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Maui Wowie Cannabis Strain – Maui Waui Review


Maui Wowie is a part of the Hawaiian Sativa strain family. This strain brings the tropical delight, the volcanic, as well as the rich environment of the Hawaiian Islands. This Sativa strain offers a lot of therapeutic properties as well as a tropical pineapple-like flavor which is a delight among many users.

This strain was first established in the 60’s, and during this period it was taken to the island of Maui. Soon afterward, it was taken to each island in Hawaii and then to other nations.

Maui Wowie has gained heroic status around the world. Cannabis enthusiasts love it for its fruity, pineapple flavor as well as its energizing and elevating effects.

Appearance and Smell

Maui Wowie cannabis plants grow to become over 80 inches tall. You will easily recognize the plant from its delightful green buds, covered in white crystals and orange, citrusy hairs. The plants are multicolored which reflects the tropical nature of this strain. The plants are thick with white trichomes and have a smell reminiscent of the tropics.

Maui Wowie offers a blend of tropical fragrance which includes tropical citrus, orange, pineapple, sweet, and fruity. It also has citrusy and earthy undertones.

If you have ever been to Hawaii, then you’ll realize that this strain brings back the Hawaii experience.

The aroma of Maui Wowie gives a glimpse of how it tastes. Smoking this strain gives a sweet, pineapple taste mix with little hints of citrus.

Growing Maui Wowie Cannabis Seeds

It’s relatively easy to grow weed from Maui Wowie cannabis seeds. The tropical nature of this strain makes it suitable for the tropical climate. Growers who want to grow it outdoors will preferably use a sunny area. But if you don’t live in a sunny area then you can grow Maui Wowie indoors. The plants are quite resistant to pests and adapt well in the volcanic, sunny environment of Hawaii.

Growing Maui Wowie indoors will require growers to highly recreate the native Hawaiian environment to get the highest yields. Growers are recommended to use a tent with High-Density Discharge lamps to recreate a sunny, tropical Hawaiian environment. High-quality soils and fertilizers (like Flower Power) are also necessary for recreating the rich, volcanic Hawaiian soil. Growers will also need a fan and exhaust system to remove pungent air and prevent mold from infecting the plant. Other essential things include a good supply of water and light. The plants begin to flower after about nine weeks and after that, they are ready for harvest. Growers should expect a yield of about 14 ounces of healthy weed per meter squared.

Growing Maui Wowie outdoors will require growers to recreate the tropical environment as much as possible. Choose a location filled with a sunny, hot, tropical climate, with rich volcanic soil. Outdoor plants start flowering in mid-October and usually yield about 16 ounces per plant of delicious tropical weed.

Maui Wowie Experience

Since the discovery of Maui Wowie, it has been one of the best-selling sativa strains. This is due to its uplifting and energizing sativa high filled with tropical flavor. Its CBD content of less than 1% is high when compared to most other sativa strains out there. It also has a high THC content of 19% which makes it suitable for many medicinal applications including chronic pain.

The classic Sativa high brought by Maui Wowie is similar to a cup of morning coffee. Users will feel energized, clear-headed, and full of creativity. Both medicinal and recreational marijuana consumers will enjoy the spirited and euphoric effects of this sativa. Maui Wowie can be used for both daytime and night activities. If you are having a stressful day at work, then you can use this strain to get relief after work.

Maui Wowie is mostly consumed for its sweet, tropical taste. A few tokes of this strain will instantly cover your mouth with sugary, citrusy, and pineapple flavors. Afterward, you will begin to feel a quick boost in mood, energy, and communication. This strain will prompt users to engage in creative tasks such as music and arts. This bud will also make you very productive on less stressful tasks. You will discover that things you weren’t able to do in the past become easy with Maui Wowie.

After smoking this bud users also acknowledge completely being stress-free throughout the day. Muscle pains and headaches that result from stressful activities completely disappear and you instantly gain the energy to carry out your daily activities while remaining focused.

Medicinal Benefits of Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie has a high THC content of about 20 percent which makes it suitable for different types of pain. Individuals can use this strain for chronic pain, musculoskeletal pain, back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. It can also be useful for inflammatory pain including arthritis pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Maui Wowie has high to moderate analgesic properties which makes it good for general relief.

The effects of this strain can also be useful for different conditions including anxiety, depression, and stress. Patients can benefit from Maui Wowie’s stress relieving and mood-elevating properties. If you are suffering from depression or chronic fatigue, then you may gain relief with this strain.

It’s also a great strain to be used in the morning due to its ability to relieve nausea.

Maui Wowie cannabis strain can also benefit those who want to relax, chill, and de-stress. Most users acknowledge that this strain’s uplifting effects can improve mood swings.

Furthermore, its tropical flavor and taste can spark appetite, encouraging the user to go find their next meal.

Who is This Strain Good for?

If you want the feel of a high-quality real old-school sativa strain, then Maui Wowie is good for you. This strain falls among the ground-breaking strains in cannabis history and provides an experience like no other sativa.

Also, it’s delicious tropical pineapple taste and fragrance are great for both recreational and medical marijuana consumers.

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