No Cap Hemp Co. Delta 8 Disposable Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing a brand that we’ve never tried before: No Cap Hemp Co! They have a wide range of great products including D8 moon rocks, pre-rolls, and a host of different vapes. To start off, I’ll be focusing on a tried and true classic: their Delta 8 disposables. 

If you’ve read our other reviews, like our recent HHC disposable round-up, then you know how much we love a good disposable. With the amount of vapes we’ve tried as a team, I’d like to think we’re experts by now!

Compared with all the other Delta 8 products we’ve tried (quite a few), we were thoroughly impressed by No Cap Hemp Co’s disposables. They taste great, create a deeply relaxing and balanced high, and don’t have any discernible issues (i.e. clogging) that we’ve found with other brands.

Without further ado, here’s our in depth review of No Cap Hemp Co’s Delta 8 disposables!


A major standout of this disposable would have to be its flavor profile. We tested out the Forbidden Fruit variety, so that’s all we can speak for today. The first thing that hit me about this disposable was how it tasted like a dispensary quality dab. 

Don’t get me wrong, I can enjoy a more artificial candy-like flavor, but a solid dab flavor with only mild sweetness is very refreshing. No Cap Hemp Co only uses naturally derived fruit and botanical terpenes in their distillate, and it really shows through their flavor profiles!

Upon the first inhale, I noticed a light herbal flavor with a bit of earthiness and pine. As time went on, the sweetness and a faint berry-like taste began to emerge. The overall flavor of this disposable is very balanced, mild, and pleasant to hit. Definitely lives up to the Forbidden Fruit strain title!


I found the experience to be just as pleasant, if not more, than the flavor. When I first hit the disposable, I can’t say the effects were immediate, but more of a gradual progression. It didn’t hit me like a truck (like the Hi On Nature disposables), but still provided a reliable and potent high!

As I said before, I was only able to try out the Forbidden Fruit strain, a classic indica, but they do have sativa and hybrid options as well! After hitting it for a little while, I began to feel a deeply relaxing wave wash over me. I thought this vape was perfect for winding down after work or before bed. 

There was a fairly mild, but present body high as well, which added to the overall experience. As one of our team members put it, “it’s like you’re a cat sunbathing on a Sunday afternoon.” This No Cap Hemp disposable certainly did not disappoint!

Device Quality

Something else I look for in a disposable is how well it’s made, as well as what features it has present. Right out of the box, I thought that this disposable was a great weight, and really pleasing to hold! It’s very smooth on the outside and still a compact size for having 2 grams of distillate. 

As we used it more and more, we were also very impressed by how much charge the battery could hold. I think I only had to charge it one time for the entire 2 grams of dab inside. This is a major plus for me, as continually dying vapes are quite annoying.

I also want to mention that we didn’t have a single clogging incident for this disposable! It’s something that’s fairly common, and also very annoying, but we didn’t once have it clog on us. Major props to whoever designed this at No Cap Hemp. 

Another feature I loved about this vape is that there was a little switch that you can adjust to change the airflow. If you prefer smaller or larger hits, you can adjust your disposable accordingly and create your ideal settings. Overall, I really appreciated the attention to detail and quality of this device.

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In Conclusion

This No Cap Hemp disposable really hit all the marks for me: it produces a relaxing and pleasant high, has a delicious flavor, holds charge well, and is incredibly well made! To be completely honest, I can’t come up with any cons for this disposable. The only disappointing moment we encountered was when it finally ran out of distillate.