Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain – Strawberry Cough Review

Strawberry Cough is a particularly sweet-tasting and sweet-smelling cannabis variant. It derives the latter part of its name from the coughing it induces as soon as the smoke hits your lungs for the first time. When it settles, though, the smoke is exceptionally smooth, with a distinct strawberry taste.

Strawberry Cough has won all our hearts over. Opening a 3.5gram container filled with Strawberry Cough, you are all in for delight once the aroma of the strawberries hits your nostrils.

Although its actual parent strains are questioned, if you are searching for an outstanding sweetness combined with an ensured clear-headedness, then this is exactly the sativa strain you should get. Enjoy its delicious scent and increase it by putting a big bud in your grinder and giving it a few rolls.


Typically, Strawberry Cough has the possibility to be a strong strain, but it doesn’t tend to make you overly confused or lose control. Its sudden impact is that you will start to cough, and your throat will be feeling a powerful tingling feeling after smoking it. Nevertheless, once the sudden impact fades, Strawberry Cough comes to be more enjoyable than ever before.

Strawberry Cough settles in without hesitations. It puts you in a high state of mental alertness, and some of the characterizations of such effects include giggling, head rush, being energetic, being active, focused, euphoric feeling, creativity, being talkative.

Due to its helpful mental impacts which fosters a peaceful feeling of being focused, the Strawberry Cough strain is excellent in coping with:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Phantom limb pain,
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety

Negative Effects

The adverse consequences of Strawberry Cough are somewhat favorable. The main problems with the Strawberry Cough include: cough, cottonmouth,  and the tendency or need to drink a lot of water.

Flavor + Aroma

Visualize that you are in the middle of a field that is full of fresh strawberries, and you are smoking weed. You will perceive an earth-like fragrance that senses like a light rain before a spring day. That is how the strain appeals to your senses when you perceive the scent of it.

The herbal hint of this strain compliments its confectionery aroma, so it scents like a flawlessly symmetrical perfume.

The pleasant disposition of strawberries slams you straight up after you smell Strawberry Cough. It drops off a savory aftertaste of an earthy, smoky flavor. It would scent like you have been eating strawberries and at the same time smoking standard Haze.


Strawberry Cough buds, when growing, tend to be small in size, but potent. They are green in color, and they look really bright with hairy trichomes over. Exactly what you would be expecting from a strain with strawberry in its actual name.

Origin of The Strain

The lineage of the strain is largely unknown, with so many contradicting accounts of its story. Some credit a breeder called Kyle Kushman with discovering the strain. Evidently, an anonymous breeder blessed Kyle Kushman with cannabis seeds from plants that prospered in a strawberry meadow either in Vermont or Connecticut. He then took the original Haze which is a mixture of landrace sativas and crossbred it with these seeds. Strawberry Cough was born from this which is a common cannabis favorite.

Its THC degree is average at 13% and can rise to 18%. Its elevation is favorable for social events, continually fading fears and anxiety, putting the user in a joyful and better, clearer, state of mind.

It encourages a carefree behavior that can ease concentration and the sense of understanding while also getting rid of minor aches in the body.

It is an incredible choice for daytime usage as it incites a little bit of strength and does not cloud the mind. Analysts have pointed out that this strain is useful for improving creativity, skills, and joining in deep discussions as well as eradicating writer’s block.

Strawberry Cough is an outstanding strain for amateur consumers, hardly causing any paranoia.

Medical Benefits

Medical users love this strain for its effectiveness and its distinctive flavor. Strawberry Cough offers relief from a number of problems and illnesses. Most times, medical users use this strain to help them in managing social anxiety and stress. This strain also offers relief from headaches and migraines.

Thanks to the high focus that Strawberry Coughs offers, those with ADD/ADHD may enjoy it also, as it has properties that help improve focus and attention for longer periods.

This strain might leave you a bit hungry, so it is an acceptable choice for anyone who toils and strive to conserve appetite during the daytime.

Growing Process

This strain provides small buds, but they are sufficiently potent for users to love. It prospers effortlessly outdoors, and it puts on a reasonable yield, so it is simple for novices to cultivate.

It actually needs a hot environment to grow. It needs contact with direct sunlight. It can thrive indoors, but you will have to invest in a greenhouse if that is your intention. Greenhouses maintain a warm temperature every time, so they increase your yield.

This strain is simple to grow, mostly because it is immune to common pests and mold. Even novice growers can deal with it just fine.

Strawberry Cough usually requires 9-10 weeks to blossom. Averagely, it delivers approximately 14 ounces per plant. That is a delightful and decent yield.


Origin:    Haze. The exact origin of the strain is unknown.

Effects: happy, uplifting, euphoric, energetic, relaxed.

Negative Reactions: Dry mouth, dry eyes, headache, dizziness, anxiety.

Aroma: Earthy, sweet, floral, herbal

Flavors: Strawberry, sweet, berry, earthy, sugary, spicy

Medical Benefits: Helps in depression, pain, fatigue, lack of appetite.

Growing Process: Flowering time indoors (9-10weeks), Flowering time outdoors (October)

Appearance: Buds (small), Color (bright green with red hairs around it)

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