Frosted Flakes Strain

Frosted Flakes is a rare and sought-after indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. Created by crossing Miracle Alien Cookies with NH3, this strain boasts a high THC level, making it suitable for experienced cannabis consumers.

Frosted Flakes provides a functional and relaxing full-body high, making it ideal for later afternoon or evening use. With reported effects of tingling sensations, euphoria, and a touch of energy, Frosted Flakes offers a unique experience for those seeking a balanced and enjoyable high.

  • Strain Type: Hybrid
  • THC Content: 19-24%
  • Flavor: Mango, Floral, Berries
  • Dominant Terpene: Myrcene


Frosted Flakes, with its indica-dominant genetics, offers a well-rounded experience. While its high THC content may be intimidating to beginners, it is reported to be manageable even for those with less tolerance. The strain delivers a mild high that motivates and empowers users to get things done while simultaneously relaxing muscles and relieving tension.

The reported effects of Frosted Flakes include a tingling sensation, euphoria, and a touch of energy. Users often describe feeling uplifted, happy, and mentally stimulated while still being able to unwind physically. This functional and balanced high makes Frosted Flakes suitable for a variety of activities and moods.

Flavor and Aroma

Frosted Flakes boasts a distinct flavor profile and aroma. The strain’s terpene profile contributes to its unique taste and scent experience. Breeders have praised Frosted Flakes for its rich terpene profile, which includes terpenes like nerolidol and limonene.

The aroma of Frosted Flakes is earthy, with hints of mango and floral undertones. These aromatic elements combine to create a pleasant and inviting scent. When consumed, the flavor of Frosted Flakes is characterized by its earthy notes and the subtle sweetness reminiscent of strawberries, thanks to the presence of nerolidol. This combination of flavors adds depth and complexity to the overall experience.

Medical Benefits

Frosted Flakes has been reported to offer potential therapeutic benefits for various medical conditions. Medical marijuana patients often choose this strain to help alleviate symptoms associated with fatigue, depression, and stress. The balanced high provided by Frosted Flakes may help uplift mood and promote relaxation, making it potentially beneficial for those dealing with mental health challenges.

The relaxing and tension-relieving properties of Frosted Flakes may contribute to a reduction in eye pressure and overall discomfort associated with glaucoma. By inducing a state of relaxation, the strain may help alleviate the symptoms and potentially provide temporary relief for individuals experiencing elevated intraocular pressure.


Frosted Flakes presents some characteristics that make it an appealing strain to cultivate. It is an indica-dominant strain that grows into a small bush, reaching a height of up to 30 inches. This compact size makes it manageable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Although Frosted Flakes has some resistance to pests, proper care and attention are still necessary to ensure a successful harvest. While the strain’s seeds may be difficult to obtain, obtaining clones from trusted sources is a viable alternative.

When cultivated, Frosted Flakes has a relatively short flowering time, with the potential for harvest as early as seven weeks of plant growth. This shorter flowering period allows for a faster turnaround time compared to many other strains.