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Purple Haze Cannabis Strain – Purple Haze Review

This Strain of marijuana received its popularity from the late Jimi Hendrix’s music in 1967 with the same name. After you find out more about this strain’s origins, you will see that Purple Haze is quite a suitable name for it.

Purple Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a 60:40 Sativa: Indica percentage. Although the particular birthplace of Purple Haze is unknown, it is broadly assumed to be a hybrid from two Sativa-dominant strains recognized as Purple Thai and Haze.


Purple Haze produces an analytical high that is empowering, euphoric, and deeply moving. Purple Haze is broadly considered as being amongst the excellent wake-and-bake strains available, thanks to its quick high-energy impact.

You may additionally experience a little tension in the temples or your cheeks can also become blushed right after you ingest Purple Haze. This is a pretty usual experience amongst Purple Haze users, and you don’t have to worry yourself over it.

Purple Haze is an awesome solo strain or one to share with a team of friends due to the truth that it is both exciting and intellectually stimulating. Purple Haze is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs on the market, so you and your companion can have an awesome time after an exhilarating smoke!

This strain is also said to have a psychedelic influence, according to users. You may notice an increase in your sensitivity to optical and auditory impulses in specific. Because of its hallucinatory and powerful influence, the Purple Haze strain may not be ideal for inexperienced smokers.

Flavor And Aroma

Purple Haze has a scrumptious combination of sweet and fruity tastes that taste like berries and grapes. On the inhale, Purple Haze’s candy and spicy flavors dominate. The fruity, grape-like flavors of this strain get stronger on the exhalation.

Purple Haze has a sweet blueberry scent with darker, spicier undertones. These fruity and spicy aromas are balanced out with the aid of a heavy, earthy scent. Purple Haze’s cured, dried buds have an extraordinarily dank and musty aroma with a mild berry tinge when broken open.

Purple Haze has a mouthwatering scent and a delicious taste. The flavor and aroma are more pleasing than you’ll find in other strains. You’ll return to this strain that creates a flavor in your mouth because of its unique heritage and tasty nature.


A Purple Haze plant’s key distinguishing characteristic is its stunningly vivid purple shade. It also has big, showy flowers which are spade-shaped with a large base and a pointing tip. They’re fuzzy and delicate, with stems that curve outwards.

Purple Haze has a Sativa-like loosened framework in its buds. Violet hair coats nugs, sometimes a lively blue color. Such nugs are covered in a tenacious, resinous, white trichome covering that is incredibly helpful. A Purple Haze plant is quite beautiful, with long, dense nugs in a moderately seasoned hue consisting of deep crimson undertones.


This strain built strong popularity after the release of the iconic Jimi Hendrix track “Purple Haze.” The famed guitarist has paved the path to a legendary strain, which the cannabis community has since been thankful for!

Purple Haze’s roots and biology, like those of most other strains at that same period, are contested. The majority of users assume it’s a combination of Purple Thai and Haze, two Sativa-dominant strains. Its origins can be traced back to dank strains, but its novelty renders it a favorite among cannabis smokers and medical users.

Medical Benefits

Purple Haze is a strain that not only gives you a refreshing, euphoric feeling but also many potential medical benefits. As the strain serves excellently to maintain your focus on a job, it can help assist patients with disorderly attention. This strain can induce moments of intense focus and clarity in smokers. It can also improve the mood, giving smokers a breezy and lightheaded feeling, therefore, it can be helpful for individuals who are depressed or suffering from anxiety.

It can assist individuals with prolonged exhaustion, because of the energizing feeling. It also has features that can relieve mild inflammations such as headaches or cramps.

Purple Haze has a surreal influence that can trigger intense repetitive thought processes. As a result, people who are susceptible to fear or hysteria should be aware of this and take it slow with this strain.

The Growing Process

Purple Haze is a sturdy, robust strain that is a great selection for new growers. Ideally you’d develop it hydroponically or outdoors in rich soil. Maintain a consistent and bushy appearance by pruning and topping the plant, ensuring to protect the colas as they grow. While purple buds are not always produced by this strain, you can force purple tones by cooling down your grow room or growing outdoors.

It’s a simple plant to grow. It only takes eight to nine weeks to flower, but it yields a lot. You can feed the flowers moderately during this flowering period. To optimize the yield, gradually increase the phosphorus.

Purple Haze thrives in northern climates with a cooler environment but requires temperatures around 65°F to 80°F. Purple  Haze produces larger quantities in outdoor gardens, but it still thrives indoors.

It is expected to grow as high as every decent Sativa ought to, so it will require a bit more upkeep and maintenance. If you’re going to grow it indoors, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough room for your plants.

Purple Haze growers who have practice with this plant suggest shocking it by introducing it to cooler conditions right before flowering. This promotes the anthocyanin pigments of a Purple Haze plant that unveil the gorgeous blue and purple color.

In Conclusion

It’s undeniable that deciding which new strain to explore next can be a challenging task. It can be difficult to pinpoint which strain you should hunt for, with several great strains available! We believe that this tasty, earthy bud is among the finest strains available during the day!

It is so calming to experience, plus its taste is sweet and spicy. All these make this cerebral Sativa-dominant strain more desirable and in constant demand.

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