Candyland Cannabis Strain – Kandyland Review

Candyland is a moderately potent hybrid cannabis strain. It is sativa dominant in a 75:25 ratio and has a THC level that ranges from 14℅ to 24℅. Sometimes referred to as “Kandyland”, this strain has a wide range of medical and recreational benefits, as well as a delicious flavor profile. It is known to heighten one’s mood, as well as have an energizing effect upon the user. This strain was formed from mixing Granddaddy Purple with Bay Platinum Cookies. Although its a hybrid, Sativa constitutes most of the strain, which is why it produces such an intensely cerebral experience The hybrid was firstly initiated by a famous grower and breeder of Granddaddy Purple – Ken Estes. In 2012, it was given first-place recognition amongst other Sativa strains during the Kushcon event.


Users have given the experience of Candyland much praise over the years. Given its award-winning status, its no surprise that this is a go to strain for many people during the daytime! It effectively enhances your energy level and can make you feel very lively during the peak of the high. If you are looking for a hybrid strain to help you fight lethargy and stimulate a creative spirit, then Candyland would be a perfect choice. This strain will incite  emotion and happiness within you, drawing you towards exciting activities and engaging discussions. Candyland encourages the user to have loads of fun all throughout the day from your waking routine, to work, and through all other daily activities. As the high winds down, it produces a relaxing effect on the user, so that you can remain calm, yet alert.

Flavor and Appearance

Because of its heavy sativa heritage, Candyland plants grow to be fairly tall. The buds of this strain are very small and compact, having a coloration that’s a bit darker than most sativa dominant strains. One trait of a properly grown Candyland plant is an abundance of sparkly crystal trichomes, coating the whole plant like layer of sugar. In addition, you can find an array or reddish orange hairs all throughout each bud. The aroma of this strain is widely reported as being pleasurable and distinctive. The smell of its freshly ground bud fills the nose with fresh pine and notes of sweetness. Just like its aroma, this hybrid possesses a pleasant and earthy flavor of pine and fresh berries. Its sweet taste lingers on the exhale, leaving behind a faint reminder of its candy coated flavor. Its delicious taste may have you coming back for more, but be careful! Take caution when consuming this hybrid so that you may avoid any undesirable effects.

Medical Benefits

This hybrid strain has grown to be increasingly common for medical treatments. It’s recommended by doctors and preferred by patients due to its effectiveness in managing chronic stress, mood disorders, fatigue, pains, and loss of appetite. Its relaxing, calming effects are helpful for lessening feelings of stress and anxiety within the user. In addition, this strain is fairly energizing, meaning that users can experience relief without any drowsiness. Patients with mood disorders are oftentimes plagued by lethargy, anxiety, and general emotional instability. Candyland is used to counteract these negative and intense imbalances, creating a happier, more easy-going state of mind.

By lifting the mood of its patients, this strain helps relieve the mind of stress and negative emotions. As mentioned previously, this strain also encourages a spark of energy, so it can help maintain energy levels throughout the day and combat fatigue. On the physical side, Candyland is effective in treating aches and pains, given its high THC content and cannabinoid profile. This strain can provide relief to those suffering from muscle spasms, arthritis, migraines, and general physical pain. It can also help stimulate appetite, as well as counteract nausea, which is helpful for a wide array of medical patients.


Candyland is a fairly easy strain to grow and is celebrated for the above average yields it produces. Whether it’s grown indoors or outdoors, this strain takes about 8-9 weeks to flower. When grown indoors, you can expect a yield of approximately 14 ounces per square meter. If you’re looking to grow Candyland outdoors, you can expect a yield of around 35 ounces per plant! This strain is pretty simple, although it may need a bit of support during the flowering period, given its dense and fruitful buds. Otherwise, growing this delicious strain is a straightforward process for newbies and experienced growers alike!

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