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It is rare that a West Coast bowler is not already familiar with the PAX brand. The portable, pocket-sized dye and oil sprays are ubiquitous among dedicated users of hunting extracts, and the brand’s patented patterns remain relevant today.

Today, the PAX line has once again expanded to include PAX Era Life, an advanced device that meets the needs of a wide range of cannabis oil consumers with simplified functionality and unparalleled ease of use. With its relatively low price, straightforward functions and elegant simplicity, the PAX Era Life brings high-quality plant technology to a whole new, potentially wider audience.

What is PAX Era Life?

PAX Era Life is a compact hemp oil vaporizer that uses hemp oil capsules from the PAX brand for vaporization.

This is a compact, streamlined and affordable version of the popular PAX Era Pro pocket oil sprayer. Both pairs have the same sleek look, with the Era Life being about an inch shorter than the Era Pro. The PAX Era Life’s scalable features make it the easiest vaporizer to use. Simply insert the PAX capsule into the open end of the unit, insert it again to choose one of the four temperatures, and take it out again.

Era Life shares most of the basic features with Era Pro, except for Pro’s high degree of interconnectivity through applications. Era Life is not connected to an app and therefore does not have advanced control features such as silent alarms or parental controls.

But what the PAX Era Life lacks in decorative technology is a long battery life (up to 150+ charges), a relatively low price ($35), and bright new colors like Indigo, Grass, or Blaze.

What are PAX pods?

PAX Pods are the exclusive cartridges used by PAX vaporizers. PAX uses a patented design for its pods with SimpleClick that allows users to connect the pods to their devices to select a temperature, then remove them immediately – no need to reheat them. At high temperatures, the concentrates burn nominally faster than at medium and low temperatures, but overall the capsules have a long shelf life and provide over two weeks of inhalation when used daily at low temperatures.

Real PAX pods can only be used with real PAX devices and vice versa. Universal PAX pods are made from high-quality extracts from reputable farms and – depending on location – are often available in extracts that cover the cannabinoid spectrum.

How does it work?

The PAX Era Life is the most upgradeable of all the PAX devices and probably the easiest to use PAX device. Era Life is ready to use right out of the box; just plug in a capsule and take a puff.

Charger PAX Era Life

The PAX Era Life comes with a 4 length charging cord, and although mine arrived via USPS, it was only half charged. After consuming this unexpected energy boost, it only took me 45 minutes to fully charge the lithium-ion battery.

  • Like other PAX devices, the PAX Era Life has an X-shaped light on the front. Each of the four lamp arms (or petals) lights up independently to inform the user of the battery level. Each arm represents 25% of the battery life.
  • The X at the top left of the shoulder flashes red when the camera battery needs to be charged.
  • Charge the PAX Era Life by connecting the cable to a charging station or a USB port on your computer.
  • The four arms of the X-lamp blink softly while the device is charging.
  • When fully charged, the four X-points will light up bright white for a few seconds, then dim and start again.

Temperature change

Unlike its siblings, the Era Life operates at four different temperatures depending on user demand. Note to beginners: Extracts vaporized at lower temperatures produce robust flavor profiles and smoothly fading highs, while vaporizing at higher temperatures can produce wild, fading starts, so adjust your preferences accordingly.

  • The pop and click method allows the pod to be popped smoothly and clicking the pod again activates the temperature control of PAX Era Life.
  • With each click and snap, one of the aforementioned X-light hands on the body lights up.
  • Once you have selected and pressed a temperature, the PAX Era Life is ready to print.

Temperature range :

  • One click, one petal, low temperature = 520°F
  • Two clicks, two blades, low/medium temperature = 610°F
  • Three clicks, three blades, low/high temperature = 700°F
  • Four clicks, four petals, high temperature = 790°F

To delete Era Life

Since the PAX Era Life is an oil spray that uses only PAX capsules, the cleaning is really focused on the body, which can be wiped off with an antibacterial cloth, a damp cloth or the hem of a t-shirt if needed.

As with most vaporizers, the mouthpiece is part of a cartridge that is separate from the vaporizer and as such is a disposable item that does not need to be cleaned.

What is the call?

Style, discretion and enhancing life through technology are at the heart of the PAX brand ethos, and the launch of Era Life adds affordability to that ethos. PAX products already have broad appeal, but by removing the main barrier to purchase – such as price – PAX appears to be able to appeal to an even wider range of oil users.

The bright colors, dotted features and functional simplicity make the PAX Era Life extremely attractive not only to users who appreciate durable, fashionable and discreet devices, but also to high-end enthusiasts, vape lords and even aspiring cannabis consumers with high-end inclinations. Even die-hard fans of PAX products appreciate the ease of use of this device: no apps to download and decode, no melodramatic cleanup issues, no betting on a clip from an unknown, unauthorized farm.

Conclusion: Overall, this might be the most attractive PAX device yet.

Photo courtesy of PAX

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Everything you need to know about PAX Lifetime Herbal News.

frequently asked questions

Do you enjoy Pax-Age?

With the size of a large blunt, Era can get you high for a month with just a few necessary loads along the way. It’s the vaping iPod, but 1,000 views in the pocket isn’t always a good thing. Pax has built a fully sophisticated device to get high. We should have made a limiter.

How long is the pod of the pax era?

How long do Pax Era pods last? The life of the capsule depends on how often it is used and how the vaporization is adjusted. The Pax Era Pod can be used for two weeks at moderate room temperatures. With less frequent use, it can be used for three to four weeks.

How many puffs do you get from the Pax era?

Each PAX Era pod contains. 5 g of cannabis oil. Depending on the size of the puffs, the pod can contain between 300 and 500 puffs.

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