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Blueberry Kush Strain – Blueberry OG Kush Reviews

Blueberry Kush is an indica dominant strain with a fruity flavor. It offers a clean blueberry taste and a durable Indica type high. It also offers a sweet herbal high that deeply relaxes and easily promotes calmness, but also packs an intense psychoactive punch. The overall full body high instigates appetite and brings in feelings of sedation and sleepiness.

Blueberry Kush is like most other Indica strains, with genetics stemming from the bushy cannabis plants found in the mountainous Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and northern India. Blueberry kush is produced from crossing blueberry and OG kush.

Blueberry Kush strain was the best at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup for its high potency. It’s popular for its pronounced fruity flavor.

Blueberry Kush Experience

Blueberry Kush strain provides a dreamy euphoria when consumed. After a few hits, you will dash into a state of peaceful bliss. Its best consumed at night due to its dreamy effects which instantly send you to sleep. The physical effects of this strain are moderate, and users often acknowledge getting into the state of powerful couch lock.

Blueberry cannabis strain is also known for its fast-acting and heavy-hitting effects as well as its ability to bring powerful nighttime relief. It also offers euphoric and minor giggly effects which can make your daily activities fun. The more Blueberry Kush you smoke, the sleepier you become.

Blueberry’s dreamy effects are also backed by a surge to eat. Users become extremely hungry after the dreamy state. Users have acknowledged consuming a lot of treats during this stage.

Blueberry Strain THC Percentage

The THC levels of blueberry range from 16-24%. This puts it among the most potent indica strains.

The high starts slowly and gently creeps up until it reaches its peak. The psychoactive impact of this strain is good for calming the soul and the body at the same time, leading to a wonderful euphoric experience. The high also puts the brain in freeze mode before sending you to bed.


Blueberry Kush grows beautifully and reaches a medium size height. Most growers will easily notice the purple hue found in its leaves, which is reminiscent of blueberries. This plant grows to produce white, sticky resin and trichomes, with long green leaves growing out from the branches.

Blueberry Kush is a pure indica strain that produces strong, dark green frosted leaves with trichomes all over the buds.


After a few tokes of this strain, you get a pleasantly sweet taste mixed with hints of hash, which is appealing to the tongue. Its piney and earthy aroma is a result of its cross with OG Kush. Blueberry cannabis strain packs all the delicious flavor loved by cannabis consumers including its flowery citrus and berry tones with a pleasing sweetness.

The huge terpene profile of blueberry kush gives it a pleasant smoke that doesn’t induce coughing. Common terpenes found in this strain include pinene, myrcene, and caryophyllene.

Myrcene is a terpene that provides a relaxation effect.

Pinene is found in huge numbers in most plants and it can treat depression, stress, and inflammation.

Caryophyllene has a rich spicy profile and also prevents inflammation.

All these terpenes in one plant make blueberry very medicinal.

The smell of blueberries is what consumers will easily recognize from this strain, and this puts it among the most delicious cannabis strains on the market. The added finishing touch of purple and blue buds makes it unique from other indica strains.

The aroma and flavor also have a mixture of woody pine, bringing a new aroma that blends well with that of berry. When you light up this strain, you will also get hints of vanilla on the exhale.

The unique taste and aroma of Blueberry is so powerful that even first-time users can guess its origins, even if they’ve never tried Blueberry previously.

How to Grow Blueberry Kush Cannabis Seeds

Growing Blueberry Kush seeds into a full plant is not an easy task and require some level of professionalism.

Growing blueberry strain indoors will offer a potent product but with low yields. The low yield is backed by high-quality plants. When grown indoors, growers need to be very attentive and ensure to use good fertilizers.

When blueberry strain is grown outdoors, it grows well due to the natural light. However, it still requires some attention and plenty of sunlight.

Blueberry Strain Yield

Blueberry is among the best producing indica strains. Growers should anticipate 3-6 ounces per square foot of plant. This makes it a high-producing indica strain, even though it’s been known for decades.

While most cannabis strains grow well indoors, this strain does best outdoors, and it yields about 23 ounces per plant.

Its leaves are reminiscent of a traditional indica. The leaves usually grow horizontally which means growers should use different techniques like topping and pruning to maximize bud production.

The pants also suck up a lot of fertilizer to boost growth.

Medical Benefits of Blueberry Kush

The parent strains of Blueberry cannabis are responsible for the healing properties offered by this strain. Blueberry Kush consists of a moderate CBD percentage of 0.43%, which adds to its medicinal properties.

Blueberry Kush can act as a pain-reliever and as a body relaxer for patients suffering different ailments including nerve pain, muscle contractions, or joint pain and more.

Blueberry cannabis strain also helps with issues such as pain, insomnia, stress, depression, and mood disorders.

After taking just a few tokes, it can relieve users from anxiety and hyperactivity. Therefore, adding Blueberry Kush to your daily routine can help make life easier. Consuming this strain in high amounts can lead to a very psychoactive high which can sometimes bring paranoia in novice cannabis users.

This strain also boosts appetite and result in what we know as munchies. Individuals have acknowledged eating multiple slices of pizzas after consuming this strain. Also, side effects like dry eyes and mouth, paranoia, dizziness, headaches, are common among novice users who consume this strain.

Who is Blueberry OG Kush good for?

Blueberry Kush is good for both novice and experienced cannabis consumers. However, as a novice user, you have to start slow due to its high-hitting effects.

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