Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Strain – Sherbert Review

Sherbet, also known as Sunset Sherbet, is an indica dominant hybrid strain made from crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties. This sweet strain has a fruity flavor profile including notes of sweet berries and citrus candy, with diesel and herbal undertones. Sherbert is loved by recreational and medical users both, providing an overall positive, relaxing experience.


Sunset Sherbert is a calming strain that can effectively provide relief from tension, anxiety, and negative thoughts. As the high creeps in, the user will begin to experience its sativa based cerebral effects. One will perceive an increase in energy, and be drawn into a positive, carefree state of mind. Sherbet is widely reviewed as being a mood-booster, allowing the user to let go of any negativity they may have been experiencing prior to the consumption of this strain.

As time goes by, you’ll begin to experience the indica side of this hybrid. A body high will begin to settle in, providing relaxation to both mind and body alike. The cerebral, energizing effects will fade, lulling the user into a calm, hazy state of mind. This aspect of Sunset Sherbert is really helpful to those looking to soothe their anxiety, wind down after a long day, or prepare themselves for a good night’s rest.

Flavor + Appearance

The nugs of this strain grow to be dense, oblong, and light green in color. You will be able to find dark amber pistils throughout the bud, as well as a blanket of trichomes across its surface. In terms of flavor, this strain tastes just how you’d think it would! With strong citrusy tones and notes reminiscent of berry candy, the flavor of Sunset Sherbet is a major appeal. In addition, you’ll be able to perceive lighter notes of earthiness and diesel.

Medical Benefits

Sherbet is a helpful strain for those looking to relax and boost their spirits. Because of its abilities to bring about a happy and serene high, this strain is often recommended to those suffering from depression, anxiety, or mood disorders. Because of its indica component, Sunset Sherbert is also effective in treating physical ailments such as chronic pain and inflammation. In addition, this strain can also help lessen nausea, which can be really helpful to those undergoing life-saving treatments such as chemotherapy.


This strain can be easily grown, so it’s recommended for complete beginners and advanced growers alike! Sunset Sherbet has a high resistance to mold and disease, adding to its appeal for newbie growers. The most important part of growing Sherbet is that it needs to have plenty of sunlight: it thrives in a Mediterranean climate, which can easily be created in an indoor setting if your local conditions don’t align. At the end of the flowering period, this strain will produce low to average yields of quality bud, coming out to around 8 to 10 ounces per meter, depending if grown indoors or outdoors. Interested in growing this strain? Check out these feminized Sunset Sherbet seeds, or maybe find another strain of your liking!

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