Ice Cream Cake Strain

Ice Cream Cake is an indica-dominant strain produced from the crossing of Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake. This strain is great for winding down and relaxing the mind because it tastes sweet and doughy and makes you feel calm.

Oftentimes used before bed as a way to treat insomnia, anxiety, and depression, Ice Cream Cake helps the user quiet their thoughts and transition into a peaceful night’s sleep. Although it may not be the easiest strain to grow, experienced growers love this strain for the high yields it produces. 


This hybrid strain is known for its relaxing and pain-relieving qualities. It pairs nicely with something calming that doesn’t require much attention, like a good movie at the end of your day. Oftentimes used by those who suffer from anxiety, the mellow high produced from this strain helps quiet the mind and allow for inner stillness.

Say goodbye to racing thoughts and worry; Ice Cream Cake will help you calm down, release negative thoughts, and brighten your overall mood. Along with relaxation, it also brings along a wave of euphoria, helping the user lift their spirits and feel more positive.

Many people feel the effects of “couch-lock” with ice cream cake, so keep this in mind if you have any activities planned! The physical component of its effects can really help those dealing with chronic pain or with more temporary issues such as indigestion and sinus headaches.

In addition to the pain relief, Ice Cream Cake can be used as an appetite stimulant and a way to decrease nausea. Overall, the mental and physical effects of ice cream cake create a deeply calming strain with many helpful healing properties. 

Flavor And Dominant Terpenes

Many strains out there are named based on their flavor, but Ice Cream Cake really delivers! With notes of sugary vanilla and dough, this strain really comes through with a creamy flavor profile, living up to its name. Its dominant terpenes, responsible for its unique effects and flavor, are caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool.

Caryophyllene brings a subtle earthy flavor into the mix, comparable to cinnamon or cloves, and is also a big reason why this strain is so good for anxiety and pain relief. This terpene is known to reduce stress, soothe pain, and even prevent seizures in some cases.

Limonene carries with it a sweet flavor as well as mood-boosting qualities. This compound provides relief from stress, depression, and anxiety, as well as bringing forth a mild euphoria. Linalool has sweet, floral notes and both anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Although the antimicrobial properties may not be tied to its ability to heal and mitigate pain, they help protect the plant during its developmental process. 


The buds of an Ice Cream Cake plant tend to be a range of light to dark green, covered in a frosty coating. They also usually have deep purple and copper-tinted trichomes throughout. The plants will grow to a medium height and have a combination of purple and green leaves, depending on the temperature conditions they are exposed to.

Medical Benefits

As mentioned previously, ice cream cake is helpful for a wide range of ailments. Its calming properties allow for a great deal of anxiety relief. It targets the mind and helps the user let go of internal stress and negative thoughts to help lift their mood.

Due to this, it is also a very helpful strain for those suffering from depression. Ice cream cake effectively boosts positivity in the mind and creates a safe, stress-free environment for the user. In addition, this strain’s body high adds to the all-around comfort one feels after consuming Ice Cream Cake.

This, along with the mental aspects of the high, help create a balanced and relaxing environment. Because it is so calming, this strain is also commonly used to treat insomnia. With the slowing down of the mind and the physical relaxation that comes with Ice Cream Cake, it’s no wonder why we recommend you use this strain at night!

In addition to these things, this strain can also act as an appetite stimulant to help regulate eating as well as a way to ease the pain of indigestion. Finally, this strain is also used to combat chronic pain. Because of the strong body high that ice cream cake offers, it is able to help alleviate physical pain of many varieties. Migraines, muscle aches, and stomach pains are some of the more common reasons users have chosen ice cream cake. 


Ice Cream Cake isn’t known for being one of the easiest strains to grow. It requires a grower with experience and knowledge concerning the specific conditions this strain needs to thrive. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, although outdoor growing setups can present more challenges.

Ice Cream Cake can be somewhat susceptible to disease, so if you choose to grow outdoors, it may be better if you’re in a warmer climate (lots of molds, for example, are killed by heat). These plants grow to a medium height and generally begin to flower within 8–9 weeks.

Whether you decide to grow indoors or outdoors, the yield is going to be around 18 ounces per plant. Overall, Ice Cream Cake is definitely a strain to look into as a grower, although maybe not for beginners.

With a wide variety of medical and recreational benefits and fairly high yields per plant, this strain is a solid choice. Just be aware of the potential threats to your crop and make sure they are sufficiently protected from mold and pests.