The Best HHC Disposable Vapes Of 2023: Tested And Ranked

5 different hhc disposable vapes organized for a product shoot
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Whether you’re newbie or seasoned veteran of the HHC-verse, I’m sure we can all agree that disposable vapes are a great way to get your buzz on the go! The convenience factor of an HHC disposable is unmatched, but what about their quality?

With so many different options popping up in the market, it can be incredibly difficult and time consuming to find a product that’s truly worth its cost. That’s where we step in!

On a fateful Saturday afternoon, our team of experts (cannabis enthusiasts) got their hands on some of the most popular and in-demand HHC disposable vapes and decided to put them to the test! By personally experiencing these products and testing them out for ourselves, we aim to provide you with helpful information so that you can be as informed as possible about what you're purchasing. From the feel of each vape, to to their flavors and effects, we've synthesized all of this sensory information to provide you with what we think to be the best HHC disposable vapes of 2023!

Best HHC Vape Pens

We decided to test these products side by side, as well as individually, so we could really get a grasp on their effects, flavor profiles, and overall experience.

After the great HHC disposable testing event, we all got together to decide upon our official rankings of each product. Without further ado… we present to you the High Yields top picks for HHC vape pens in 2023.

  • Hardest Hitting High: Hi On Nature
  • Best Bang For Your Buck: Eighty Six
  • Most Portable: TribeTokes
  • Best Flavor Profile: Melee Dose
  • Honorable Mention: Golden Goat

Hardest Hitting High: Hi On Nature

High Yields team member using a Hi On Nature HHC vape
Photo: Iggy Gauthier, High Yields Team

First up is the HHC Cocktail Vapes from Hi On Nature, and boy, are we excited to get into the details! After we tested every HHC disposable side by side, these came out with the ultimate crown. To begin with a quote from one of our team members, “these vapes open the door first and knock later.”

With a potent blend of HHC, THC-P, and THC-jd, these disposables will have you feeling euphoric, deeply relaxed, or energized, depending on which strain you get your hands on first.

One of my favorite things about these HHC vapes was how each of the varieties had noticeably different effects profiles: a lot of brands seem to just switch up the flavor profiles but keep the same experience for each vape, but not Hi On Nature!

The Red Bull vape had me lifted and energized, just like the name would suggest. In contrast, the Slurricane HHC disposable had me sinking into the couch after just a few hits, lost in a hazy, euphoric high. With two whole grams of distillate per vape, you’ll get much more than your money’s worth out of these.

Of all the options we tried, these had to produce the hardest-hitting high. The effects were almost immediate from the exhale, and they just continue to grow and envelop you with time. The draws are incredibly smooth, and the flavor profiles are insane.

Not only do these HHC vape pens have so many different unique flavor options, they all deliver in full. I think the Slurricane had to be my personal favorite in terms of flavor, but one of our team members insisted that Thunderf*ck was objectively the best. I guess you’ll just have to settle this dispute for yourself!

At $55 per vape, these are definitely on the pricier side, but honestly with the quality of the distillate and the fact that they’re 2 grams, I think it’s still reasonable. The packaging for each HHC disposable was also holographic and beautiful, and it just made me feel really nice to open.

Overall, we had to struggle to come up with cons for this line of disposables, as they had to be one of our team’s favorite products that we’ve ever reviewed. To wrap this up with another quote from the team: “it’s the not high we deserved, but the high we needed.”


  • Amazing flavor options
  • Potent + immediate effects
  • 2 grams
  • Smooth draws
  • Beautiful packaging


  • Pricier than other options
  • Generic looking device
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Best Bang For Your Buck: Eighty Six

Photo of an Eighty Six Brand HHC disposable vape and its packaging
Photo: Iggy Gauthier, High Yields Team

As a last-minute entry, Eighty Six took this round-up by storm! We were so happy when we received this package, as we hadn’t tried any products from this brand before. I must say, they exceeded our already high expectations.

These HHC vapes have pretty much everything you could look for in an HHC disposable: they’re delicious, hit hard, and are so incredibly priced. At $29.99 per 2 gram vape, they’re the least expensive option on this list by almost $10, which I think is insane given their quality.

We had the honor of testing out all three flavors, and found them all to be quite tasty. The Gush Rush definitely had to come out on top for its flavor profile, but I enjoyed all of them thoroughly and found that they tasted pretty much just like you’d expect them to.

One of our team members wasn’t a huge fan of Nilla Mints HHC disposable, but I still think it tastes amazing and just like a vanilla wafer cookie. Of course, flavor reviews are always going to be subjective to a degree, but I think they nailed every single one!

