What is BC Bud & Why Is It So Popular?

Whether you’re new to the cannabis world or a seasoned smoker, you’ve likely heard of “BC Bud” and how amazing it is. Believe it or not, many of the most popular and potent strains on the market today were bred in British Columbia and have won prizes at the Cannabis Cup! For instance, BC Big Bud, UBC Chemo, and Romulan But what sets these buds apart from the rest of the world?

How It All Began

We’re talking about beautiful British Columbia, which has snow-capped mountains and deep blue waters, as well as towering evergreen forests and richly soiled valleys. Sure, BC is most famously known for its breathtaking scenery, but did you know BC is also home to some of the world’s finest-grown marijuana, associated with being the best of the best, top shelf, and dankest weed? If you’ve smoked pot before, there’s a high possibility that you’ve heard of the term “BC bud.” Accounting for 40 percent of all cannabis produced in Canada, you’ve got to be wondering just what is BC Bud and why is it so damn good?

Let’s flashback to the past. It’s 1955, and the Vietnam War has just begun. Triggering a massive wave of relocation, people all across America are searching for a place to call home, and what better place is there than Canada? Promised a land of peace, many of the migrants found themselves residing in the Fraser Valley and the Okanagan, which just happened to have the ideal conditions for marijuana to thrive and reach new heights! Luckily, within the 30,000 migrants, a few brought over a certain seed that has grown and sprouted to become a six-billion dollar industry annually and one of BC’s most valuable cash crops!

What Makes It So Damn Good?

British Columbia’s climate provides some of the most optimal conditions for growing potent cannabis. In the warm summer months, the everlasting sun exposure helps plants grow tall and strong. During the fall, the cool breezes and frequent rainfall allow plants to develop resilience against harsh conditions. With the addition of nutrient-rich ground soil and access to fresh water, these elements all factor into making truly top-notch buds.

Upon discovering the perfect place to harvest weed, thousands of cannabis cultivators worldwide poured into British Columbia in the 1970s. They brought along their fair share of top-quality seeds with diverse genetics and have been experimenting ever since. British Columbia has served as a growers’ paradise and has incubated some of the most talented growers with decades of experience on which they have built their reputation. “I think it really stems from the legacy of probably the last 30 years’ worth of breeding,” says Dan Sutton, CEO of BC-based cannabis producer Tantalus Labs. “British Columbia has always been a pretty liberal environment in terms of its cannabis legal enforcement, and so growers who might have experienced a more hostile policing environment in California found a home here, and they just started experimenting.”

BC Bud In Today’s World

Following the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2018, getting your hands on some of the highest-quality BC Bud has become more and more accessible for Canadians. There are a total of 53 dispensaries in Vancouver, BC, alone, stocking some of the finest locally grown buds. Heck, you can even buy weed online from anywhere within Canada!

After 50+ years of experimentation and dedication, British Columbian cultivators now have the opportunity to legally showcase their coveted genetics, creations, and techniques into international markets as the rest of the world moves into the post-legalization landscape. All of this began in the 1960s as a result of Vietnam draft evaders and has since been cultivated into a legacy that will be valued globally.