Strain Spotlight: Gummy Buns

Gummy Buns is a weed strain that lives up to its name, with abundant sweetness and velvety smooth smoke once lit up. Gummy Buns is a very unique Indica strain that was made by crossing Biscotti and Grease Monkey. The original breeder of this strain, Exotic Genetix, is known for making some of the best modern strains, and Gummy Buns is no exception.

Gummy Buns has an admirable THC content of, on average, 21% that can rise to 25% depending on the growing conditions. This potency is nothing to be scoffed at for sure, but the true beauty of Gummy Buns is in its heavenly sweet flavors and aromas as well as a diverse range of effects.

Let’s talk about the aforementioned flavors and scents Gummy Buns exudes once harvested. The name suggests a candy-like sweetness and Gummy Buns most certainly doesn’t disappoint. We are talking immense doses of berry sweetness with spicy undertones to be enjoyed when taking a smell or toke of this Indica giant. There’s also a gassy flavor that rounds this strain out on the inhale and a peppery aftertaste on the exhale.

Naturally, as an Indica, Gummy Buns offers consumers a zen-like calmness when it comes to the strain’s high. However, don’t rule this strain out as a simple, straightforward typical old-school Indica. As many modern strains do, Gummy Buns offers a more diverse range of effects. When consumed in moderation, Gummy Buns can actually offer a good deal of energy and focus to the user, thanks to a nice helping of Sativa genetics crossed into its lineage. While Gummy Buns is considered to be an Indica strain, it could also be accurately called an Indica hybrid, as the Indica/Sativa balance is around 70%/30%. This is what allows Gummy Buns to offer such a unique range of effects.

For anyone interested in terpenes, Gummy Buns has healthy levels of Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool and a number of other more minor terpenes in lower quantities. This mix of terps is what gives Gummy Buns its amazing flavors.

Now, for the best news! You can actually find Gummy Buns cannabis seeds for sale online. This means that this once exclusive and sought-after strain is now available to a wide range of consumers to grow in their own homes. More people than ever can get in on the hyped surrounding this strain and enjoy it as both a grower and toker.

But what is it like to grow Gummy Buns? Well, it’s not the easiest strain to grow but it can be grown by growers of all levels providing they put in the work and give it enough care. As a strain with predominantly Indica genetics, Gummy Buns grows shorter and bushier than a Sativa or Sativa dominant hybrid strain.

Once you pop your seeds into their substrate, Gummy Buns should hit the flowering stage in around 9 weeks and then be ready to harvest just a few weeks after that point. Gummy Buns can grow indoors or outdoors and, if you have the luxury of growing the latter way, you can harvest your buds in October.