Purple Haze Cannabis Strain – Purple Haze Review

Purple Haze is a popular and potent strain named after one of Jimi Hendrix’s most well-known songs. This indica heavy hybrid was creating from the crossing of Haze and an unknown indica heavy strain that produced purple flowers. Users are drawn to Purple Haze for its relaxing, cerebral effects and sweet berry flavor profile. You may find yourself getting more chatty and experiencing an increase in creativity with this strain: its perfect to share with friends!


This strain tends to hit the user right after ingestion, initially felt as a growing sense of pressure in the head. As this begins to build, so will the cerebral effects of Purple Haze. Many users report that they feel more sensitive to their surroundings and that the way that they process sensory information changes, creating a positive and slightly psychedelic experience. Purple Haze also tends to cause the consumer to become more chatty and sociable, which is why it’s a great strain to share with friends in a group setting! Many also find themselves getting lost in thought, with abstract concepts becoming more interesting to them. Whether you’re setting off on an introspective journey or one with others, Purple Haze is sure to enhance your experience!

Appearance and Flavor

Purple Haze plants tend to grow like a traditional sativa, with spade shape and loosely configured buds. Each nug has a base of moss green, with threads of purple throughout and a generous blanket of trichomes across the surface. When cured correctly, Purple Haze buds will give off a spicy and musky scent, similar to its parent strain Haze. When broken down, you’ll be able to perceive its more herbal side, along with lightly sweet notes. The smoke of this strain is particularly smooth, providing an enjoyable experience for the consumer. The flavor of Purple Haze is most often described as a mellow mix of berries, spices, and fresh herbs.

Medical Benefits

This strain is mostly utilized by recreational users, but it also has a decent amount of medical benefits. Primarily, it is helpful to those struggling with depression, given how it can relax the user and boost their mood. As the high begins, the patient will begin to experience a pleasant warmth and cerebral buzz, helping increase energy levels and positive thoughts. Purple Haze is also helpful to those with anxiety, given how it is oriented towards creating positive, relaxing, and enjoyable experiences regardless of one’s environment. It can also help patients with attention deficit disorders sustain focus on singular tasks, given how it changes the way that you experience your thoughts and reality. Purple Haze can also treat minor aches and pains, although it may not be the best choice for more intense or chronic issues.


Purple Haze is a relatively easy strain to grow, meaning that growers of just about every experience level can get solid yields out of it. This strain prefers a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate, but can also be grown in slightly colder Northern environments. You can grow it indoors or outdoors with success, and oftentimes the highest yields can be gotten by using a hydroponic setup. Purple Haze tends to have a flowering period of 9 weeks, with harvest time naturally occurring around mid October. If grown indoors, you can expect a yield of around 19 ounces per square meter. If you decide to grow outdoors, prepare to collect about 14 ounces per plant at harvest time.

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