OG Kush Cannabis Strain – OG Kush Review

OG Kush is a legendary strain, known for its high THC percentages and role in creating other popular strains. This indica heavy hybrid hits hard and brings about an intensely euphoric and cerebral high. This strain is loved by both medical and recreational users and is incredibly helpful for those struggling with anxiety, depression, or chronic pain. OG Kush is a parent to a long list of well-known strains, including GSC, Headband, and Marathon OG. This strain has pulled its weight in the cannabis industry, which makes it no surprise how popular it remains amongst the community!


As mentioned previously, OG Kush is a world-wide staple of the industry and has been recognized as an American classic. The OG strain originated in Los Angeles when Matt “Bubba” Berger brought it from Florida to legendary cultivator Josh D, who was known for creating famous strains like GSC and Headband. Having a 25% sativa/75% indica ratio, this hybrid sure pulls its weight. Expect an intense high that will leave you both couch-locked and euphoric. For most users, OG Kush produces consistent effects: heady cerebral sensations combined with deep body highs.

All of this ties together nicely with a feeling of peace and relaxation: making it perfect to use before bedtime or times where you won’t need to be too productive. OG Kush is paired well with a relaxing movie night, or just some time alone to relax and unwind after a long day. Although it is loved by many, the sky-high THC content of this strain may be an issue for the uninitiated. One toke can do it, and many users claim they get a case of dry eyes or evil cottonmouth following only one session with OG Kush. To avoid these side effects, keep water nearby as well as some Visine.

Appearance and Flavor

Appearance-wise, most would probably agree that OG Kush has a fairly “traditional cannabis” look. It features the classic yellow-green sugar leaf color with orange pistils and sage green tinted leaves. Each bud is densely coated with crystalline trichomes, which isn’t surprising given its high THC content! When properly cured, OG Kush buds have a heavy smell of earthy, musty citrus. Smoke from this strain is known to be harsh and cause a bit of coughing, so make sure you’re ready. On the inhale, you’ll be met with a hashy, spicy flavor that fills your throat. For those looking to conceal their smoking, be aware that this strain is incredibly pungent and tends to linger after it’s been smoked.

Medical Benefits

As you’re aware of by now, OG Kush is a heavy-duty strain that stimulates your brain and body alike. Because of its potency and blend of mental and physical effects, this strain is able to treat a wide range of ailments and diseases, providing relief to many. It’s most often used to treat pain, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or Alzheimer’s disease. The soothing aspects of this strain allow for the user to relax their mind and watch as their anxiety and negative moods fade away into bliss. Apart from these benefits it also has an excellent reputation for being versatile because, like we mentioned before, you can use OG Kush in many other ways too! The cerebral effects make it popular with vets suffering from PTSD related symptoms as well, creating a safe and calming environment for the user. Similarly the pleasant body high makes OG Kush an effective choice for those coping with pain or movement disorders like Parkinson’s Disease.


The OG Kush marijuana strain is so popular that it sells out quickly at many respected dispensaries and other recreational shops. Even with so many options, high-grade OG Kush nuggets maintain an absurdly high demand among the most reputable dispensaries in the country. This cannabis strain requires close monitoring to ensure it reaches maturity, which takes between 8 and 9 weeks. Many growers opt for cultivating this marijuana indoors because they can control its environmental conditions easier than outdoors, where there are more variables that could affect cultivation time or yield sizes. It’s been reported that the highest yields are usually obtained through growing OG Kush in a hydroponic setup. This strain gets 15-19 ounces per meter squared when grown indoors and 13-19 ounces on average per plant outdoors!

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