The Hi On Nature Review: Sent To Outer Space

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Listen up everybody, you’re in for a treat today! Prepare for some true hard-hitters from Hi On Nature, as they take their potency very seriously. If you’ve read any of our previous reviews, you know we make a point to only write about the brands and products we truly love. There’s been a lot of brands that our team has thoroughly appreciated over time, but I’m having a hard time thinking of one that can rival Hi On Nature!

Is Hi On Nature Legit?

After trying a solid selection of their products for ourselves, we can confidently say that Hi On Nature delivers a reliably potent and pleasant experience time and time again. As the winner of our HHC disposable vape round-up earlier this year, they were able to surpass 4 other brands with the quality of their distillate and flavor profiles. Hi On Nature is legit, and their products will knock you back in your chair in the best way possible!

Our Official Hi On Nature Review

Read on for the scoop on our favorite Hi On Nature products. Between their edibles, disposables, and dabs, we’re sure that you can find something you will truly and wholeheartedly enjoy: we sure did!

Space Rings

Starting out with a real hard-hitter, we have the Space Rings! With a whopping 2,500mg of Delta-8 THC and THC-P, these will have you zooming straight past the moon. I would have to recommend these to anyone with a solid tolerance, and or who enjoys getting absolutely blasted. Abandon all sobriety, ye who enter here. 

First of all, these were insane. I only ate half a gummy the first time I tried these, and they got me significantly higher than several of other (unmentioned) brands’ gummies. The high was incredibly euphoric, balanced, and long-lasting. 

I felt like I had enough energy to function at the onset of the high, but I was also incredibly relaxed and centered at a mental level. The body buzz was incredibly pleasant, and our other team members also made it a point to praise the physical element of the euphoria. 

The Space Rings certainly had us on another planet: after a few hours, we were all in a giggly state of bliss having to resort to telepathy. You know when you and your friends are all so flabbergasted by the edible, you just sit around and stare at each other in childlike wonder? Yeah.

Taste wise, these were also incredible. We tried the original flavor variety, and I’m honestly not sure what the exact flavors were, but they taste exactly how sour fruit gummies should taste. I didn’t even really pick up on any hemp flavor at all, which was impressive. I’m a big fan of sour gummies myself, and these came through!

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If you thought we couldn’t ramp up the potency even further, you were wrong. The Shockwaves not only one upped the Space Rings in terms of potency, they doubled them! Coming in hot at 5,000mg per container, the Shockwaves will certainly have you buzzing. 

These are made with a THC-P “Knockout Blend,” and I can attest that they are deserving of the name. The Shockwaves had to be one of the hardest hitting edibles I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot of them in this line of work. 

The high from these was extremely euphoric, yet relaxing, similar to the Space Rings but more intense. I got a little bit lost in the sauce around the peak and wasn’t quite sure what was going on anymore, but I loved every second of it. I would definitely caution newbies or low-tolerance havers to take it slow with these! 

Flavor wise, Hi On Nature hit the bullseye again: they taste just like some delicious hemp-free sour belts. I tried the Electric Lemonade, and I thought they had a really great balance of sweetness and sour tang to them. Although I can only attest to the beauty of the Electric Lemonade flavor, based on what I’ve experienced, there’s no going wrong with Hi On Nature. I’d really like to try the Cloud 9 cotton candy flavor next!

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Gummy Ropes

For the last edibles option of this review, we’ve decided to close with a real banger! As another Knockout Blend infused product, we were all hyped to try the Space Pebbles Gummy Ropes. I’ve always been a huge fan of nerds ropes, so an edible version sounded like pure bliss. 

At 1,250mg per gummy rope, it felt like we were walking into a boss battle on testing day. Let it be known that the suggested serving size is ⅛ of a rope before I tell you that we each ate half of one, for science of course. 

These Knockout Gummy Ropes hit us, hard. Given that we had already tried out the Knockout Blend before, we were all prepared for the high that followed. Again, these edibles had all of us insanely high, almost beyond words. 

There was a really strong body high from these as well, and a hazy sense of euphoria at both mental and physical levels. Taste wise, these were just as incredible as the other options I’ve laid out before! 

All of these edibles have been so delicious, I’d say it comes down to a matter of personal preference on which candies you typically enjoy the most. This being said, these had to be my personal favorite.

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Cocktail Vapes 

As we mentioned earlier, Hi On Nature’s HHC Cocktail Vapes won the High Yields title of Best HHC Disposable of 2023. If you’re interested in seeing more of how they stood up against the competition, we suggest you check that out when you’re done here!

These HHC disposables have it all: amazing flavor profiles, hard-hitting highs, and nearly immediate effects. Flavor wise, I found all of the options to be incredibly delicious, but the Slurricane had to be my favorite. 

In terms of the high, I began to feel the effects right after I exhaled. This is something I really appreciate in a vape, rather than having it sneak up on me. The effects were intensely euphoric across the board, but varied a bit from vape to vape. 

The Slurricane had me feeling deeply relaxed, and basically couch-bound if I hit it enough times. On the other hand, the Thunderf*ck, a sativa variant, had me feeling uplifted and energized. A lot of brands will only change the flavors for each variant, but Hi On Nature was able to curate noticeably different experiences with each option.

On top of everything else, they contain 2 grams of distillate each! I could go on and on about these: they were a personal favorite of the whole High Yields team. The convenience factor of a disposable is unmatched, and you’re not gonna find many options that can out-do Hi On Nature in this domain. 

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Cocktail Dabs 

Last up in today’s review is the HHC Cocktail Dabs. If you were feelin’ the disposables we just reviewed, then you’re going to absolutely love these. Made with the same HHC Cocktail blend as the disposables, you can be sure that these dabs will hit you hard!

I hadn’t taken a dab in awhile before trying these, so I was feeling super excited as we busted the rig out. I will say that the consistency is pretty sticky, so make sure you have some sort of dabbing tool on hand. A little metal scooper did the job for us. 

Just like the disposables, these dabs hit hard and fast! Based on our experience, we found them to produce immediate and uplifting effects. We tried the Thunderf*ck flavor and were all huge fans: we may or may not have gone through the entire 2 grams in one session.

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Final Thoughts

As you can tell, Hi On Nature has earned our High Yields seal of approval and more! I honestly struggled to come up with any downsides or cons for any of these products, as they were just that solid. From delicious hemp-free flavor profiles, to immediate and hard-hitting effects, Hi On Nature has to be one of my personal favorite brands I’ve ever reviewed.

As a last and final note, I’d like to drop our custom discount code in the chat to thank you for being one of our readers! We love what we do here, and want to spread the joy we’ve gotten out of our own Hi On Nature haul. If any of these products are calling your name, you can use code “HIGHYIELDS” for 25% off at checkout!