The high from these is really potent and provides a solid buzz that permeates the mind and body. These made me feel pretty euphoric after a few long hits, and the effects seemed pretty immediate, which I appreciate. I didn’t notice a huge difference between the high of each variety, but I did think the Peaches & Cream delivered a slightly more uplifting experience.

Although there wasn’t a huge variation in the experience, I can’t be upset at all because they all hit so nicely. The high felt really balanced, like I could still function and get stuff done if I needed to. Although this was the case for me, if you just keep hitting it, you can certainly get the knockout high your heart desires!

The only drawbacks of these we found was that right after opening them, the distillate had shifted to the top and sort of clogged the mouth piece. Fret not, after letting them sit for a second it all settled to the bottom and hit perfectly, so it was a very temporary and minor issue.

We also noticed that you do have to hit these a bit harder than the other options, but it’s nothing that comes close to ruining the experience they provide. We honestly had to stretch a bit to come up with cons, since these HHC vapes are just so nice.

If you’re looking for an HHC disposable that’s hard on the hits and easy on your wallet, we can confidently say that Eighty Six Brand is your best option here! They’re delicious, convenient, and will get you really really high: what more can you ask for in a vape?


  • Immediate effects
  • Most inexpensive option by $10
  • 2 grams
  • Delicious flavors
  • Very smooth hits


  • Temporary clogging
  • Have to pull harder
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Most Portable: TribeTokes

Sage using a TribeTokes disposable vape in a product shot
Photo: Iggy Gauthier, High Yields Team

As you may have witnessed in our recent glass blunt review, the High Yields team is a certified fan of all things TribeTokes. With the care and attention to detail this brand provides, it’s no wonder their HHC vape pens were a such big hit with us too!

Before we even get into the effects and flavor profiles of these bad boys, I feel the need to emphasize how sleek, modern, and beautiful the packaging is. After opening up all the HHC disposables for sampling, one of our team members proclaimed TribeTokes to be the “Apple of weed,” and I can’t say they’re wrong!

These little HHC vapes may fit in the palm of your hand, but they sure pack a punch. I really loved how small and portable they were: they’re perfect for an on-the-go toke or a sneaky hit while you’re walking down the street. Don’t be fooled by their small stature, these vapes are also incredibly potent.

I found the high from these vapes to be incredibly relaxing and balanced across the board, making them perfect for pretty much any time of day. They come in indica, sativa, and hybrid options, but I found all of them to have a common theme of providing a solid, uplifting, yet hazy high.

Flavor wise, we thought these tasted much more herbal than the other disposables we tried out for this review. It felt very grounding to hit, and I thought each vape was incredibly delicious. The hits themselves were also incredibly smooth, although we did find they do need a little time to cool down between hits due to their compact design.

These HHC vapes are admittedly on the more expensive side of the market, but it makes sense to us given all that went into their production quality. Each half-gram disposable will cost you $50, or you could opt to get a package of 3 for $115! Trust me, you’ll put them all to good use.

Overall, our team really appreciated the compact, potent nature of these vapes. With their mild, herbal flavor profiles and major convenience factor, we think these HHC disposables are the perfect addition to any event, day off, or date night in your near future.


  • Packs a punch
  • Fits in your palm
  • Solid herbal flavor
  • Sleek, modern packaging
  • Smooth hits


  • Needs time to cool down
  • On the pricier side
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Best Flavor Profile: Melee Dose

A close up shot of a Melee Dose HHC vape's packaging that has an NFT on the front
Photo: Iggy Gauthier, High Yields Team

Winning the crown of best flavor profiles, Melee Dose came in hot! This was a tough one, as honestly all of these HHC vapes were incredibly tasty. These disposables were just so delicious and accurate in their flavor profiles, in the end, we had to do it to ’em.

Opening this package of NFT themed weed was quite an experience on its own, so let’s start there! Where else are you going to get a high quality HHC disposable with an NFT on the front? Say what you want about NFTs and their utility, but you cannot deny that this box looks undoubtedly and truly epic.

As you may have read in our Melee Dose Diamonds review earlier this month, the attention to detail this brand takes with their flavor profiles is insane. Sometimes when I get a vape, I’m like yeah, this vaguely tastes like berry, but I’m convinced you could blindfold test these and know exactly what flavor vape you’re smoking on.

The Orange Creamsicle was so so accurate in both its smell and flavor, it had to be one of my personal all time favorites. I found the hits themselves to be incredibly smooth, yet strong. This vape can produce some clouds, and I admire that quality in such a small device.

