Maui Wowie Strain

Maui Wowie is a part of the Hawaiian Sativa strain family. This strain offers a lot of therapeutic properties as well as a tropical, pineapple-like flavor, which is a major attraction for many users. This strain was first established in the 1960s, and during this period it was taken to the island of Maui.

Soon afterward, it was taken to each island in Hawaii and then to other nations. Maui Wowie has gained heroic status around the world. Cannabis enthusiasts love it for its fruity, pineapple flavor as well as its energizing and elevating effects.


Since the discovery of Maui Wowie, it has been one of the best-selling sativa strains. This is due to the uplifting and energizing high it produces, with its delicious tropical flavor being a bonus. Its CBD content is relatively high compared to most other sativa strains out there, adding a mellowed-out component to its experience.

Maui Wowie can be compared to a morning cup of coffee: users will feel energized, clear-headed, and full of creativity. The upbeat and happy effects of this sativa are great for both medical and recreational marijuana users. If you are having a stressful day at work, then you can use this strain to decompress and find relief.

Maui Wowie will prompt users to engage in creative tasks such as music and art. This strain will also make you very productive. Many users report that even the most monotonous of tasks become enjoyable under the influence of Maui Wowie.

Appearance and Flavor

Maui Wowie cannabis plants grow to be over 7 feet tall, with each leaf containing a layer of sugary white trichomes. Each of its buds is predominantly light green, with hints of yellow and orange throughout each flower. Maui Wowie has a mixture of tropical scents, like sweet oranges and pineapples.

Its flavor follows suit, with a focus on sugary, fruity notes. This strain’s flavor is a major plus, with its tastes appealing to a wide range of users, especially those new to cannabis. It gives off thick, smooth smoke that is easy on the throat and pleasant to experience. As you’re smoking this strain, you’ll be able to perceive its sweeter side on the inhale and its sour bite on the way out.

Medical Benefits

Maui Wowie has a high THC content of about 20 percent, which makes it suitable for several different types of medical treatments. This strain is good for people who are depressed because it can make them feel better and give them more energy.

In the same vein, Maui Wowie is also really helpful to those with anxiety or chronic stress due to the centering, positive nature of the high. Individuals can also use this strain for chronic and musculoskeletal pain. It can also help with inflammation caused by things like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Maui Wowie is known to help with nausea and stomach pain, which can be helpful for people going through chemotherapy or getting better from an eating disorder, for example. Overall, this strain allows for the user to relax, lift their spirits, and enjoy a pain-free, enjoyable existence.


It’s relatively easy to grow weed from Maui Wowie cannabis seeds. This strain is good for, you guessed it, a tropical climate because it has a tropical taste. If you don’t live in a sunny, humid area, then your best shot would be to grow indoors.

The plants are quite resistant to pests, so you won’t need to worry too much about protecting them in that sense. To get the best results from growing Maui Wowie indoors, growers will have to do their best to recreate the native Hawaiian environment. Growers are recommended to use a tent with high-density discharge lamps to recreate a sunny, tropical environment.

To make the rich volcanic soil of Hawaii, you also need high-quality soil and fertilizers like Flower Power. Growers will also need a fan and exhaust system to remove pungent air and prevent mold. The plants begin to flower after about nine weeks, and after that, they are ready for harvest.

When cultivated indoors, growers should expect a yield of about 14 ounces of buds per square meter. Outdoor plants start flowering in mid-October and usually yield about 16 ounces per plant of delicious tropical weed.