white rhino

White Rhino is a versatile strain with a heavy Indica content that has won a slew of second-place awards in a variety of different competitions.

This strangely named strain is well known for its immeasurably potent highs, as well as its distinct flavor. It was originally named because of its unusual, horn-like plant top, which resembles a vicious rhinoceros.

White Rhino is another strain whose parentage remains a mystery; while we know White Widow is its direct ancestor, we have no idea what other strain was used to produce this powerful Indica. Even in this day and age of meticulous attention to detail, some strains seem to fall through the cracks.

White Rhino is a hybrid breed with around 80% Indica genetics and 20% Sativa genetics, despite being sold as an Indica. This means that a small amount of Sativa effects will follow the Indica impact, allowing for a small cerebral high to accompany your mellow body high.

White Rhino Appearance

As previously mentioned, White Rhino got its name from its oddly pointy leaf and bud shapes, which resemble a rhinoceros horn protruding from the plant.

White Rhino plants grow bushy and large, as do most Indica hybrids, but they can also grow extremely tall.

The bud itself is stunning, with a thick layer of fuzzy trichomes that stick to the outside of the plant, giving it the appearance of a white sugar coating.

The Experience

The White Rhino high is known for its slight delay trigger, which gives the user the impression that their bud is faulty in some way. However, after a little while, the full impact will hit you hard.

The first effects would be intense euphoria, as well as a general numbness of the body, with a good Sativa buzz to go along with it. This is accompanied by a pleasant sense of peace and tranquility, as well as an overpowering desire to take a short nap. White Rhino’s relaxation is radically different from that of most other Indica strains; while many strains give you a sense of calm and an overwhelming desire to watch some trashy TV show on repeat, White Rhino’s high has an intrinsic sense of intent.

However, by the end, tiredness normally wins out, making White Rhino an excellent choice for those who have trouble sleeping at night. Because of these sedative effects, White Rhino is better held as an evening strain to avoid nodding off during the day. The slight tingling sensation that comes with the high will not only soothe and calm you but will also leave you feeling strangely warmed and fulfilled.


White Rhino has a distinct earthy scent that is backed up by elements of heavy wood, such as oak and maple, similar to its parent strain, White Widow. When first cracking open the bud, expect to smell the peace and tranquility of an old woodland scene, as well as a persistent sweetness reminiscent of sweet tree sap.

When smoked, the sweetness fades and is replaced by an intensely oak aroma that is eerily similar to antique shop furniture.


White Rhino’s flavor is very close to its scent, as is the case for many other Indica strains. Expect a lot of earthy woodiness backed up by a strangely tangy sweetness.

White Rhino’s flavor profile is difficult to categorize since it is both characteristic of Indica hybrids and not. When you smoke White Rhino, you can expect a surprising mouthful of flavorful smoke, so look forward to experiencing its rare blend of wood, soil, and background sweetness the next time you can get your hands on it.

White Rhino Strain Growth Info

White Rhino is a great strain to try growing hydroponically because it makes better use of space while still allowing you to create a high-nutrient environment.

You’ll want to give your White Rhino a lot of nitrogen and potassium at the beginning of its life and during its development cycle.

To encourage lateral development, try to hold the plant adequately topped by snipping off the very top of the growth every now and then. You may also try snipping away at some of the plant’s extraneous growths at the bottom, as they tend to yield inferior bud.

Keep White Rhino at a comfortable temperature of 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit and a high humidity level, and you won’t have any trouble growing this classic Indica strain. Make sure you give it plenty of food!

If you’ve planted your bud, you should expect a huge yield; one of the many reasons farmers choose White Rhino over White Widow is the massive increase in average yield.

Medical Benefits

White Rhino, as a high-strength Indica hybrid, falls into the category of being highly beneficial for mental illnesses. Excess stress, anxiety, and depression are only a few of the symptoms that a variety of strains claim to be able to help with.

The main explanation for this is that strains like White Rhino are bred to have extraordinarily high THC levels, which has a major impact on the CB1 receptor in the body’s endocannabinoid system.

This enables the brain to reduce negative thoughts and emotions while also encouraging the production of serotonin and other beneficial neurochemicals.

Owing to the high quantity of THC’s impact on the brain’s pain detection, White Rhino is also useful for dealing with excessive quantities of pain.

However, the most beneficial medicinal feature of White Rhino is its ability to aid in the treatment of insomnia. Because of its hypnotic, couch-locking effects, White Rhino, like many Indicas, is excellent at encouraging users to fall asleep.

Possible Side Effects

You should expect dry mouth and dry eyes for a short time after using the product.

Dizziness is the second most commonly recorded side effect of White Rhino – this is a little different from the other Indicas and can also be a challenge for those who already have dizzy spells or are otherwise susceptible to disorientation.

This is a relatively uncommon occurrence, on par with the normal threats of paranoia and moderate headaches. These latter signs are usually only present when White Rhino is used excessively, so if you smoke in moderation, you should be fine.

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