Tangie Cannabis Strain – Tangie Review

Tangie is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain resulting from crossbreeding California Orange with a Skunk phenotype. Created as a nod to the strain Tangerine Dream, which was very popular during the 90s, Tangie produced an intensely cerebral and relaxing experience for its users. It is widely loved by medical and recreational users for its delicious, citrusy flavor and versatile effects.


As mentioned previously, this is a highly cerebral strain that produces a sense of bubbly euphoria within its users. Many report that Tangie boosts their mood and increases their energy levels, making it a great wake and bake strain. Start your day off right with this strain, or use it to encourage a newfound sense of creativity and curiosity. As you exhale, you might already begin to feel a warm high rush in, starting in the mind and slowly overcoming the body. Tangie is comparable to most other sativas, given how energizing and mentally stimulating is. You may find that music becomes more enjoyable and that your senses are a bit sharper than in your sober state of being. As the high winds down, you can expect a light relaxation to wash over you. Tangie isn’t known to produce couch-lock, but rather a calm and peaceful state of being in which you can still focus as needed.

Flavor and Appearance

Due to its heavy sativa content, Tangie plants grow to be fairly tall, and can benefit from trimming so that they don’t get too heavy. The buds themselves are bright green, with a generous helping of amber pistils, giving each nug a rust colored tinge. As you can guess, Tangie smells like a basket of ripe oranges! As its broken down, the aroma of citrus and an herbal mix will fill the room, enticing anyone in the nearby area. Its flavor is really similar: herbal with strong notes of sweet citrus. Tangie’s delicious taste is a major appeal to users, how can you say no to this strain?

Medical Benefits

Tangie is highly beneficial and can be used for both medical and non-medical purposes. A major appeal of Tangie in the medical community is its ability to lessen anxiety and replace it with feelings of joy and serenity. As the users ingest this strain, their worries and stressors begin to melt away and fade in importance. Tangie is also helpful to those struggling with depression and fatigue, given its ability to uplift the user and spark a bit of energy within them. It can help inspire those who use it and get them out of negative habits and patterns, providing motivation and a warm sense of comfort. This strain can also aid in treating physical pain, given how its able to gently numb the user’s body. Lastly, Tangie can help those who don’t have an appetite and also ease the process of digestion.


Tangie grows very tall and is fairly easy to grow for those of any experience level. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, depending on the resources and space available to the planter. Due to the tendency of the plant to grow tall, it’s most advisable to grow it outside, unless you can create enough space indoors. Its recommended that you top this strain early so that it can grow more lateral branches. Tangie takes about 9 to 10 weeks before flowering and the best time to harvest it is around September to October. When harvest time arrives, you can expect to get about 14 to 18 ounces per square meter out of your plants when grown indoors. If you decide to grow outdoors, expect no less than 18 ounces per plant!

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