How To Host a Cannabis-Friendly Party

Planning a regular party is fun and exciting, but it requires some effort from the organizer. Party organizers face a few difficulties in selecting the menu, the playlist, and thinking of the whole concept. But have you thought of adding some weed to the get-together?

A cannabis-friendly party may be fun for the attendees, but many challenges exist. Before, during, and after these parties, a lot of careful planning is needed, so the person in charge has a big job to do.

Then, let’s talk about preparations! Below are some great ideas to help you organize your next cannabis-friendly party. Follow them, and you will indeed have your guests returning.

Prepare The Entertainment

The first step is setting the place. Cannabis-friendly parties are all about meeting new people and having fun. The things that every party revolves around are the music and the entertainment.

Cannabis parties are no different because they set the tone and mood of the attendees. When preparing your playlist, make sure to pick songs with good vibes. This way, you can avoid destroying the crowd’s energy with your choice of weak tunes.

You can always turn to card games and board games for entertainment. Charades or games such as “Pin the Tail” are also available. Find out what the people you’ve invited are interested in and get creative.

Designate a Station

Setting up a cannabis corner is a practical and wise thing to do. The primary reason is to have all the materials in one place without having to chase after the grinder or the ashtray. Set up an area where your guests can enjoy smoking and destroy that white rhino bud.

It’s not good to have to move quickly because you’re cold or have to stand, so make sure there are enough comfortable seats and pick a warm spot.

This is a great way to let everyone enjoy themselves, considering that not everybody likes smoking weed. Setting up a weed station is the perfect solution for both parties.

Balance the Flower Spread

People tend to get particular about their cannabis choice. So, it’s good to remember to include Sativa, Indica, and hybrids when purchasing from an online cannabis dispensary. The Sativa and hybrid plants are more energetic, while the Indica is good for when you plan on finishing the night.

The fresh and pungent flower is a thrilling choice regarding quality. However, try not to select some unknown mystery buds because smokers want to know what they are taking.

Diversity is Fun

Every attendee will have a different choice of cannabis consumption. Some like to smoke, some like to vape, and others like to eat cannabis. You must provide something for everyone to enjoy at your party.

Smoking is the most popular method and nearly essential at any cannabis-friendly get-together.

It’s especially suitable for beginners because they usually find it the most comfortable choice.

Vaping is a smart and prevalent option among health-conscious people; you might even get long-time smokers to try it.

This method is better when organizing an indoor event because of the nearly odorless vapor. A wide selection of vaporizer products is available on the market that you can impress your guests with.

Finally, you can serve some delicious cannabis-infused desserts at your party. Although they are the cleanest delivery method, edibles have a more prolonged onset, so consumers may not feel anything at shorter events.

Moreover, dosage may be tricky with homemade weed desserts, so it’s always recommended to go with a smaller to medium potency. On the plus side, edibles don’t require any skills like smoking or vaping do.

Offer Transportation Options

Responsible behavior is number one on the list. If you have the space, offer to let guests stay at your home. If this is not an option, have a plan to provide transportation.

Call your guests a ride to ensure they arrive home safely or have one designated driver. You wouldn’t want people wandering around the streets with no planned destination. Or even worse, letting them drive under the influence.

Have a Blast!

The final step is to have fun but be responsible and have an emergency backup plan. As the host, you must be prepared for any outcome and know what to do if guests encounter unwanted situations.

It’s no different than when preparing for alcohol-themed parties. The risk is on the guests during both events, but the liability is on the organizer.

The popularity of cannabis-friendly parties has increased after the cannabis law liberalization in most states.

Once organized at the beach or in a dorm room with the sharing of limited stashes, throwing this type of party is contemporary and trendy. Follow these steps and start planning your next cannabis-friendly gathering!