Florida OG Strain Review

Florida OG is an incredibly potent strain with a delicious, citrusy flavor. It can be hard to acquire, given that it isn’t one of the most common choices for commercial growers. This strain produces lower than average yields but makes up for this in quality.

With an average THC content of 28%, it’s no wonder why Florida OG, also called Sour Florida OG, is a parent to countless popular strains, such as Biscotti and Sapphire OG.


This strain produces a strong yet relatively short-lasting high. At first, Florida OG gives the user waves of euphoria in the brain, which gives them more energy. This strain lends itself well to creatives, given its ability to open the mind and allow one to focus on a task.

Unlike other OG strains, Florida OG does not induce couch-lock, but instead relaxes the user while maintaining a constant level of energy. Some even report that this strain helps increase productivity and spark one’s motivation, similar to the high of a THC-O edible.


Florida OG plants grow to be relatively short, ranging from 30 to 80 inches once they’re fully grown. The buds are dark green in color, dense, and rich in THC. Because this strain produces such low yields, the nugs make up for it in quality! Blanketed in a layer of crystal trichomes and interspersed with orange hairs, it’s easy to see how the THC percentage can reach 28%.

Flavor And Aroma

The predominant flavors of this strain are sweet lemons, pine, and spice. Florida OG also has gassy and earthy undertones, coming through in both the taste and smell. Some users also report that there is a flavor present that is comparable to tobacco.

When ground, you can expect for the room to be filled with a sugary lemon smell, as well as some herbal and piney notes. Make sure to grab your best smell proof backpack before cracking this jar open!

Medical Benefits

Because of the euphoria and relaxation this strain produces, it lends itself well to treating various medical conditions. Along with being able to boost creativity and productivity, this strain is also able to lift one’s mood.

As the waves of euphoria settle, Florida OG provides relief to patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and various mood disorders. This strain is able to take the user away from negative thought loops and emotional states, bringing them into a calmer, more joyful present moment.

Florida OG can also provide relief from nausea and inflammation from various causes. This can be helpful for those suffering from chronic conditions, such as IBS, as well as those who are undergoing lifesaving treatment like chemotherapy. In addition, this strain can stimulate an appetite, which tends to go away with treatments like chemo and radiation.


The plants themselves grow to be around 30 to 80 inches tall, depending on whether they’re grown indoors or outdoors. Although there isn’t a ton of information available concerning growing this strain, it’s said to be fairly easy.

The flowering period is about 8 to 9 weeks, but the yields are a bit lower than average, coming out around 14 to 16 ounces per square meter for experienced growers. Although the yields could be higher, Florida OG makes up for this with its quality, THC-rich buds.