Animal Mints Strain

Depending on which company you purchase this strain from, it could have slightly different genetics. Regardless, Animal Mints is going to be a combination of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Fire OG, Animal Cookies, or Blue Power. Regardless of how it came into being, one thing is certain: this strain packs a punch!


If you have any plans in the near future, this strain might not be the way to go. It can take the user from a mellow high to intense sedation within minutes. Animal Mints can have anywhere from 23% to 32% THC, so beginners and people with low tolerances should be careful.

Users say that this strain makes them very talkative and happy, and as the high goes on, there is a clear sense of letting go. This strain can easily overcome you and lead to heavy sedation and couchlock, so make sure you track your consumption and plan accordingly.

Appearance and Flavor

There isn’t much information available concerning the plants themselves, but we do know that each Animal Mint bud is dense and dark green. Notes of purple can be found throughout each nug, as well as a light layer of crystal trichomes.

When broken down, you can expect this flower to emit a minty and herbal aroma with faint notes of diesel. In terms of flavor, it’s pretty similar to its smell: strong notes of mint, diesel, and a light sweetness.

Medical Benefits

Although it is a 50:50 hybrid, Animal Mints hits more like an indica. This strain is effective for those with even the highest of tolerances, so make sure to closely monitor your dosages before use. Given their effect profile, animal mints are extremely effective for those suffering from anxiety or insomnia.

After consuming this strain, the patient will begin to experience an intense sense of decompression and relaxation, usually ending in a good night’s rest or, at the very least, a power nap.


Animal Mints seeds are not currently available commercially. Because of this, no one knows anything about the growing process or how the plants look. It can be assumed that it will have similar properties to those of its parent strains, so check out GSC or Animal Cookies if you are interested in learning more. Your best shot at growing this strain would be to get your hands on a cutting.