Your Guide To THC-P: What It Is & What Are Its Benefits?

Cannabinoids and related products have gained immense popularity recently owing to their medicinal and recreational properties. Since the restrictions on its manufacturing, sale, and consumption have eased, many individuals have started consuming everyday products that contain CBD, such as skincare lines dedicated to CBD, CBD supplements, and whatnot.

Yet another product of the cannabis family that has gained recent popularity is THC-P, which is essentially a mere phytocannabinoid. It was discovered not more than two years ago, and hence there is limited information and many questions regarding its use and application, in addition to a few stores having thcp for sale. This article will help answer some of the more general questions and give readers insight into THC-P products and their uses.


What is THC-P?

THC-P is essentially a cannabinoid from the THC family that is present in a very minute percentage in the cannabis plant. The discovery of THC-P has caused a stir in the cannabinoid research community, as THC-P is thought to be at least thirty times more potent than THC. In terms of its effects, THC-P is known to have psychedelic effects in some situations.

It has seven carbon atoms in its chemical structure, while THC only has five. This is the longest carbon chain that has been found in any cannabinoid. The length of the carbon chain is directly linked to the potency of the substance, which makes THC-P attach itself to receptors in the human body much better.


What are the benefits of THC-P?

Cancer patients who currently use high doses of THC to deal with their treatment and for pain relief will find that THC-P provides substantial pain relief and is a better alternative than THC. Since THC is more potent than THC-P in terms of its effects on the human body, it is a better alternative than all other cannabinoids used for medicinal pain.

For patients experiencing other kinds of pain, THC-P is a safe medicine to use with caution. If you don’t use THC-P in high doses and only slightly increase your dose, you should be fine and have no side effects at all.


Is THC-P safe and legal?

Since THC-P is a relatively new discovery, there are few legal implications regarding the product specifically. However, for legal purposes of manufacturing and sale, THC-P is treated just like THC in terms of the composition and percentages that are to be maintained. Since it is derived from industrial hemp, it can be considered legal.

Since THC-P requires a lot of hemp in its manufacturing due to its lower percentage content in the cannabis plant, many manufacturers produce it in the laboratory.


Can THC-P make you high?

Whether or not THC-P can make you high is uncertain, as its intoxication effects are unknown due to limited research on the subject. However, seeing how potent THC-P is in comparison to THC, we can assume that it does have properties that make its users high to a certain extent.


Does THC-P have any side effects?

Because THC-P is a new discovery, it is difficult to draw conclusions about specific side effects. However, any new users who exercise caution shouldn’t experience anything too severe. Some of the more commonly experienced side effects, however, include dry mouth, dizziness, and feeling lethargic.


THC-P is yet another cannabinoid discovery with numerous benefits and applications in both recreational marijuana and medicine. THC and CBD enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to the scientific research community finding out more about THC-P and its benefits.