More people than ever are choosing vaporizers over more traditional means of smoking, and for good reason! They are kinder on the throat, create less potent of a smell, and are oftentimes easier to dose than, say, taking bong hits. In this article, we are going to be going over two main types of vaporizers: oil based and dry herb vaporizers.

Oil Based Vaporizers:

When someone mentions a vaporizer, this is probably the variety that first comes to mind. Oil vaporizers heat oils and distillates so that they can be inhaled as a steady stream of vapor. This way of consuming THC and CBD products has exploded in popularity, due to one’s ability to consume it so stealthily.

These vaporizers create a much less potent smell than smoking flower, meaning that you can use them just about anywhere. They also tend to produce a less intense throat hit, compared to other means of consumption. In addition to this, newer users have an easier time dosing their products with vapes.

When you can time your inhales and set the vape aside for a moment to let each one kick in, it allows for the user to control how much of the product they’d like to consume and avoid any unnecessary discomfort or anxiety related to over-consumption.

Now, we are going to provide a quick summary of our most recommended oil vaporizers of 2021!

Our Top Picks For Oil Vaporizers:

Pax Era Pro 

The Pax Era Pro is a compact, powerful, and game-changing vaporizer! Compared to the original Pax Era model, this upgraded edition has a significantly longer battery life and easier, more predictable pulls. With its streamlined design, each inhale is engineered to be equal, with added air slits on the side to make each draw smoother. The Era Pro uses PAXSmart pods, which are one-time use and can be purchased in states where THC products are legal! Although this technology is widely praised for how convenient and easy to use it is, it can be a drawback for those who don’t live in states where THC products are legal, as this model is only compatible with Pax brand pre-filled pods. But if you do have legal access to Pax Era Pro pods, this vaporizer, especially for its price range, stands out against its competitors! Due to its convenience factor, compact size, and reasonable price, the Pax Era Pro has definitely lived up to its high praise in the vaporizer market.

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Puffco Peak Vaporizer

The Puffco Peak is an industry leader, in that it is one of the first portable, electric dab rigs! The Peak allows for dabbing to be an easy, safe, and automated experience. There’s no need for a torch, or for there to be red hot metal or glass exposed to the user. With the Puffco Peak, you can safely pass this rig around the function, or use it alone in your room without any worries at all. The Peak comes with 4 heat settings, with the lower end preserving more flavor and the higher end producing thicker, heavy-hitting clouds. Most users find their home somewhere in the middle, but the versatility of this model is a big appeal to those who want an optimal dabbing experience. The combination of a high-grade ceramic bowl and hardy glass bubbler allows for the user to take thick, yet smooth hits. This product has a significantly higher price point than other vaporizers we’ve reviewed, but is completely reasonable when compared to the dab rig market, especially given its quality and efficiency. Overall, if you’re a frequent user of concentrates looking to upgrade your set-up, we strongly urge you to check out the Puffco Peak!

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Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer 

This premium vaporizer pen took all of its predecessor’s greatest functions and placed them into a more powerful, efficient model. The Stella vaporizer features 4 heat settings, a floating vapor chamber, and vortex airflow to ensure that each hit is predictably thick. This model allows for the user to customize their vaping experience with its varying heat levels, controlling how much flavor comes through versus how dense each pull will be. The Stella Vaporizer is as powerful as it is easy to use, with a large part of its appeal being how you can use it just about anywhere! The chamber opens up so that you can place your own distillate of choice inside, which is ideal for those who are choosing to use Delta-8 THC or CBD concentrates. If you’re in a legal state, of course the Stella model is great for THC distillates too! This relatively new model in Dr. Dabber’s vaporizer collection definitely holds its weight. If you’re looking for a powerful, yet portable way to consume your concentrates, we suggest you look into the Stella model!

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