Granddaddy Purple Strain

Granddaddy Purple is an indica-dominant strain originating from the California cannabis scene, which is one of the biggest cannabis markets in the world. It was created in 2003 by a grower named Ken Estes after crossing Big Bud and Purple Urkle, which are responsible for this strain’s powerful genetics.

Purple Urkle gives Grandaddy Purp its signature grape taste, while Big Bud is responsible for its large nugs and high yields. The superiority of this strain has made it not only a California favorite but also an internationally recognized and championed cannabis strain.


Granddaddy Purple is a very potent indica strain, with its THC levels reaching 23%. After a few tokes of Granddaddy Purp, it hits you with a deeply relaxing body high. The second stage comes with an instant wave of couch lock, sinking you deep into the couch and off to a different planet.

Users will instantly feel its sedative effects, which can be used to numb the body from several ailments. The couch-lock effect of Granddaddy Purple makes it suitable to be consumed at night when you just want to eat and sleep.

Consuming this strain during the day will make it a lazy one, so try not to indulge if you have any focus-intensive plans! This strain can help motivate you to accomplish low-energy tasks, but it is mostly used to help the user decompress after their day and relax. Lastly, make sure you have some of your favorite snacks on hand; the munchies can hit hard with this strain.

Appearance and Smell

Granddaddy Purple is easily identified by its large, purple-tinged buds. The purple color comes from cool temperatures during growth, which cause the plant to make pigments to protect itself. This strain grows short and generates high yields.

This strain has a potent skunky smell, with hints of grape candy, that will overcome any other smell in the room. In general, the fragrance of this strain is sweet and citrusy, mixed with earthy notes. Grandaddy Purple is known for having a strong grape flavor, and the smoke from it tastes like sweet fruits and herbs.

Medical Benefits

Granddaddy Purple has a wide array of medicinal properties. Because of how it affects the body, this strain can be used to dull body pain. This is especially helpful for people with chronic pain, which can be very debilitating.

It can act as a perfect remedy for fibromyalgia patients struggling to gain relief with conventional medications, given how this strain can relieve pain and inflammation so rapidly. Grandaddy Purple is also really helpful for patients struggling with anxiety or chronic stress.

As the high settles in, the user will feel a sense of decompression, followed by a deep sense of relaxation. Once the high is fully present within the user, they’ll notice that any negative emotions or thoughts they were previously experiencing seem to have melted away.

For those with PTSD and mood disorders, this strain can help patients feel comfortable, safe, and stable for the duration of the high. Lastly, Grand Daddy Purp is great for people who have trouble sleeping because it can make you feel couch-locked and sleepy.


Growing Granddaddy Purple cannabis seeds and cuttings requires some background knowledge and experience. Most of the time, the difficulty of growing this strain is set at medium, which means that new growers may have trouble with it.

This strain can be successfully grown indoors or outdoors, as long as you provide it with a warm, sunny environment. Granddaddy Purple is fairly resistant to disease, but you are going to need to keep an eye on humidity levels to prevent the growth of harmful molds.

When grown indoors, you can expect a yield of about 19 ounces per meter squared after a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks. Hydroponic systems, for example, can help growers cut down on the time it takes to harvest and get the most out of their crops. If you choose to grow outdoors, the yield is going to come out to be around 17 ounces per plant.