Saturday, July 24, 2021

Chemdawg Cannabis Strain – Chemdog Review


Chemdawg is a powerful and legendary hybrid strain that is said to have originated from the sativas of Nepal and Thailand. It has been flooding the U.S. cannabis scene for decades

This strain is very powerful, with THC levels reaching 26%. It has served as a parent strain to other legendary marijuana strains such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush. The parent strains of Chemdawg are not known. Some people say it might have originated from sour diesel, but these are just rumors. There exist different phenotypes of Chemdawg, including Chemdawg 91. Chemdawg is not a strain to use on the go. After smoking this strain, you will need to settle down for a while to experience the high and medicinal effects.

Chemdawg brings a strong chemical smell similar to diesel or fuel which signifies the strength of this weed. Chemdawg shouldn’t be taken lightly as it provides a massive high. This strain is best for experienced bud smokers.

Appearance and Smell

Chemdawg cannabis plants grow to become very tall. The plants can easily be recognized from their famous fan leaves which mask stems with buds. The leaves are light green and filled with orange pistils and stigmas. The plants also have a blanket of icy white trichomes which contain THC, terpenes, and CBD. The plant uses its terpenes to drive away predators. It also uses its rich cannabinoid profile to deter predators.

Chemdawg has a mixture of smells including diesel, fuel, chemical, lemon, earthiness, and pine.

Cannabis connoisseurs will easily recognize the intense diesel aroma of this strain. It also has notes of pine and earthiness. Chemdawg provides a smooth smoking experience, filled with a tangy ammonia flavor during exhale.

Growing Chemdawg Cannabis Seeds

It is very difficult to grow Chemdawg cannabis seeds. Novice growers may not attempt growing this strain as its mostly recommended for professional growers who have vast knowledge about growing. Since Chemdawg is difficult to grow, it has resulted in the creation of many varieties and offspring which are easy to grow. The different phenotypes of Chemdawg were bred to make life easier for novice growers who want to enjoy healthy plants without doing intensive labor and gardening. Chemdawg cannabis plants thrive well under controlled humidity levels and fertile natural soils.

Indoor growing of Chemdawg requires a carefully maintained sunny and dry environment. The plants usually flower in about nine weeks and produce a bountiful yield of about 28 ounces per square meter.

Growing this strain outdoors requires sunny, dry, Mediterranean conditions. Outdoor growers of this strain should expect a whopping yield of about 35 ounces per plant of extremely potent weed.

Medical benefits of Chemdawg

Chemdawg has high THC levels, which makes it great for treating different types of musculoskeletal pain including back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and wrist sprains. Chemdawg can also be useful for different types of inflammatory pain, including arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Chemdawg, aka “Chem Dog”, can be a great remedy for chronic stress and its effects. Chronic stress is a condition that makes users feel a lot of anxiety and depression. Chemdawg cannabis strain is usually prescribed by doctors for patients feeling anxious, worried, or depressed. Chemdawg can instantly fill the body with euphoria and relaxation. Smoking this strain can also bring a lot of anti-inflammatory effects which can help to reduce inflammation in the brain over time.

Chemdawg medical marijuana can also be useful in addressing psychomotor agitation in ADHD. It can also be beneficial for those suffering from the symptoms of dysphoria and tension found in ADD and ADHD.

This strain can be highly useful for nausea resulting from cancer chemotherapy or radiation. It can also be used to stimulate appetite in patients with wasting conditions who find it difficult to gain weight.

Chemdawg may benefit patients with sleep disorders. It brings a full-body relaxation which locks users to the couch and brings sleepy feelings.

This strain also has a blend of cerebral buzz and heavy body high that will flush away different forms of anxiety, stress, depression, and pain.

Chemdawg Experience

Chemdawg is a very powerful cannabis strain that may catch novice users off-guard. Chemdawg is known for its narcotic effects. The lowest amount of THC you can find in this strain is about 20%, which is still high compared to other strains. This highly potent hybrid strain is great if you want intense pain relief.

After a few tokes of this strain, you will become filled with an intense cerebral euphoria which can bring about creative thoughts. This strain can be useful for those looking for some creativity during a brainstorming project. The surge in the creativity provided by this strain can be useful in various artistic projects. It can also remove all levels of anxiety, making it easier for you to communicate with freedom.

The initial high from Chemdawg lasts for a long period and its usually filled with mental and physical relaxation. Users usually feel relaxed and less tired. Nonetheless, due to its potent nature, novice users should carefully control their doses because high doses may become too overwhelming and cause tiredness or paranoia.

It may be difficult for many people to handle the heavy-hitting cerebral and body highs offered by this strain and some people have acknowledged getting completely blown out after smoking a full joint of Chemdawg.

Who is the Chemdog Strain Good for?

Chemdawg is great if you enjoy chatting and getting stuff done. But the high potency and intense flavors presented by this strain may be a serious detriment for individuals who want something light. Since its effects can be very harsh, only recreational users may be able to benefit from it recreationally. But novice users can benefit from it medicinally by consuming little doses for conditions such as pain.

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