Eighty Six Review: THC-P Disposables

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Eighty Six said it best themselves: your vaping game just leveled up. Today, I’m going to be giving you my honest, unfiltered thoughts on Eighty Six’s THC-P Disposables.

If you happened to read our HHC disposables round-up last month, then you already know all about how much we loved Eighty Six. Winning the title of “Best Bang For Your Buck,” we had high hopes going into this review!

As we busted each disposable out of its box, the anticipation was killing us. Were these going to live up to their HHC counterparts? You’ll have to read on for the full answer, but to summarize: they did! Just for the record, these were my personal favorite from all the Eighty Six products we got to try. 

Is Eighty Six Brand Legit? 

Based on research I’ve done online and my own personal experience, I can confidently say that Eighty Six is a reliable, trustworthy hemp brand. They have easily accessible lab reports, great customer service, and a consistent supply of high quality products. 

I’ve had nothing but great experiences with this brand and feel comfortable recommending them to anyone looking for a new Delta-8, HHC, or THC-P product to try!

THC-P Disposables Review 

These disposables hit pretty much every mark for us. They have an aesthetically pleasing, unique design, hit hard, and (for the most part) have great flavor profiles. I will say, the Golden Milk was not my favorite, but the White Fluff and Sunday Scaries made up for it with how delicious they were!

Photo: Iggy Gauthier, High Yields Team

Appearance and Feel

Although I realize it’s not the most important part of a disposable, I do think that the device itself can add or subtract from the experience as a whole. Each of these vapes had beautiful unique coloring that really set them apart from other brands.

They had a nice weight to them, and felt very nice to hold. Some vapes can get a bit bulky for me, but I thought that these were a great size, especially given that they each contain 2 grams of distillate! 


These Eighty Six vapes were even harder hitting than their HHC disposables, which wasn’t surprising to me given how THC-P is around 30 times as strong as your typical THC. I was also really pleased by how quickly the effects settled in!

Within minutes, I started to feel a calming wave wash over me: these disposables made me feel incredibly relaxed and comfortable. I can have quite a bit of anxiety at times, but each of these disposables helped me feel decompressed, centered, and ready to have a great time!

I didn’t notice particularly different effects between each of the varieties, but I can’t even complain because they were just so nice. I will say that I noticed a bit more of an uplifting euphoria from the White Fluff, but it still mellowed out into a deep relaxation for me. 

Another thing I appreciated about these was the strength of the hits produced. You don’t have to hit them too hard to get quite a large cloud! There’s a little bit of resistance, but it’s comfortable. 

Overall, I really appreciated the experience provided by these, and can’t really think of anything I’d like to change about them. One out of the three disposables did start to clog a little towards the end, but it was easy to un-clog and didn’t give us much trouble. 

Flavor Profiles 

As I mentioned earlier, the flavor profiles were a big hit with the team! Well, except for the Golden Milk, but I will say that one of our team members still enjoyed it. The Sunday Scaries and the White Fluff were definitely the standouts flavor-wise.

I thought that the Sunday Scaries had a fairly mild citrus flavor with notes of sweet berries and candy, which makes sense given it’s Mimosa terpene content. It was so delicious, we were reaching for it out of each other’s hands like children with a new toy. 

The White Fluff had a very delicate, sweet, candy-like flavor as well: this one had to be my favorite! I wouldn’t say it tasted exactly like cotton candy and had a little bit more fruitiness to it, but it was so. good. 

Eighty Six definitely excelled with their flavor profiles here. I’m honestly not sure how to describe the Golden Milk, but if you like more pastry-like vape flavors, you may have a different opinion than me. I would strongly recommend the White Fluff and the Sunday Scaries vapes!

Price Point

Another thing I’d like to add is that the pricing of these is so low given their quality. Most 2 gram disposables are going for around $40 to $50 dollars these days, but these are listed at $29.99. And that’s before the High Yields discount code!

I think this is a major point that separates Eighty Six from other brands. They are able to provide top-of-the-line products, and also list them at incredibly reasonable, wallet-friendly prices. What more can you really ask for? 

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In Summary

Overall, I thought that these Eighty Six disposables wiped the floor with their competitors. With delicious flavor profiles, hard-hitting effects, and one of the lowest price points I’ve ever seen, these vapes will certainly give you a bang for your buck!

As a thank you for supporting us here at High Yields, I’d like to offer you a custom discount code. If you use code “HIGHYIELDS” at checkout, you can get an additional 15% off your order. Eighty Six has blown us away with every product so far, so stay tuned for our next reviews.