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Headband Cannabis Strain – Headband Review

The name given to this strain is largely due to its effect on users. It is an Indica-dominant strain that makes the user feel a sense of compression, as if they’re wearing a headband. This strain has been proved to be an effective treatment for some mild and severe health issues – especially those that make relaxation difficult.

This article provides the following information about this iconic Indica hybrid: its origin; the experience it produces, its flavor and aroma, the appearance, its medical benefits, and the growing process.


This Indica-Sativa strain is derived from the mixture of OG Kush and Sour Diesel – two notably powerful strains. Headband is also known as “Sour Kush” as a result of its source from the mixture of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. The percentage of Sativa and Indica that make up this hybrid is forty percent to sixty percent respectively, making it Indica-dominant.

This combination is the reason for its strong cerebral effect on users, making the user experience a high pressure around their temple (leading to a gentle but solid highness in the cranium). This strain has a high THC content, measured between twenty and twenty-seven percent.

The source of Headband is currently subject to debate. While some agree that it’s an origination of Reserva Privada (Breeders based in Colorado, and producers of strawberry banana and Kandy Kush), some others believe that it is an origination of 707 Headband (a strain produced in Humboldt County, California – home to many cannabis strains.

The Experience Headband Produces

Users of this hybrid strain usually have a feeling of warmth and comfort as though a large cloth (like a blanket) is wound around them. For this reason, headband strain is termed as a unique hybrid strain. It gives the user a whole lot of pleasure and a relaxed feeling. The use of Headband is a great way to ease yourself from stress, pain, and anxiety that’s been disturbing your mind.

This strain incites a unique euphoria – as you smoke more, you begin to feel the pressure build in your temples. Many users describe this feeling as a soothing and refreshing one, helping alleviate stress and calm the mind.

The Headband experience enhances the user’s creative prowess, bringing about extraordinary ideas. For this reason, this strain is an excellent match for those in touch with their creative side, like artists or writers.

Flavor And Aroma

The flavor of this Indica hybrid strain is very similar to its aroma. It possesses a strong and sweet lemony odor. Its pleasant, yet pungent presence makes itself known to anyone in the vicinity of a Headband smoker. In a place where Headband is combusting, there’s usually a noticeable amount of diesel hanging in the air, as well as an earthy shock.

Headband has a unique flavor that sets it apart from other Indica strains: sweet lemon with a unique creamy taste. When you smoke this strain, it will leave a tangy and earthy taste in your mouth, blending in with a hint of fresh lavender.


Headband buds are relatively small, like a compact chunk or clump. The color of its leaves is pale-green, which tend to be of an average size. However, the phenotype of some other headband plants have high tendencies to contain purple shades, due to specific climate conditions. In cold, temperate regions, there’s an activation of anthocyanin compounds in the plants during the period of growth, causing the shades of purple on the leaves. This can be utilized by the grower to create unique colors from batch to batch.

The flowers of Headband plants are wrapped in white, silvery trichomes and sticky to the touch. The nugs are usually very hard to break open for pipes or joints, so using a grinder is going to be your best bet with this strain.

Medical Benefits

This strain can be used for a wide range of medical-related purposes. It is generally considered a natural treatment for a number of mental disorders. This is because it has a potential ability to provide soothing relief to patients(anxiety, ADD/ADHD, depression, etc) without additional lethargy.

The strain is also recommended for stress relief, given its ability to effectively relax and calm the user. Furthermore, the strain is a very effective treatment for chronic headaches and migraines – which makes sense given its name!

This strain is a known and effective tranquilizer. For this reason, it is often prescribed for those struggling with insomnia or other sleep issues. By easing your worries during the day, this strain is able to bring about comfortable and relaxing sleep during the night.

The Growing Process

The processes involved in growing Headband plants is not complex and thereby easily accomplished by novice and experienced planters alike. Growing the plant can either be done indoors or outdoors. With the perfect condition, the plant will offer relatively high yields.

Headband plants will grow well under sunny and warm climatic conditions. If the plant is being grown in a wet region, make sure the plants aren’t getting too much water. The level of humidity in the environment where the plant is being grown has a direct effect the plant’s health. Too much water can lead to the growth of mold and decay of your plant. Therefore, it’s very important to take note of the level of humidity in the plant’s environment, as well as ensuring that there is no frost around.

The estimated time of flowering from the time it is planted is nine to ten weeks when nurtured either indoors or outdoors, and under suitable conditions. The estimated quantity of harvest for indoor planting is 18 ounces per sqm. The estimated quantity of harvest for outdoor planting is 21 ounces per plant. The best time of harvest is mostly mid-October.

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