Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Cherry Pie Cannabis Strain – Cherry Pie Review

There are different strains everywhere, so you might feel like you are at a crossroads when wanting to choose the best strain, especially if you are new to the game of cannabis smoking.

If you’re looking to try out a strain that has fewer side effects, more medical benefits, and a higher overall satisfaction, Cherry pie could be the strain for you!

This cherry pie strain is one of the strains of cannabis that is held at a high value. Many interesting facts about this strain will be learned before the end of this article.

The details that explain the origin of the strain, the growing process, the appearance, the side effects of the strain, etc will be discussed below.

Origin of The Strain

Cherry pie can be traced to San Francisco where it was originally bred by the Bay Area’s pie guy and cultivated by Jigga, the head of the Cookie family.

Cherry pie was birthed from the combination of two very potent cannabis. The Grandaddy Purple (Indica) and the Durban Poison (Sativa).

Grandaddy Purple is an Indica strain that produces strong flavors and Durban Poison which is a Sativa that packs energetic and uplifting properties.

Although Cherry Pie contains more of the Grandaddy Purple properties, its Sativa counterpart still plays its role.

Cherry Pie takes the best features from both potent strains and combines them to give the best smoking experience.

Cherry Pie typically tests in with very high levels of THC ranging anywhere from 16-18%.

The Growing Process

Do you also want to own a cherry pie farm? There are a few things to consider. Firstly, regardless of what type of cannabis strain you are growing, proper research must be conducted to know what growing technique is suitable for such strain.

The proper equipment must be put in place to grow cannabis. Such equipment can be gotten from both online and local stores. Cannabis also has the tendency to grow very large so enough space should be provided for them.

Cherry pie can be grown both indoors and outdoors; however, cherry pie is preferably grown indoors. It grows to a medium-sized plant. But when grown outdoors, Cherry Pie prefers to be kept in a warm, somewhat humid setting, with adequate light and sunshine available to the plant.


The leaves of Cherry Pie are a forest green with dense, light-green buds. Little orange hairs can be found littered throughout the surface of the buds and they are coated in a blanket of frosty trichomes displaying hues of purple and velvety orange hairs when ready for harvest.

Flavor and Aroma

The smell of the mixture of blueberries and cherries announce the arrival of a Cherry Pie smoker and it also leaves such a sweet aroma in its wake.

Its aroma can make you long for a smoke if you happen to not be the person smoking it. Its scent is hashy, but it has a cherry undertone.

Cherry Pie has a sweet and sour, fruity taste with hints of earthy flavors that captures the senses and leaves behind an unforgettable aftertaste.

Experience This Strain Produces

This Indica dominant strain does the direct opposite of what other Indicas do.

Instead of clouding your sense of reasoning, it lifts your spirits, increases your mood, helps you throughout the day’s activities while keeping a clear head.

It can also work as an appetizer because it increases appetite for many.

When smoking this weed, users may feel less worried about their stress and problems.

Another interesting effect of this strain is that as the high progresses, the Sativa side of the strain kicks in and it causes a lift of the user’s headspace. In the same vein, the Indica foundation works hand in hand with the Sativa by encouraging creative and analytical work of both the body and mind.

Cherry Pie also eases insomnia, relaxes the muscles, and causes minor aches to dull.

Side Effects

Like every other cannabis strain, Cherry Pie also has its side effects, with the most notable being dry mouth and dry eyes, and a few reporting a slight surge of dizziness that goes as quickly as it comes.

On the bright side, there are simple approaches to this problem! Just keep a glass of water nearby, use eye drops, and take it slow as you’re ingesting the substance.

Medical Benefits

For medical cannabis patients, Cherry Pie has both psychological and physiological benefits. It can help those troubled by depression, anxiety, paranoia, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Its unique combination of mental acuity and physical relaxation can also be of benefit to those with attention deficit disorders to devote great concentration to one task.

Its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe anything from headaches to chronic, disease-related aches and pains with a high enough dose.

As earlier stated in the experience that cherry pie causes, Cherry Pie has sedative tendencies so it can also relieve insomnia.

Like always, you should always seek medical advice from a certified doctor regarding any medical conditions or issues. Medical marijuana is not necessarily a cure, but a way to manage and alleviate symptoms.

Cherry Pie is a great choice of strain for both those new to the cannabis smoking game and veterans alike if consumed properly without taking it in excess.

Remember, that whenever you want to do away with depression, anxiety, insomnia or you just want to take a trip to cloud nine, cherry pie is the best strain for that.

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