Snowman Strain

Snowman OG is a hybrid strain of marijuana that is known for its euphoric, creative, and uplifting high. For anyone looking to produce new ideas or get lost in thought, Snowman is an excellent choice. Along with its pleasant mental effects, Snowman entices users with its sweet, herbal flavor.

This strain is good for both medical and recreational users because it helps relieve stress and anxiety symptoms and makes people feel better emotionally. Snowman is also a parent of Cereal Milk, which has been taking the market by storm recently after its initial release!

History and Experience

Snowman was bred from a cutting of Girl Scout Cookies, just like Do Si Dos, which explains how its euphoric, soothing effects were born. For anyone seeking relief from stress and anxiety, Snowman is the perfect strain. Not only does this lovely flower relieve symptoms of depression brought on by these conditions, but it also allows the user to think clearly and creatively.

Encouraging introspection, this strain pairs nicely with a lazy evening lost in thought. Because it has a lot of THC, the Snowman strain can also make you feel more hungry and lessen the pain of headaches and migraines. At 23% THC, this strain is pretty potent! Make sure to take it slow with the consumption of this strain so that you don’t encounter any undesirable effects.

Flavor and Appearance

The flavor of Snowman is a sweet, earthy mix with notes of diesel and vanilla. It’s also been widely reviewed as having a spicy aspect, complementing its sweeter tones. Its scent is very similar to its flavor: herbal and vanilla, but its aroma turns sour as the flower is combusted.

In terms of looks, Snowman grows dense, light green nugs in the shape of spades similar to those of Florida OG. Across the surface, you will find a blanket of snowy crystal trichomes and orange hairs throughout the bud. Snowman is also known for being sticky to the touch because of its high resin content.


At the moment, there isn’t much information out there concerning how to grow the Snowman plant. Although this is the case, we can make the assumption that it would be similar to growing its parent strain, Girl Scout Cookies.