Grease Monkey Strain

Grease Monkey is a popular indica-heavy hybrid strain that is known for its ability to knock the user flat on their backs. This strain was born after the crossing of Gorilla Glue and Cookies and Cream, which can help explain where its intense body high and euphoria come from. It isn’t the easiest strain to grow, but if you have the experience and work ethic necessary, its yields are well worth the trouble!


Since this strain is so sedative in nature, it’s recommended you use it at night or on a day where you won’t need to be productive. Its THC content ranges from 16 to 30 percent, so if you have a low tolerance, make sure you take it slow with your consumption. Grease Monkey is initially felt in the face, but its high body gradually seeps into every muscle in your body.

Many people report that this strain makes them feel warm and cozy, as if they’re wrapped in a weighted blanket. Expect any tension in your body to dissipate, and brace yourself for a possible couch lock! Grease Monkey also has a mental part that makes people see the world in different ways. These more psychedelic effects can lead to deep reflection as well as daydreaming.

Appearance and Flavor

Grease Monkey buds are medium in size, dense, and olive green. Each plant has light green flowers that are long and shaped like cones and stick to the branches. You can find rusty pistils all throughout each bud, as well as a thick layer of trichomes all across the surface.

Grease Monkey has a similar flavor profile as Girl Scout Cookies, with notes of sweetness and diesel. As it’s broken down, herbal and gassy notes will fill the room—this strain is pungent! As you inhale Grease Monkey, you can expect to uncover the distinct flavor of vanilla mixed with dies

Medical Benefits

Given this strain’s ability to calm and decompress the user, it’s no surprise that it’s effective in treating depression and anxiety. As the high settles in, the user will begin to become more relaxed and let go of any negative feelings or thoughts they may have been having beforehand.

Grease Monkey gives the user a strong body high and nice mental effects. This makes the user feel comfortable and happy. This strain is also helpful for those dealing with chronic stress, as it can provide a window of relief.

Physically, this strain is also able to treat pain and inflammation, given how powerful its body high is. Grease Monkey is seriously effective in combating insomnia, which should come as no surprise! As the day winds down, you should be fully relaxed and prepared for a good night’s rest.

This strain is also good for people who want to get hungry or have trouble digesting. These parts of the stress can be very helpful for people who are getting over an eating disorder or going through treatments like chemotherapy.


Grease Monkey isn’t the easiest strain to grow, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. Although it’s indica-dominant, it grows more like a sativa and can get quite tall. They are going to require pruning and possibly topping. This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, but if grown indoors, make sure you have a proper ventilation system set up.

When grown indoors, the harvest period is about 8 or 9 weeks, with the yield coming out to be approximately 18 ounces per square meter. If you decide to grow outdoors, the yield should be around 21 ounces per plant, flowering in October.