Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Green Crack Cannabis Strain – Green Crack Review


Unlike many other popular strains, the origin of Green Crack has not really been defined over the years. Various rumors have it that Green Crack became popular in 1970. During this time there was a great innovation in cannabis planting. Many people believe that Green Crack is the brainchild of a cannabis breeder named Cecil C. He created Green Crack strain through clone cutting.

Green Crack is not the original name of the Green Crack strain.  According to legend in the cannabis community, it was named Green Crack by the legendary Snoop Dogg. After he gave the name to the strain, this name became popular in the street and was adopted as its name.

Other sources believe that the name Green Crack was created by sellers to distinguish it from crack and to avoid its association with cocaine in the cannabis market.


The Green Crack strain has a very nice and sweet flavor. This is one of the things that attracts many smokers to it. You can easily be deceived by its sweet-smelling fruit flavor. It has the tangy, fruity flavor of a mango. Green Crack gives out citrus vibes with its flavor.

Many people describe Green Crack’s flavor as some sort of tropical fruit, oftentimes arguing over the specific flavor notes. But one thing’s sure, Green Crack has a sweet, fruity aroma that makes it easy for people to feel comfortable around it and its smokers. As a non-smoker or cannabis taker, this aroma can be enough to attract you. Do not be deceived by this flavor because of its candy-like smells, it has strong properties just like any other kind of cannabis.

When exhaled the flavor is different from the taste. The exhale taste is a bit harsh and spicy. This might be due to the evidence of Afghani in its origin.


Green Crack is oftentimes recognized for its leafy indica buds. These buds come in various sizes and are relatively dense. The color of the Green Crack strain can vary from green to yellow or even purple. Naturally, it comes in pale green or yellow. But when this plant is exposed to cold temperatures during the maturation process, it can change its color from purple to green.

Its pistils give the plant this beautiful look and provide the plant with a rusty color profile.  Far from the appearance, the texture of Green Crack is not smooth, being coarse and sticky in texture. The pistils and the leafy buds are responsible for its coarse texture and the sticky texture is caused by the layer of frosty trichomes.


Green Crack gives the user a very pleasant and potent experience. This strain’s THC content is around 16 percent, making it fairly strong. With a fairly low CBD content, this strain helps you feel energized and uplifted when you take it. Many users see it as the best wake and bake drug for the day.

Well apart from these good sides of the Green Crack, taking too much Green Crack can cause potentially uncomfortable side effects. Negative effects like dry mouth are very common to the usage of Green Crack. For this reason, it is advisable for one to drink plenty of water before and after taking the Green Crack strain. This would help one in staying hydrated and overcoming these side effects.

Many users also complain of having dry eyes, feeling dizzy and paranoid after taking this strain. You can also get overactive with this strain, so make sure to limit your use and know your limits!

Medical Benefits

Medically, Green Crack is a very good strain for serious medical conditions. It can be used in the treatment of depression, extreme fatigue, anxiety, stress and minor mental illnesses.

Its sativa – derived effects help in keeping you energized throughout the day. This also aids in producing some psychological effects that reduce depression and anxiety.

This strain is oftentimes recommended in adequate dosage for those experiencing extreme rates of fatigue and depression, relaxing the mind and body.

Growing Process

The growing process of Green Crack is not that difficult.  It is easy to grow and can be grown by newcomers in the cannabis farming world.

You can grow Green Crack both indoors and outdoors. This plant has an average height, making it easy for it to be grown indoors. Green Crack has a growing cycle of eight weeks, which can be considered rapid when compared to other plants. In terms of preferred climate, a temperature of about 90 degrees is ideal to survival and growth.

When growing Green Crack, be conscious that you’re giving it enough space to grow. Make sure you test the soil PH: Green Crack does well with a PH level of about 6.4 to 6.8.

When planting cannabis, the importance of enriching your soil with adequate nutrients can not be overemphasized. Add phosphorus to the soil.

If you are growing your Green Crack outside, watch out for mold. Green mold is not good for the growth of the plant. In a humid environment, mold is going to be a more apparent issue. You can help remove mold from your plant environment by using Potassium Bicarbonate, as well as remembering not to over water.

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