Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain – Strawberry Cough Review

There’s no wonder why Strawberry Cough is an award winning strain: with a flavor so delicious and such pleasant, cerebral effects, how could it not be? Its intense strawberry flavor was created by Kyle Kushman, who crossed Haze with Strawberry Fields. It won the title of Best Flower in the 2013 Cannabis Cup, and is measured as having up to 23% THC in its buds. Overall, Strawberry Cough is a wonderful strain for any time of the day and can effectively help motivate and uplift its users.


Strawberry Cough provides an uplifting, focused, and thoughtful experience. At the onset of the high, you may feel as if you’re slowly getting a boost of energy. It may be a bit unsettling for some initially, but if you lean into this bubbly high, you’ll find yourself in a deep state of focus. Strawberry Cough can act as a motivating force to start crossing tasks off of your to-do list, or to pursue some sort of new creative endeavor. Many users report a light euphoria, as well as an increase in socialization, with it being common for any feelings of social anxiety to quickly subside. Strawberry Cough is also helpful in that it can cause the user to think in new, abstract ways. Prepare for a focused and energetic time with this strain!

Appearance and Flavor

Despite this strain’s high sativa content, the plants more closely resemble an indica strain. Each plant is fairly bushy, with its leaves packed together on the stem. The buds come in relatively small, dense nugs and are a light yellow-green with amber pistils. When they’re properly cured, the buds give off a light strawberry smell, with notes of Haze-like hashiness. As you’re breaking down this strain, you can expect for a sweet, herbal smell to permeate the space. In terms of flavor, Strawberry Cough tastes just like, you guessed it, fresh strawberries! It is rumored that one of its parent strains, Strawberry Fields, was discovered to be growing near a crop of strawberries, explaining it’s incredibly accurate flavor profile.

Medical Benefits

Because its such a strong sativa, this strain tends to be used more frequently by recreational users as opposed to medical patients. Although this may be the case, Strawberry Cough can still be effective in treating a range of mental health conditions. Because of the boost in energy and positivity it can cause, this strain is helpful for those suffering from various mood disorders, especially those that may be resistant to other forms of treatment. Strawberry Cough can help treat depression and the fatigue often associated with it by providing the patient with a burst of energy, productivity, and focus. As the cerebral high of this strain washes over the user, they may find temporary relief from any feelings of anxiety, depression, or mental instability.


Strawberry Cough plants tend to grow fairly bushy and to a medium height. This strain prefers a warm, sunny tropical environment, and is a relatively easy one to grow! It is naturally resistant to most pests and diseases, with the most important growing condition being the amount of sunlight it’s able to get. Strawberry Cough is most commonly grown outdoors, but it can be grown indoors successfully as well: though, you might consider using a greenhouse given how much sunlight this strain needs. When cultivated indoors, this strain has a flowering period of 9 or 10 weeks and will produce approximately 14 ounces per plant.  If you decide to grow outdoors, the yields are practically the same and will be ready for harvest in mid October.

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