GMO Cookies Strain

GMO Cookies, also known as Garlic Cookies, is a potent indica strain created by Divine Genetics for experienced weed enthusiasts. With an average THC content of 22 to 30 percent, those with low tolerances should be mindful!

Tracing its roots back to the crossing of GSC and Chemdawg, it’s no wonder why this strain has such a strong appeal. It’s also the parent strain of Wonka Bars and the lesser-known Han Solo Burger. GMO cookies provide a strong mental and physical experience, relaxing the mind and body of the user.

This strain is helpful for those looking to manage physical pain, a negative headspace, or insomnia. This strain is also pretty easy to grow, with finding feminized seeds oftentimes being the hardest part.


If you have a low tolerance or are a newbie smoker, be very careful with how much of this strain you consume! It has a relatively high concentration of THC and is known to produce a particularly potent high.

With the first couple of inhales, you will already begin to feel a deep wave of relaxation come over your mind and body. Mentally, this strain brings about euphoria and a more positive headspace. It helps the user let go of negative thoughts or any sort of stress they may be carrying with them.

For this reason, GMO cookies are really helpful for those struggling with depression or anxiety. With the relaxing headspace and the heavy body high, this strain can really help the user decompress and remain peacefully present.

Garlic cookies also produce a strong body high, relieving tension in the body and replacing it with a gentle euphoria. This aspect of the high can be really helpful to those looking to manage physical pain, discomfort, or inflammation.

Unlike other strains, GMO Cookies will produce a high that lasts over 3 hours. At the beginning, the high will be pretty euphoric, both physically and mentally, but as it fades, it’ll keep the user in a positive and creative headspace for longer than the typical strain.


This strain was created specifically for those with high tolerances by a company called Divine Genetics, so it tends to be a heavy hitter. The highest THC content ever tested for Garlic Cookies came out to be about 33%, which is remarkably high for an indica.

Because of this, if overconsumed, this strain can lead to anxiety, paranoia, or intense couch lock.Regular smokers are less likely to experience these negative effects, with the exception of the red eyes and cotton mouth that can accompany stronger strains.

If you have a low tolerance or are new to smoking, be sure to take your time and start slow with GMO cookies.


The buds themselves are a light olive green in color, with a coating of white trichomes. Also present can be purple hues, as well as orange trichomes woven throughout the bud. Unlike most indicas, the buds tend to grow long and flat, like the shape of a pepper. GMO-Cookie plants tend to be pretty thick and grow to a medium height.

Flavor and Aroma 

Although the name suggests a sweet flavor reminiscent of baked goods, GMO cookies actually taste and smell a whole lot like garlic. This strain has an herbal flavor with diesel notes, but upon exhale, you will notice the garlic notes, as well as some spicy and floral undertones.

Its dominant terpene is caryophyllene, which adds spice to the flavor profile as well as anti-inflammatory effects. GMO cookies also have a notable amount of limonene and bisabolol. Limonene has a lemony citrus flavor and aids with easing anxiety and depression.

Bisabolol is responsible for this strain’s floral undertones and has properties that lend well to treating anxiety, inflammation, and promoting proper immune system function.

Growing GMO Cookies

Growing GMO cookies is relatively easy, with one of the hardest parts being the process of finding feminized seeds. This strain is often sold as photoperiod seeds or as a clone, so be sure that you’re actually getting what you’re looking to purchase.

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, but indoors may present fewer challenges or downsides. GMO cookies have a naturally high resistance to disease and pests, so you won’t need to put many protective measures in place in that sense.

This plant tends to grow pretty thick and spread out, so be aware of this as you’re preparing your indoor setup. In addition to this, the plants can produce a pretty awful garlicky scent, so many people choose to confine its aroma to an indoor grow room using a grow tent carbon filter.

GMO cookies need a warm, fairly dry climate to thrive and are generally harvested around mid-to-late October. The average flowering time is on the longer side at 10 weeks, but it’s well worth it for the high yields this strain can bring! Indoors, the yield is around 16 ounces per plant, but outdoors, it can be up to 21 ounces.

Who Is This Strain Good For?

Overall, this strain is good for anyone who wants to unwind and make a calm environment for themselves. Medically speaking, GMO Cookies is one of the most sought-after strains for those looking to ease physical pain, depression, or anxiety.

The waves of euphoria brought on by this strain allow the user to disconnect from any negative thoughts or sensations in the body. It has natural anti-inflammatory and mood-boosting properties due to its unique composition of terpenes.

The headspace this strain creates is very slow-moving and relaxing, making it perfect for anyone looking to calm down at the end of their day. GMO cookies can also be helpful for those suffering from insomnia because of the way they are able to calm you down, creating the perfect transition to a good night’s sleep.

If being used during the day, the sedative properties begin to wear off after a couple hours, leaving the user in an open, creative, and mellow headspace. Overall, this strain is really useful for a range of recreational and medical purposes, although it should be used with caution.

Its high concentration of THC is known to be overwhelming at times for new users. If you take too much, you might feel anxious, paranoid, or like you can’t get out of bed. But ultimately, if you know your limits and take your time with the consumption of this strain, all of those negative side effects can be easily avoided!