights, it’ll feel as if mental clarity and focus are boosted. With increased creative energy and a sense of sociability, this strain can definitely help those suffering from conditions such as chronic stress or depression. Cereal milk has THC levels ranging from 18 to 23 percent, which makes it appropriate for treating nausea, appetite loss, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain in addition to other health ailments like anxiety and depression.


Cereal Milk is a relatively new strain that has yet to make its way out into the wider world. It first debuted in California a few summers ago and growers are itching for the chance to see what growing this strain will be like. The heritage of Cookie and Cherry Pie predict it should grow moderately sized with decent yields, but nobody knows for sure just what they can expect from such an unknown plant.

When grown indoors, Cookies and Cherry Pie are known winners for both soil-grown and hydro and have a yield of between twelve to fourteen ounces per square meter. This is likely the same amount that Cereal Milk would produce too! Cookies and Cherry Pie are known to be a bit temperamental when it comes to being grown outdoors, so I would take caution if you plan to grow your Cereal Milk outside.

As with many other strains of cannabis cultivated by Cookies, we can guess that Cereal Milk flowers over the course of nine to ten weeks when grown indoors, with its harvest taking place in late October. The buds are short and fat, with lots of trichomes that contribute to its high THC content, making it perfect for anyone looking for a balanced, yet powerful high.

Adverse Effects

Although Cereal Milk doesn’t usually produce undesirable effects, new users and those who are particularly sensitive may want to take it slow with this strain! Like most hybrids, Cereal Milk can lead to dry eye and cottonmouth. Other reported symptoms include slight jitters, forgetfulness, and mild disorientation. In particular, many people report losing track of time but this generally only happens when you ingest a large quantity of it. Since the nugs are especially dense, it may be smart to weigh before consuming so you don’t consume more than intended.

In Conclusion

Overall, Cereal Milk is a potent, tasty strain that will have you feeling uplifted and creative. The flavors of this new-to-market weed are on point with every inhale tasting like the cold milk leftover from your favorite bowl of cereal. It may not be easiest to grow due to its rarity in the market, but consumers can’t get enough!


Other Questions People Also Ask:

How strong is cereal milk strain?

At 25% THC, Cereal Milk is considered strong and it’s best to consume in moderation.

Is cereal milk strain potent?

The Cereal Milk strain is a potent hybrid that not only produces a delicious scent and flavor reminiscent of fruity cereal milk, but its cured buds are a site to behold. They present with varying shades of deep mossy greens mixed with pale yellows.

Is cereal milk strain top shelf?

Cereal Milk – Get your bowl ready! A Hybrid cross of the Y Life and the Snowman strains, Cereal Milk has a doughy and floral nose with hints of citrus. The flowers are olive green with pink and purple hues and sticky white trichomes.

What does cereal milk taste like?

The new flavour tastes like very sweet milk and is designed to have with cereal.

What is cereal milk a cross of?

A hybrid marijuana strain from Cookies is called Cereal Milk. A sativa-dominant Cookies pheno called Snowman is crossed with Y Life (Cookies x Cherry Pie) to produce Cereal Milk. Cereal Milk has a strong flavor that will keep you reaching back into your supply. It has a sweet milk and ice cream nose.

Who bred cereal milk?

Bred by Limited Trees Genetics, Cannabiotix’s Cereal Milk is an offspring of two of our award winning strains, Strawberry Lemonade and Thicc Mint Cookies.

How does Cereal Milk strain make you feel?

Cereal Milk has tested high in Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. Myrcene is responsible for the calming and relaxing effects that make the strain good for depression and anxiety. On the other hand, Pinene wards off pain and inflammation caused by other health conditions.

Does cereal milk get you high?

Some probably won’t believe Cereal Milk to be excessively strong, yet with these impacts and its high (18-23% normal THC level), Cereal Milk is regularly picked to treat those conditions of chronic stress, nausea or appetite loss, persistent agony, depression, and chronic pain.

What are the effects of cereal milk strain?

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