The Beginners Guide To Vaping Cannabis

Vaping is slowly taking over the world, and that’s due to multiple excellent reasons. Using vape devices to consume cannabis is becoming the go-to for every former smoker. No need to rush for papers, as with vaporizers, you can inhale cannabis whenever and wherever you like!

Whether you’ve been dealing with marijuana-filled vapes for a long time or are just getting started, you need to remember a few things. Read this beginner’s guide to vaping cannabis so you don’t have to make rookie mistakes again and witness the best vaping experience!

How To Vape Cannabis? 

Vaping cannabis is nothing like vaping tobacco. Although both deliver vapor, only the cannabis one is mind-altering. This smoke is produced by combusting cannabis-infused concentrates, oils, herbs, or e-liquids.

The current market offers a variety of vape pen options that would suit your needs in any situation. Once you have this step out of the way, you can proceed to choose the right breed of marijuana.

This can be a little tricky because there are several ways to consume cannabis via a vape. You can look around or ask friends and acquaintances to help you understand more about what would fit your needs.

Finally, once the user has chosen their favorite bud or cannabis oil, they must determine the correct dosage. Dosage in vapes can make or break the experience, so it’s best not to get too ambitious. Starting small can go a long way!

A Deep Dive Into Cannabis Vaping

Above, we gave you the three basic steps every vaper should know. But each of these has more details. So without further ado, let’s go through them in more depth!

Picking the Right Device 

Today’s vape industry has all kinds of vape devices, from different colors to different sizes, lifespans, shapes, and patterns. Aside from the outer look, each can have various features. These are some of the common vape forms:

  • Prefilled Tanks – Some of the best vape pens and portable vaporizers function based on a prefilled cartridge. This is to simplify the whole vaping process for the newbie user. Prefilled cartridges can be either 0.5 mL or 1 mL, containing a combo of THC and CBD particles.
  • Refillable Vapes – The users can refill themselves include a battery, a tank, and an internal coil. The tank is removed from the battery with a screwdriver, letting you change liquids whenever you wish. The tank chamber is then filled halfway through with e-liquid or cannabis concentrates. These vapes are usually the most complicated to master, so they’re meant for the experienced vaping enthusiast. Nonetheless, these provide a top-notch experience, seeing that you can change liquids and flavors whenever.
  • Disposables – These pens can be found everywhere, as they’re the easiest way to start vaping. They come prefilled with your choice of e-liquid, THC, and CBD components and are called disposables because they have a one-time usage, meaning you throw them away when finished. They usually die out after about a hundred puffs.
  • Table Specimen – If you don’t need your vape device everywhere, you can choose the tabletop vaporizer. This vape kit vaporizes essential oils, medicated herbs, drops, etc. It comes with a power outlet so that you might need a socket. The best thing about tabletops is that they are party-friendly, meaning you can use them during group gatherings.

Choosing The Right Cannabis 

An essential part of vaping cannabis is the material in it. When choosing a vape device, you only need to consider the design and gadgets that come with it. But when choosing marijuana, you can decide between concentrates, oils, tinctures, or whole buds. Just make sure you visit a reputable vape shop to purchase your device!

You also get to choose whether to vape indica- or sativa-dominant strains. The biggest difference, however, is felt whether you smoke THC or CBD. Here is what each of these entails:

  • THC Oil – You might already know that THC is the most popular compound in marijuana. This is due to the element’s psychoactive abilities, meaning it’s the thing that alters your psychoactive state. Users consume it to boost creative sparks, calm the mind or provide psychedelic effects.
  • CBD Oils – CBD is the medical part of marijuana, the non-psychoactive ingredient used for its medical properties. It’s known to sedate the body and helps consumers calm pain and psychological disorders or improve sleep.
  • Marijuana Buds – There are vape options for users who appreciate cannabis in its natural form. You should look for a vape that can handle dried buds. These vapes combust the buds as you would with a joint. Most regular vapes can’t burn the dry herb matter, so if you’re looking to use dry cannabis, you should also consider the vaping pen type.
  • Tincture Form – Cannabis tinctures are a fantastic solution for vape devices. One of the best options to consume THC or CBD in vapes is through tinctures. These are usually called e-liquid or vape juices. Unlike oils, these work on refills, saving you the trouble of continuously buying a new cartridge.
  • Concentrated THC or CBD – Concentrated cannabis usually comes from wax, oils, and shatter. Concentrates are known to be stronger than your usual bud because they come from an extraction process. These concentrates contain the pure cannabinoids THC and CBD without plant matter. Since they’re very potent, one has to be careful with dosing.

Setting the Right Dosage 

Settling between THC and CBD is crucial for your vaping experience. Too much THC can ruin the relaxing effect, while CBD is a must if you want and need the drug’s medical benefits. This is why finding a strain with the right CBD and THC levels is essential.

Once you have obtained the cannabis type, you must also determine the appropriate dosage. Too much in your vape can damage the pen itself and affect your health and state.

Final Words

There you have it! We hope you’ve understood the basics of how to vape cannabis. Follow each step carefully, and remember that you determine your future experience!