Georgia Pie Strain – Georgia Pie Review

Georgia Pie is a potent hybrid strain created from the crossing of Kush Mints and Gelatti. It’s known for creating an intensely euphoric experience within the user, elevating the mood and relaxing the body. Users also love Georgia Pie for its delicious sweet flavor reminiscent of berries and cream.


This strain is a 60:40 indica:sativa hybrid, which explains its wide range of hard-hitting effects. Most know this strain for the intense waves of euphoria it creates, as well as the relaxing body high that sinks in immediately after. At an average of 27% THC, Georgia Pie isn’t a strain for the light-hearted. Overall, many users report this strain to be mind-expanding, inducing a sense of intense joy and relaxation.

Appearance and Flavor 

Georgia Pie grows in small, dense nugs with a colid coating of white trichomes and subtle notes of lavender throughout the flower. This strain is loved by its users for its soft, fruity flavor. Georgia Pie is often described as having a cherry-like flavor with subtle notes of vanilla and dough. The aroma follows suit, having a sweet, herbal smell that fills the room.

Medical Benefits 

This strain can have a wide range of medical benefits, given its ability to relax and uplift. For those dealing with depression, Georgia Pie can raise one’s mood with a gentle sense of euphoria and comfort the user with a light body high. Because of its solid indica content, this strain can also be helpful to those experiencing anxiety. The body high is comparable to a weighted blanket and creates a comfortable and relaxing environment for individuals to unwind. In addition, Georgia Pie can also be helpful in decreasing nausea and increasing one’s appetite.


Growers love the Georgia Pie strain because it produces a hefty amount of potent bud and grows relatively quickly! After 9-10 weeks, you’ll have around 18 ounces of bud per plant to harvest when grown outdoors. Another tip for new growers is to heavily consider purchasing feminized seeds, so that you can ensure the best results. As mentioned before, Georgia Pie nugs are incredibly dense, blanketed in trichomes, and are a blend of medium green and lavender in color.

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