Delta Extrax Review: Goliath Starter Kit

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Today we’ll be reviewing a classic from Delta Extrax: the Goliath Starter Kit! I personally am a huge fan of disposables, but the Goliath took that idea to new heights. I don’t have much experience with pod based systems, so I was incredibly eager to test this out. 

When the package arrived, I ripped open the box and tried each pod right after I got back inside. What can I say? The anticipation was killing me. I have plenty of positive things to say about this product, so let’s get down to it!

Convenience Factor

The first thing that stood out to me about the Goliath was how darn convenient it is. Each pod has a magnetic system in place, so you can just drop it in there and swap it with another flavor just as quickly.

I also loved how convenient the rechargeable battery is, as well as how it uses a commonly accessible charger (micro USB). Rather than taking multiple different disposables with you, all you need to do is pack an extra pod. 

I’m a big fan of switching around my carts and disposables based on my mood and energy levels, so having one indica and one sativa so easily accessible was bliss. The device itself is a really great size too, and the pods sit so nicely in there for being 2 grams each!


When I got my Starter Kit, there were 2 pods in the package: Hawaiian Snow and Berry Blue. Both sounded delicious to me off the bat, and they definitely lived up to my high expectations. I would say that the Hawaiian Snow was my favorite, but Berry Blue still hit. 

Hawaiian Snow had a really light tropical flavor to it, with mild herbal notes. It tasted like a really good Maui Wowie dab and hit really smoothly. Definitely be prepared for some coughing if you take larger rips, as it’s the kind of hit that sneaks up on you until seconds after you’ve exhaled. 

Berry Blue is very aptly named, as it tasted just like blueberries to me! Each hit brings on a subtle berry flavor, as well as some classic herbal dab taste. I very much enjoyed this one, although I still think Hawaiian Snow takes the cake here. 

Although it doesn’t come with the Starter Kit, there’s also London Pound Goliath pods available for purchase at Delta Extrax. I didn’t try this one out personally, but based on my experience as a whole with the London Pound Cake strain, I bet they’d smack. 

Photo: Iggy Gauthier, High Yields Team

Distillate Potency

The distillate in each pod is formulated with a potent blend of several alternative cannabinoids, including Delta-8 THC, THC-P, and Delta-6 THC. Although these weren’t the hardest hitting pods I’ve ever tried, I still thought that they provided a solid and enjoyable high.

The Hawaiian Snow, the sativa dominant option, hit me fairly quickly and induced a hazy, euphoric, and uplifting high. I began feeling its effects almost immediately, and I really only needed one hit for just the right headspace. 

The Berry Blue, your indica dominant option, also hit quickly and created a more relaxing, mellow high. These seemed to be a bit less potent to me, but don’t get me wrong! I thoroughly enjoyed the Berry Blue experience and found it to be a perfect pre-bedtime or post work vape. 

When I think of Delta Extrax, I think of high quality dabs. This brand really knows how to curate an experience through each of their formulations, and I saw that shine with the Goliath pods. Both of the options I tried created discernibly different effects, and they were great to switch between throughout the day. 

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Battery Quality

One thing I was worried about initially was the durability of the battery, but it’s built incredibly well. I thought that the design was very sturdy, and again, the magnetic snap-on system is so nice and convenient. 

It just feels great to drop the pod in there and have it snap in so cleanly. I found the amount of charge it holds to be above average: I didn’t have to recharge it for quite awhile. That’s also a major plus for me, as it sucks to have your vape die on you constantly. Especially while you’re out and about.

Overall, I’d say this is a high quality device. The only thing I will add, although it is more of a pod related issue, is that there was some clogging. I noticed that after taking some big hits, there would be a little resin build up at the top.

Luckily, this was an easy fix and didn’t happen too frequently for me. I just had to pull a little bit harder to unclog it, and remember to take smaller hits. The preheat function also seemed to help the pods stay clear, and is a great standalone feature!

Sleek Design

Finally, I’d just like to emphasize how clean the Goliath’s design is. Delta Extrax has come up with some innovative vapes throughout the years, such as their 4.5 gram disposables (wow). Despite a wide range of differences, something they all have in common is their sleek design.

The Goliath looks really unique and well-designed, even having the signature Delta Extrax triangle as its button. It looks nice, it feels nice, and is the perfect size to hold. Even the packaging itself has great attention to detail with its little hidden graphics. I won’t spoil that for you though!

In Summary

Delta Extrax has done it again with the Goliath Starter Kit. Boasting a sleek design, delicious flavor options, and a solid charge time, the Goliath really hit all the marks for me. I’d be interested in testing out the London Pound Cake pods, as well as seeing what new flavors they come out with soon.

According to customer reviews, the Goliath has been a widely loved and successful product. With the durability of its battery, this device feels like an investment you can count on. The pods are also really reasonably priced too, coming in at $25.99 for four grams of high-quality distillate.

If you’re looking to make the leap, we say go for it! As an added bonus, we’d like to offer you a custom discount code. Use “HighYields” for 15% off your next Delta Extrax order. Treat yo self!

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