The other flavor we had the team test out was the Blueberry Mutant Cake, and I already know what you’re thinking: what in the **** is a Mutant Cake. This flavor was inspired by the combo of Wedding Cake and Blueberries, and it hit every single mark.

The high from these wasn’t as immediate as the other options, but it will very sneakily creep up on you and get you just as high. While we were testing this, we all found that out the hard way. Well, if the hard way was the best way possible.

These HHC vapes were very relaxing to me, and definitely made me feel really laid back and comfortable. Hitting them only once or twice, it provides a really nice high that enhances reality and helped me feel more uplifted and calm. After going in for some more hits, it’ll definitely draw you into the couch, with a vengeance.

The body high from these was significantly more noticeable to me than that from every other HHC disposable I tried, which I really appreciated. I would say the only downside to these vapes was at the very end, they did get a little bit clogged and burned tasting. This being said, we got so much mileage out of them before this occurred, as there was barely any distillate left.

Melee Dose hit a home run with these! Along with all the positives I’ve listed, they’re also the second least expensive option coming in at $39.99 per 2 gram disposable. With their low price range, sneakily hard-hitting effects, and immaculate flavor options, there’s no going wrong here either!


  • Smooth, hard hits
  • Tasty, accurate flavor
  • 2 grams
  • Fun NFT themed packaging
  • Reasonable price


  • Resin buildup towards end
  • Gets a bit burned at the end
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Honorable Mention: Golden Goat

Two Golden Goat disposable vapes positioned for a photoshoot
Photo: Iggy Gauthier, High Yields Team

Last up, we have the HHC disposables from Golden Goat! Earning an honorable mention, we thought these vapes provided a solid, reliable high. We did encounter a couple issue with these, but I thought that overall, the pros still largely outweigh the cons.

As a team, we could all agree that the Mango Kush vape was absolutely delicious, and honestly one of our favorite flavors out of all the review contenders! We absolutely drained that particular disposable, and found that it produced a relaxing, soothing high. Definitely a good option for something after work or before bed to help mellow you out.

The other flavor options were also solid, although the Mango Kush definitely stole the show in the flavor department. Each of the disposables produced a fairly similar high, and they were certainly not as potent as some of the other options in the review. This being said, these vapes are purely HHC, unlike other options that have other, more powerful cannabinoids added to them.

I personally enjoyed the high from these very much, as I have a low tolerance and enjoy a more subtle, mellow experience. These HHC vapes from Golden Goat helped me relax after a long work day, beat the Sunday scaries, and drift off to sleep peacefully. Where these vapes may not match the others in potency, they make up in the overall quality of high that they provide.

As for the actual disposables themselves, I thought were very nice, and they have a button unlike the other vapes in this review. I suppose this is a matter of personal preference, but I do enjoy a little button to press.

We received a package of 3 HHC vapes for this review, and unfortunately one of them was dead on arrival. This was a little disappointing to see, but all of the others worked perfectly. I also do want to mention that all of us, including reputable brands, make mistakes at times, and this is why Golden Goat has their satisfaction guarantee!

Their brand manager was incredibly receptive to our feedback, and we do want to mention that if you’re not satisfied with your order for any reason, they will provide a 100% refund! The only other downside of these disposables would be their price range, but we have remedied this with a custom 20% off code for you that brings them down to $48 per 2 gram vape.

Overall, there were definitely a couple hiccups with these, but we still think they’re a solid, quality option for your next HHC disposable! We thought that Golden Goat responded really well to our feedback and showcased their care for their customers, product quality, and overall experience. I would personally have to recommend the Mango Kush: it doesn’t get much better than this one flavor-wise.


  • Delicious flavor profiles
  • Reliable effects
  • Sleek Appearance
  • Button Activated


  • Battery Problems
  • Most Expensive Option
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How We Tested Each Vape Pen

While we were testing each of these HHC disposables, we paid close attention to a number of different factors than can impact the overall quality and experience of a vape. Once we took note of these individual factors, we were able to give a better, more comprehensive review of each product! Here are the main factors that we did our best to observe in each HHC vape.

