Our 2023 Dr Dabber Stella Vaporizer Review

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Dr. Dabber is a high-end vaporizer brand that focuses on technology and produces top-quality portable electronic dab rigs. The Dr Dabber “Stella” is their latest addition to their dab pen lineup. Although the previous model, Aurora, was more powerful and efficient, the new sleek design of Stella makes it even better.

The Stella is easy to use, has a black stainless steel body, and provides a sleek and portable way to dab any cannabis concentrate, including live resin and wax. With numerous options available in the dab vaporizer pen market, it can be challenging to select the best concentrate vaporizer pen that suits your needs.

What is the Dr Dabber Stella?

The Stella, which means “star” in Latin, is an exceptional vape pen designed for consuming marijuana concentrates. It sets a new standard for high-end vaporizer pens, featuring a black stainless steel body that exudes class and durability.

The fully built-in alumina ceramic vaporization chamber has a sealed alumina ceramic heating element with no exposed coils, providing the best performance by directing the heat straight to the material. This results in smoother hits and longer battery life due to the increased efficiency of the heating process.

The Stella utilizes proprietary Temperature Coefficient Resistance (TCR) technology and features a cyclone airflow design that offsets air inlets from the chamber, ensuring that vapor production and flavor remain unaffected. Additionally, the magnetic mouthpiece is incredibly convenient to take on and off.

Despite its relatively compact size, the Stella is heavy enough to indicate its high-quality construction. If you prefer to use your own wax instead of pre-filled dab cartridges, the Stella is an excellent option for you.

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What’s Included in the Box?

Each Stella vaporizer kit includes:

  • 1X Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer Battery
  • 1X Internal ceramic bowl atomizer
  • 1X Magnetic mouthpiece
  • 1X USB-C charger
  • 1X Loading tool

How Does the Stella Work?

Upon receiving your Stella, you should find the 600 mAh battery at 50% charge out of the box. To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended that you charge the battery to 100% before using it for the first time and then recharge it fully using the USB-C cord. With a single charge, the battery can power up to 40 full heating cycles, and pass-through charging allows you to use the pen while it charges.

Additionally, the Stella features TCR (temperature coefficient resistance) technology that adjusts the battery’s voltage based on the temperature of the heating coils, ensuring even vaporization of your concentrate without burning it. This keeps the coil at a steady temperature and helps to produce an even hit.

As with all of the Dr. Dabber pens, the Stella is very easy and intuitive to use. The magnetic mouthpiece slides on and off easily so you can get to the large ceramic chamber of the vaporizer. Start out by loading your concentrate into the chamber, directly on the bottom of the heating plate. It is recommended to load about half a pea-sized amount into the chamber.

If the chamber is overloaded, it can restrict airflow and vapor. Click the on/off button five times to turn it on. You’ll probably notice the haptic feedback (vibration) right away. Once it is powered on, click the power button twice to start the preheating cycle. Run the preheat cycle for 5–10 seconds for best results. You can now try out the three different temperature settings to see how each hit feels by clicking the power buttons three times (3X) to cycle through them.

To indicate the temperature setting, the power button will flash a different color:

  • Purple: 480°F (249°C) Preheat function
  • Green: 550°F (288°C)
  • Bluish-green: 629°F (332°C)
  • Orange: 775°F (413°C)
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Always start out with a gentle drag until you get a feel for each heat setting and which one is best for you. The lower heat settings optimize flavor, and the higher heat setting offers a bigger and more powerful cloud. Regardless of your preferred power settings, the hits are always smooth and flavorful, making this your go-to vaporizer pen.

Dr. Dabber recommends that you keep the unit upright while in use or while it is still warm. This ensures that the oils and concentrates stay inside the heating chamber. If you need to take it with you, just allow it a couple of minutes to cool off, and it will be fine.

Charging Your Stella

The battery will start blinking the color of the current heat setting and vibrating three times when it needs to be recharged. Charging your Stella vape pen is simple; just plug your charging cable into a USB port, or an AC adapter for faster charging, and insert the other end of the cable into the charging port on the bottom of the battery. Do not force the cable into the port.

The light on the battery will begin to blink white when the charger is recognized. When the battery is fully charged, the light will turn solid green. The battery should give you about 40 hits and only take about an hour to recharge.

Cleaning Your Stella

As with all vaporizer pens, the Stella works best when the mouthpiece, airflow regulator, and atomizer are kept clean. The airflow regulator is in the mouthpiece, and you can take it out by poking the dab loading tool with the mouthpiece. Both of these parts can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol (ISO), 91% or higher, for about 8–10 minutes. This should remove any residue. Then let all items air dry for 10–15 minutes.

To clean the atomizer chamber you need to dry heat it for 3-5 seconds and then use a dry cotton swab to soak up any residue inside. After that, use another cotton swab dipped in ISO to remove any tougher stains on the bottom or sides of the atomizer. Then dry heat for an additional 3–5 seconds to evaporate any leftover isopropyl alcohol.

For long lasting protection, you should also swab the connection points between the atomizer unit and battery with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol when replacing. Make sure that all of the parts are completely air dried before reassembling by allowing 10-15 minutes for everything to dry out.

What’s the Appeal?

Dr. Dabber Stella is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the portable electronic vape pen industry. It’s simple, well-designed, and provides fine-quality vapor for all levels of vapers. The Dr Dabber Stella vaporizer pen is a high-quality electronic dab pen with a sleek black aluminum look and feel that is very easy to use.

The Stella is pocket-sized with a much longer battery life, and it offers a next-level magnetic mouthpiece that gives consistent dabbing with 3 different temperature settings. Coming in at a price under $100, makes this vaporizer a great value by any standard.

Dr. Dabber offers a 1-year warranty on the battery, charger, and electrical components. If this sounds like the vape pen you are looking for, you can buy it with confidence at the Dr. Dabbers website.