Mimosa Strain

Just like the widely known and loved brunch staple this strain was named after, Mimosa is a great way to start the day! This energizing strain, also known as Purple Mimosa, is a great pick-me-up and can help dissolve any tension and negative emotions you may be experiencing. Bred from the crossing of Clementine and Purple Punch, this strain synthesized all the best traits from its parents.


The THC content of this strain can vary greatly, with the low end being around 17% and the high end nearly reaching 24%. As we mentioned previously, Mimosa is best used as a wake-and-bake strain. As soon as you eat it, you’ll feel a warm buzz of energy that will make you more creative and motivated.

This high is incredibly uplifting, and as it settles in, any negative thoughts or emotions you’re experiencing will begin to fade away into bliss. Many people love using this strain to help kick-start their day and begin crossing things off their to-do list. Most of Mimosa’s effects are mental, but it does come along with a slight body buzz that gets stronger towards the end of the high.

Appearance and Flavor

Mimosa’s buds are dense and olive green in color, occasionally having purple undertones. Each nug is covered with frosty trichomes, which shows how strong this strain is. As you can probably guess, mimosa has a sweet and citrusy flavor profile.

Its flavor is compared to a sugary orange slice, with sour notes and a faint taste of herb and pine. Mimosa’s flavor is a major attraction for many users; it’s the perfect way to start out your day!

Medical Benefits

Mimosa is a helpful strain for many medical patients, having effects that align with most sativa-heavy hybrids. First of all, this strain gives people a burst of energy that helps them fight fatigue. As the high starts to kick in, you’ll feel a spark of motivation and creative energy that will get you ready for the day ahead.

For this reason, Mimosa is also helpful to those experiencing depression. This strain tends to uplift the user and create a positive headspace, which is really helpful for those who feel as if they’re stuck in negative thought loops and emotional states.

Towards the end of the high, the user tends to feel a bit more relaxed. This part is good for treating chronic stress and anxiety because it makes people feel calm and happy. Mimosa should be taken during the day because it tends to wake up the user rather than lull them to sleep. This strain can also help stimulate appetite!


This mimosa strain’s seeds are pretty hard to get a hold of, and there’s also not a ton of information out there about the growing process. We do know that there aren’t any feminized seeds available yet and that it has a flowering period of about 9 weeks. Harvesting time naturally occurs around mid-October. Overall, buying the bud is your best bet with this strain!