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Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain – Sour D Review

Sour Diesel, also recognized as “Sour D” or “Sour Deez,” is a Sativa-dominant mix of cannabis-strains with a Sativa/Indica percentage of 90:10 respectively.  The origins of Sour Diesel are a hot topic among marijuana enthusiasts. People typically say this is a cross from mass super skunk to 91 Chemdog, and various others argue that it’s a mix of Mexican Sativa and Chemdog. In any case, you will absolutely expect a high unlike anything else.

In medical patients, this strain is normally used to alleviate anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. While sour diesel has some indica in its composition, it is not an ideal strain for sleeplessness and other similar stipulations due to the stimulating and vibrant head high. Owing to the glowing effect of this strain, most people prefer to smoke sour diesel at the beginning of their day.

The power of this strain is sufficient to grant you a good high and become your regular practice. It’s not like the word “diesel” in sour diesel appeared out of nowhere. This strain is among the most powerful scents of any strain, a hint of lemon and like diesel gas. A sleek, slightly lemon aftertaste can be expected. A sour diesel look consists of a lush green bowl covered with orange hair.

Experience of Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is not for the faint-hearted. Its reputation has grown as a result of its musty scent and mind-blowing intellectual high.  It behaves like a traditional dominant Sativa strain, which begins with a fun head rush. You can become more euphoric, energetic, and talk flows easier. Since head highs are more trippy than centrally oriented ones, you can find yourself inclined to think deeply or chatty. You won’t be couch-locked, but the strain would provide periods of physical rest, making it ideal for exploring events, and other activities.

Numerous people exhibit efficiency and innovation which makes it a great strain to complete odd tasks, complete a project, or just have some tasks completed. Because of the Sour Diesel Weed Effect, it’s more common as a daytime weed than a nighttime weed. Although, you can take this at any time to get a long-lasting exhilarating high.

Sour Diesel Weed has an enthusiastic high rather than an Indica-like high. It is very common among cannabis patients and enthusiasts because the mind-altering and imaginative high doesn’t quite deplete energy and keeps you on your feet and functioning. If you wanted to know how much THC is contained in the sour diesel, it is about 18-25% high-bound. Even in a limited volume, you can hope to develop a good high, provided you have high-quality nugs. This energizing strain not only boosts your activity levels but also leaves your body and mind light and relaxed, allowing you to focus on your job. Ideal for consuming with your early coffee and rushing through the day!

Many say that the mixture of psychological and somatic influence of Sour marijuana makes it a powerful aphrodisiac in some circumstances. That is entirely up to you to say. However, it is widely acknowledged that it is a powerful Sativa, and also that ingesting it carelessly could be unbearable to many.

Flavor and Aroma

Once fully developed, the smell of Sour Diesel is a potent mix of petrol, skunk, citrus, and spice which will seep through several containers and packs. After splitting it up, the spicier highlights increase, along with a sharper citrus blast and a slashing fuel scent that rustles the nose.

A hit on the front of skunky citrus fever is a lime-kissed flavor that hangs in the mouth. On greater impacts, the smoke is thick and will almost certainly induce cough.


The traditional Sativa-specific characteristics of Sour Diesel Weed are circular medium-sized and leafed with a stunning greenish-yellow. The pistils possess a rosy orange color, which gives soul to the weed crop. The nugs are polished with glittering, moist trichomes that show Sour Diesel’s powerful potency.  If you pop open the bud, trichomes are present that cover the interior of the thick petals.


The majority of strains in Marijuana originate from a mistake or are of contentious origins that date back to the 1990s. That is also true of sour diesel.

Around the early 1990s, when the cannabis industry was predominantly unregulated and clandestine, this specific Diesel strain became well-known. The precise root of Sour Diesel cannabis is unknown in the many changes, however, due to the strain’s prominence, some theories continue to circulate.

Many people assume that Sour Diesel is a trait of the initial Diesel strain. The biology of sour diesel is a point of contention. The bulk of marijuana connoisseurs think it originated from Chemdawg, a skunky strain. There might also be a breed between Northern Lights and Chemdawg or even Northern Lights, Chemdawg and Skunk #1.

Medical Benefits

The euphoric effect aids in the treatment of moderate stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. It can also aid in the removal of a mental barrier and the activation of imaginative perceptions. Its potent impact on the mind and body distinguishes it as a true medical marvel.

It restores positive vibes, allowing you to get out of bed and also get tasks completed, which is especially beneficial for individuals struggling with chronic depression, anxiety, or stress. Only keep in mind that too much of it may have the inverse result.

The Growing Process

Sour Diesel seeds demand particular conditions and are not recommended for inexperienced growers. You can grow it both outside and inside, but keep in mind that it needs specific environmental conditions to thrive, ideally in places like California. Sour Diesel seeds generally need semi-humid Mediterranean-like climates that range from 72°C to 80°F throughout the day.

Just note that both inside and outside, the Sour Diesel strain will produce an overwhelming distinctive odor that won’t hold your project underneath the cover. This isn’t something you’ll do quietly!

The strain’s nature is characteristic of a Sativa-dominant strain. It grows to a decent level and could even reach four feet in length. If you’re going to cultivate this indoors, ensure you get enough room and vaulted ceilings to enable the Sour Diesel Weed crops to flourish easily.

The flowering period for Sour Diesel is approximately 9-10 weeks, and it is processed in early November rather than October when the majority of cannabis crops are harvested. It produces a lot of fruit, about 40-50 grams per square foot.

Conclusively, smoking Sour Diesel does not involve a couch-lock and a “strong feeling.” Rather, you will experience a revitalizing cerebral high that opens creative doors.

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