  • Lab Testing: First and foremost, we needed to make sure that each of these products was something safe, authentic, and regulated by a third-party. All of the products we will ever review on High Yields have passing and verifiable lab tests through a third-party. Safety and quality comes first!
  • Quality Of Extract: Next, we needed to determine the quality of the extract itself. Is it enriched with cannabis-derived terpenes? In what way was it extracted? Does it use artificial flavoring or contain PG/VG?
  • Effects: After hitting it, it was important for us to note each HHC disposable’s effects. Was the high more energetic or relaxing? Did the different variations of each brand’s product produce different and unique effects?
  • Potency: Along with effects, we also sought to accurately portray the strength of those effects and high overall. How hard did each high hit? Did it satisfy, or leave something to be desired?
  • Flavor: Flavor is a make or break factor to the overall vaping experience. Although we realize our personal preferences are subjective, we made sure to describe the flavors as accurately as possible, also giving our own personal takeaways and opinion.
  • How It Hits: Are the hits smooth? How hard do you have to pull on the vape to get a solid hit? All of these factors play into how each of the HHC disposables stand out in their own unique ways.
  • Quality Of Device: Finally, how well-made was the device itself? How does it feel to hold? Is there anything unique about its construction or is it generic looking?


Are you new to HHC, or just want to brush up your knowledge? Before you purchase an HHC vape, we want to make sure that you’re well informed and confident it’s a good match for you! Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions people have about this compound.

What Does HHC Do?

Generally, HHC produces effects that are incredibly similar to THC. Most people find that HHC can lead to a relaxing, euphoric, and balanced high: it DOES product psychoactive effects unlike CBD, for example. Although much of this information is anecdotal, its generally accepted that HHC produces a calming, yet uplifting high that permeates both the mind and body.

Personally, I’ve found the high from HHC products to be very pleasant and at times indiscernible from highs I’ve gotten from straight up THC. It’s also important to note that HHC products, HHC disposables specifically, oftentimes contain other compounds like Delta-8 and THC-P to help provide a more potent, curated effects profile.

Photo: Iggy Gauthier, High Yields Team

How Potent Is HHC?

HHC is thought to be around 80% as potent as THC, so they’re in the same ballpark, so to speak. Although it’s slightly less potent, as I mentioned before, most companies do generally combine other cannabinoids with HHC to give it that extra punch. Due to the entourage effect, these products can be even more potent than the sum of their parts, leading to a hard-hitting, balanced high.

What’s The Difference Between HHC and THC?

At a chemical level, these compounds differ by a single hydrogen molecule. Concerning the effects they produce, they’re also incredibly similar! THC is certainly more potent, although HHC doesn’t fall too far behind in this area. HHC is thought to create a slightly milder, more balanced experience in general than THC.

If you’re worried about any potential anxiety or paranoia, HHC might be a great way to test the waters of getting high. A personal note: the HHC disposables we reviewed here definitely gave dispensary carts a run for their money (I live in a state where cannabis is legal), but I thought the highs were more balanced and definitely led to less anxiety for me overall. Sometimes THC can be a little much for me if I over-do it, which is why I personally enjoy HHC.

How Much HHC Should I Take?

Depending on which method of ingestion you choose, this amount will differ! Since we have focus on HHC disposables for this article, we will assume that you’re looking to dose by inhales. While it’s always good to read the instructions on the label of your individual vape, we suggest starting slow.

Take one, three second inhale, then wait around 10 minutes for the effects to settle in. The effects of an HHC disposable should be pretty immediate, although there’s some that creep up on you a little bit. We will always encourage our readers to take it slow and find your limits that way, as it’s generally better to be not high enough than to be too high!

How Long Does An HHC High Last?

Although this will depend on your tolerance level and the amount you consumed, we’d say you can expect the high from your HHC disposable to last around 45 minutes to 2 hours. This time could be lesser or greater, but this is the general consensus based on our personal experience and the research we’ve done on this subject.

If you were to take an HHC edible, for example, this high would last significantly longer: along the lines of 4 to 8 hours! Assuming you’re wondering about the duration of an HHC high from vaping, we would definitely say you’ll be feeling it for about an hour or two. Of course, you can always keep hitting your disposable to extend the experience.

Can You Legally Buy HHC Vapes Online?

Yes! Due to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp derived products that contain less than .3% Delta-9 THC were made legal for sale and consumption in the United States. If you’re not into the technical stuff, just know this means you can purchase all the HHC disposables your heart desires! All of the products we’ve reviewed are tested and compliant with the Farm Bill, so you may vape legally and in peace.

In Summary

HHC vapes are such versatile and convenient devices to help you get your high on the go. Although not all disposables are created the same, there’s still so many winners and heavy-hitters in the market, it can be incredibly difficult to decide on your next move. This is where we step in!

Using our combined personal experience and researching abilities, we hope to have provided you with valuable information regarding the products on this list. The next time you’re paralyzed in the face of potential buyer’s remorse, just check out one of the products we’ve listed above. All of these brands have an official and enthusiastic High Yields seal of approval!