Sundae Driver Strain

This strain by Colorado Genetics is perfect for a day out on the town with friends or a relaxing weekend at home. Created from the crossing of Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie, Sundae Driver’s relaxing yet euphoric high is great for any time of day. Its average THC percentage is around 14%, with the higher end of tests falling around 16%.


The high from Sundae Driver begins with a burst of energy and euphoria. As the high creeps in, you’ll find that it’s quite a cerebral experience and that you may become more creative than usual. Many users report changes in the way that they perceive color and sound, with music and art becoming more enjoyable to them.

As the experience of this strain winds down, you’ll begin to feel a physical and mental sense of relaxation. Although this strain is suitable for use at any time of day, excessive consumption may result in a nap!

Appearance and Flavor

The plants of this strain tend to grow to be fairly tall and leafy, with oblong buds. Each nug is medium green in color, with yellow-orange pistils all throughout the surface. Depending on the growing conditions, the buds can also have hints of purple.

Sundae Driver has a unique blend of scents and flavors. Many describe a sour, fruity taste, as well as one reminiscent of rich chocolate. As you’re smoking it, you’ll also be able to perceive light herbal notes and a sweet undertone.

Medical Benefits

Sundae Driver is primarily used by patients seeking to treat mental illnesses rather than physical pain. Although this is the case, this strain can still provide relief from minor aches and pains, including muscle cramps and headaches.

Those with PTSD and mood disorders can use this strain to boost their mood in a positive way and gain a sense of ease. This strain does have an initial boost of energy, but ultimately helps the user feel safe and calm, like a gentle weighted blanket for the mind. Those with depression and anxiety can also benefit from Sundae Driver, given how it creates a relaxing and positive environment for the user.


Since Sundae Driver is such a new strain, there isn’t much information about growing it. Based on its parent strains, we can predict that its plants will grow to be pretty tall. The plants will also probably need a solid amount of pruning throughout the growing process, given their grape pie heritage. Growers aren’t sure if this strain gives average yields, but one thing is for sure: you’ll get some good weed out of it.