Forbidden Fruit Strain

There’s a reason why this strain got its name: it’s almost too good to be true! Forbidden Fruit was created by crossing Cherry Pie with Tangie, creating a delicious fruity hybrid.

This strain has a fairly high THC content, with the upper end around 26%, so prepare for a heavy-hitting, sedative high. With its sweet, tropical flavors and deeply relaxing high, it’s no surprise that Forbidden Fruit is a fan favorite among the cannabis community.


The smoke of this strain is exceptionally smooth, adding to how enjoyable the experience is. At the onset of the high, you can expect to feel a numbing sensation building in your head and neck area, slowly moving throughout the body.

As time goes on, you’ll begin to experience a deep sense of relaxation, both mentally and physically. Forbidden Fruit pulls the mind into a trance state, facilitating a calm and hazy state of being. There is also an element of euphoria present, which can effectively numb any minor aches and pains as well as relieve any feelings of anxiety within the user.

This strain is best used in the evening, given how it can lower energy levels and spark intense relaxation. Forbidden Fruit can undoubtedly contribute to the creation of a peaceful environment conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Appearance and Flavor

Forbidden Fruit is as beautiful as it is delicious. With its deep purple tones and sage green base color, it’s easy to imagine the deep and fruity flavors this strain provides. Each bud is also coated in a layer of crystalline trichomes, almost as if they’ve been dipped in sugar.

The most commonly reported flavors of this strain are bright cherry, a tropical fruit blend, and sweet citrus. On the exhale, you’ll be able to perceive notes of pine and fresh herbs as well. In terms of smell, this strain isn’t too pungent, but gives off a light aroma of fruit, pine, and earth, especially as its being ground up.

Medical Benefits

Because of its heavy indica content, this strain is great for relieving pain and stress. As its deeply relaxing waves settle in, you’ll notice a pleasant sense of numbness throughout your body. Over time, any aches and pains you’re experiencing will fade away into a hazy, pain-free state of existence.

For those with anxiety, Forbidden Fruit creates a calming environment in which stress and negative thoughts begin to melt away. Along with its heavily relaxing body high, users report that this strain provides a much needed sense of relief and bliss.

Forbidden Fruit is also helpful to anyone with depression, given how it can lift one’s spirits with the cerebral element of the high. This strain can also help stimulate one’s appetite, as well as ease any digestion related discomfort or pain.


Forbidden Fruit is a relatively easy strain to grow for any experience level of grower. It is fairly resistant to molds and diseases, and can thrive wherever it has enough light. This strain is best grown outdoors, doing best in a warm and sunny climate.

Forbidden Fruit isn’t one of the more common strains grown commercially because its yields are significantly below average. Although this may be the case, you’ll still be rewarded with some delicious bud if you do decide to cultivate this strain.

Its flowering period is around 10 weeks, with the harvest period naturally occurring in October. When grown indoors or outdoors, you can expect a yield of around 3 ounces per square meter.