Birthday Cake Cannabis Strain – Birthday Cake Review

Birthday Cake is a delicious hybrid strain that provides a relaxing yet euphoric experience. This strain can be great for use in social settings, but also for those who suffer from insomnia or want to create a peaceful environment that’s conducive to sleep. Very similar to Wedding Cake, this strain was created through the crossing of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies.


The most noticeable effect of Birthday Cake is how it makes the user feel giddy and extremely happy. The euphoria this strain brings about makes it a great strain to share with friends, given how socialization tends to become more enjoyable under its influence. Birthday Cake is also great for a relaxing evening or day off work. Although the initial wave of the high is mood-boosting and euphoric, the high quickly becomes more relaxing than not. Users report that there can be a bit of drowsiness towards the end, with both the body and mind experiencing a deep sense of calmness.

Appearance and Flavor

Each of Birthday Cake’s buds are large and dense with a dark green base. You’ll also notice that each nug has its fair share of rust colored pistils and a blanket of snowy trichomes. Many users love this strain for its flavor, which lives up to its name! On the inhale, you’ll able to perceive strong herbal notes with hints of doughy vanilla flavor. Many describe its flavor as having sweet, nutty undertones as well. The smoke from Birthday Cake is also exceptionally smooth, compared to other strains.

Medical Benefits

Since this strain is a pretty even hybrid, it’s suited to treating both mental and physical conditions. For those with physical pain like muscle aches or migraines, Birthday Cake can provide much needed relief. Although it is able to effectively treat physical ailments, most users choose this strain for its mental effects. Given its ability to boost one’s mood and induce a sense of gentle euphoria, this strain is great for those with PTSD, mood disorders, and depression. After a few tokes, patients will notice that they feel more positively oriented, calm, and mentally stable.


There isn’t much information out there concerning how to grow Birthday Cake, given that its seeds haven’t been made available to the public. Based upon its parent strains, we can assume that this strain is fairly mold resistant, easy to grow, and produces average to above average yields. Your best shot at growing this strain is to get your hands on a cutting!

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