Do-Si-Dos is a powerful indica strain produced by cross breeding popular strains including OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies and a potent Indica strain called Face Off OG.

Do-Si-Dos is a spirited strain filled with a very potent and smooth high. It also brings a dream-like euphoria that’s suitable for relaxation. The high potency of Do-Si-Dos makes it preferable for experienced cannabis consumers. Nonetheless, everyone can consume this strain, you just have to watch your dose.


The exact ancestry of Do-Si-Dos is still unknown, but it’s said to be produced by crossing breeding popular strains including OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies and a potent Indica strain called Face Off OG. Dosidos is a strain with 70 % Indica and 30 % Sativa and THC levels reaching up to 24 %. This strain seems to have only about 1% of CBD content.

Appearance and Smell

Do-Si-Dos cannabis strain can easily be recognized from its small and dense buds. It has curly leaves which bend towards the stem. The buds are dark green and are covered in bright orange pistils, showcasing the strength and durability of this strain. When winter comes, this strain generates a tinge of purple anthocyanins. Dosidos cannabis plant grows to a medium height and its fill thick, sticky, THC-rich trichomes.

Dosido offers a blend of different flavors including Citrus, Earthy, Flowery, Pine, and Sweet which is followed by dank and earthy undertones. This cannabis popular terpenes like linalool, limonene and caryophyllene which make it more flavorful. This strain brings harsh and sometimes unpleasant smoke, which can lead to coughing.

Do-Si-Dos Weed Strain Experience

This strain provides the user with exquisite effects. It has the effects of a typical indica strain, making it perfect for nighttime use. After taking a few tokes of this strain, your body experiencing a deep relaxation, followed by a dreamy and euphoric high.

Novice users might feel a bit drowsy after consuming this strain, but this slowly drifts away as you keep on smoking. Most users have acknowledged that this strain makes them more focused and elevated. Your body may begin to feel relaxed while your mind goes into a quiet state where thoughts disappear. This makes Do-Si-Dos great for those who enjoy solo sessions.

Effects of Do-Si-Dos

The high from this strain hits you instantly and immediately rushes to the brain, resulting in creativity and open-mindedness. You may also begin to think outside the box as your mind opens up endless possibilities. Most smokers also feel minor tingling sensations which feel the body with joy.

Do-Si-Dos is a joyful strain to smoke. It fills the body with a smooth sense of calm and peacemaking you feel less worried throughout the day. As you taste the lemony flavor all your anxieties and thoughts melt away. Your muscles begin to unwind, and you may discover that you have been gazing at a beautiful picture portrait. This strain also brings a lot of creativity and users acknowledged having the ability to draw and do music. The heavy relaxation effect is followed by a rush of appetite called the munchies. At this stage, you gain the desire to eat your favorite snacks.

Growing Do-Si-Dos seeds

Do-Si-Dos seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. But the seeds usually thrive well outdoors under a semi-humid climate with temperatures of about 70 to 80 F. Growers who want the healthiest buds need to expose their plants to cold nighttime temperatures just before the flowering period. Due to the strong flavor profile of Do-Si-Dos, it will release a lot of odors when grown indoors. Therefore, growers will also need to invest in fans, as well as filters, to reduce the pungency of the air around their plants.

Do-Si-Dos cannabis seeds are reserved for the average grower. Its grow difficulty is medium which means novice growers might have difficulties. When growing the plant indoors, you are required to have high voltage lamps for sufficient light and slightly humid conditions. The plants are ready for harvest after 8 to 9 weeks. The strain can also produce an average yield during harvest, and you should expect a yield of 10 ounces per meter squared.

Medical benefits of Do-Si-Do weed strain

Do-Si-Dos is a heavy Indica strain. Despite its low CBD percentage, it’s still effective for medicinal purposes.

Its high levels of THC can help with several medical applications such as anxiety, pain, stress, etc.

If you are suffering from severe conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, or stress then you can consume Do-Si-Dos as a way to gain relief. This strain lacks the side effects found in traditional pain medications.

Do-Si-Dos can also help with insomnia that results from chronic pain. Its relaxation properties help reduce pain, making the user have a good sleep.

This strain can increase cerebral activities as well as mood, which makes it great for people going through depression.

Another key feature of Do-Si-Dos is its ability to treat pain related to fibromyalgia.

This strain produces physical effects that act as an analgesic for aches and pains. It treats different types of pain including pain from injury or pain resulting from a severe condition such as arthritis or lupus.

Also, the anti-inflammatory nature of Do-Si-Dos is essential in numbing daily irritations such as nausea and headaches.

The relaxation effects of this strain can generate a body buzz that can reduce moderate pains, improve mood and create lethargy. Other conditions which may be useful with this strain include:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Epilepsy
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • PTSD

Nonetheless, novice cannabis users should be aware that this strain is too powerful, and can result in paranoia, panic attacks, and severe hunger. If you have a low tolerance to THC then it’s best to avoid this strain.

Who is Do-Si-Dos good for?

Do-Si-Dos has high THC levels which means it’s not suitable for novice users. However, medical marijuana patients can benefit from the high THC percentages to treat conditions like stress, anxiety, pain, and more.

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