Friday, July 23, 2021

Tangie Cannabis Strain – Tangie Review

Tangie is a cannabis strain resulting from crossbreeding California orange and skunk. It is a Sativa strain that is a reproduction of Tangerine Dream, which was the order of the day in the late 90.

Tangie relaxes the muscles and has been used to treat many health issues. It is a nice choice to make because it’s a natural product, with loads of medical and recreational benefits

When Tangie plants, the weather is an important factor to consider because there are particular weather conditions that favor this plant. The ability to successfully grow the plant and make a good yield highly depends on your understanding of their best weather conditions.

Experience The Strain Produces

The effects that Tangie produces varies from person to person. The strain can produce different effects ranging from happy, euphoric, energetic, focused, paranoia, creative e.t.c. Different people describe different effects, but a great number list creativity as one of the most apparent benefits.

When taken in large amounts, like many other strains, Tangie can lead to dry, red eyes and a bit of cottonmouth.

Some people also get paranoid after taking Tangie. When this occurs, it is advised that such a person takes it in small quantities and ensures they’re in a calm, stable environment.

It contains 70 percent Sativa and 30 percent Indica, which team up to produce its lovely and health-improving effects. Sativa generates energy, which keeps the taker focused and creative, while the Indica produces a nerve soothing effect. This can help the body relax, making it a good strain for those who struggle with insomnia.

Both Indica and Sativa combined make one creative in a comfortable way. The little percentage of Indica makes it a perfect combination, otherwise, it would have produced a weak effect on the taker.

Flavor and Aroma

The aroma of Tangie can vary from seller to seller and depends on where it was planted. Tangie planted outdoors on the soil will have a richer flavor than the ones planted indoors.

Tangie has a unique, reviving aroma as sweet as citrus. The fact that it is a cross of California Orange and Skunk gave it an outstanding tangerine aroma. The skunk also adds its aroma but the outstanding flavor of tangie remains a sweet, soothing citrus-like aroma.

The dominant terpenes in tangie are, myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene, linalool, limonene, e.t.c. There are other terpenes present in Tangie but the ones mentioned above are the dominant ones.

Tangie has an irresistible aroma that gives smokers a go-ahead feeling because of its fruity citrus and orange flavor.


Tangie has fluffy, bright green, sticky buds with orange hairs. It grows tall and lateral if topped on time but if not topped, it grows tall without many lateral branches.

Medical Benefits of The Strain

Tangie is highly beneficial and can be used for both medical and non-medical purposes.

The medical benefits are as follows:

  • Depression: tangie helps to deal with mood disorders like depression. It helps one to relax more and get off such a mood.
  • Stress: stress can lead to a lot of other health issues, Tangie is a great remedy to stress.
  • Pain: it is a good sedative for those dealing with pains.
  • Insomnia: it soothes one’s nerves and makes them relaxed in such a way that they have a good sleep.
  • Appetite: Tangie is an appetite enhancer. It boosts one’s appetite.

Other benefits of Tangie are :

  • Happiness: There’s a great relationship between Tangie and happiness. The indica aspect of Tangie fulfills a special kind of happiness on a smoker or taker.
  • Euphoria: Tangie gives excitement.
  • Creativity: Tangie helps one to think and act more creatively. A lot of creative action can be taken while on this substance.
  • Focus: when Tangie helps one to deal with their depression and migraine, they become less worried and become more focused on other productive life-changing issues.

People take Tangie for different reasons and needs. Many people take this strain more because of the happiness it produces on the taker. A close look at a group of people taking Tangie together will reveal happiness and great excitement that causes them to be open-minded towards a lot of things.

The Growing Process

Tangie grows very tall and it’s not really difficult to grow. Because it grows really tall, it is important that the planter watches and controls the growth of the plant. For the plant to grow lateral and increase in size and not more if length, it needs to be topped. Due to the tendency of the plant to grow tall, it’s most advisable to grow it outside.

Tangie takes about 9 to 10 weeks before flowering and the best time to harvest it is around September to October. Both Tangie planted outdoors and indoors have the same flowering and harvest period. There is no difference in the time of flowering, irrespective of the location it was planted.

It can be grown indoors or outdoors, depending on the resources and space available to the planter. Tangie grows better outdoors because it has the tendency to handle high temperature and humidity. These are conditions that are most common outdoors.

Tangie planted outdoors in a soil where it gets dry and warm temperatures of about 68 to 85 degree will surely do well.

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