I-95 Strain

I-95 is a strong hybrid strain that was made when Triangle Kush, Legend OG, and Stardawg were crossed. This strain is known for its smell and taste of diesel, as well as its balanced effects on the mind and body. With its intense head rush, I-95 makes people more creative and can make them more talkative and open.


The first wave of this strain’s high is directed at the cranium, frequently causing a feeling of pressure around the temples and behind the eyes. This state of being leads the user to an increase in creativity, and many report that they begin to think in different, more fluid ways compared to their normal waking state.

For those looking to be productive, I-95 can give you a motivational boost to pursue new creative endeavors, such as starting a new art project. Even if you don’t feel the need to pursue any focus-intensive tasks, you can still sit back and enjoy the introspective high this strain has to offer.

After about an hour of cerebral effects, the body high begins to settle in. A wave of relaxation flows through the user, relieving mental and physical tension alike. Because of this second wave, it is recommended that I-95 be used as an afternoon or nighttime strain, given its tendency to cause drowsiness and couchlock.

Flavor and Aroma

I-95 gives off a strong smell reminiscent of gasoline, with its flavor following suit. Its diesel-like scent is known to fill a room, crowding the space with its sour, earthy aroma. Its taste may be off-putting to some because it’s so heavy on diesel, but many smokers appreciate the appeal of this potent strain’s flavor. The smoke itself can be somewhat harsh, with each exhale producing thick, sour clouds.

Medical Benefits

While many people use I-95 recreationally, this strain also provides many medical benefits. Its ability to lift one’s mood is very helpful for those dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. As the high sets in, the user will find themselves in a calmer, happier state of mind in which they are able to exist in the present moment, away from any issues they’re dealing with in life.

Its effects on the brain can also help people with ADHD, giving them a sense of control over where and how they direct their attention. Physically, I-95 is able to lessen aches and pains and create a sense of peace within the body.

This strain can help people with chronic pain or inflammation caused by a number of different conditions. I-95 is also known to stimulate an appetite, which can be helpful for patients in recovery from an eating disorder or someone dealing with the side effects of treatments such as chemo.

Because this strain is so strong, it is advised that you consume it in relatively low quantities so that you may avoid any negative symptoms such as anxiety or paranoia. As with any THC-rich strain, be aware of your consumption and take it slow!


Although I-95 seeds have been made available for purchase by the grower, they seem a bit difficult to come by. If you do manage to get your hands on some seeds, they can be successfully grown indoors or outdoors, with the flowering period ranging from 9 to 10 weeks. Not much else is known about growing this strain other than that it’s rumored to produce above-average yields!