Get Your Legal High With IndaCloud’s Delta-9 Gummies

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Since our last IndaCloud review was such a big hit, we’ve decided to do some more in-depth coverage on a few of our favorite products! Our focus for today is going to be their Delta-9 THC gummies, which have to be some of the best I’ve ever tried. 

These edibles had a pleasantly surprising kick to them, and the Sour Green Apple was quite possibly my favorite flavor of this year. I know I’m already hyping these up hard, but they’re deserving of nothing less!

This package was another instance in which I checked the tracking number constantly, waiting to snatch up it up and assemble the High Yields team for testing. We had the pleasure of trying out 3 new flavors this time around: let me tell you all about it…

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Given that this is an IndaCloud review, it only feels right to start with their legendary flavor profiles. We received the Pineapple, Peach, and Sour Green Apple Funta gummies this time around. Spoiler alert: the Sour Green Apple was my favorite, but they were all delicious in their own ways.

Let’s start off with the Pineapple Funta gummies first. I was expecting a more artificial flavor, but I thought these tasted exactly like dried pineapple chunks. With the light dusting of sugar on the outside, it almost perfectly imitated the flavor and texture. 

Next up is the Peach Funta flavor, which had to be my second favorite. Like the Pineapple Funta, these were definitely on the sweeter side. These have more of an artificial flavor, but in the way that it tastes like the best peach rings you’ve ever had. 

Now for my favorite flavor, the Sour Green Apple! These are quite possibly the best flavored edibles I’ve had this year, and I’ve tried quite a few. I will say I’m a sucker for a good sour candy, but these were just so delicious. They tasted like the ideal version of a sour apple gummy: what all sour apple candies wish they could be. 

These edibles had the perfect ratio of sweet to sour, and a potent flavor that lingered behind in the best way possible. If I didn’t have such a low tolerance, I would definitely take a couple more than I needed to just cause they’re so tasty. 

Mouth watering already? Check out all the flavor options here!

Photo: Iggy Gauthier, High Yields Team


Before I get fully into the experience of the high, I want to take a moment to highlight the sheer potency of these edibles. At 20mg of Delta-9 THC per gummy, I was expecting these to pack a punch. I knew that they hit hard from the last time I tried them out, but was still given a swift and pleasant reminder.

In order to get a proper testing, we got all of our team members together, each having different tolerance levels. Unsurprisingly, half a gummy hit me harder than several other gummies (not going to subtweet the brand) did in the past. 

Even our team member with the highest tolerance was surprised how these hit them, and they only took a single one. We applaud you, IndaCloud, for creating such delicious and heavy hitting treats! Now that we’ve provided the potency disclaimer, I’d like to go more into the overall experience of the high. 

Overall Effects

Edibles can sometimes make me feel anxious and paranoid, but I experienced none of that with these. I thought that these gummies created an incredibly balanced, relaxing, and clear-headed high. They hit hard, but in a way where you’re still able to function.

One of our team members felt like these were more on the relaxing side, but I honestly felt a light burst of energy as well. I definitely agree that these will mellow you out, but there’s not that heavy indica couch lock vortex that comes with many edibles I’ve tried.

I really appreciated the uplifting nature of this high as well: I felt very positive and euphoric. The body high is fairly light and pleasant and doesn’t impact mobility like I mentioned before. It feels like you’re being wrapped in a warm blanket made of light, as opposed to a massive weighted blanket, if you can get what I mean.

Another thing I want to mention is that the come up WILL surprise you. One second I was playing Diablo, then I looked up from the screen for a split second and there it was. Granted, I was entranced by the game, but it was a certified ‘when the edible hits’ moment.

Packaging And Design

As always, IndaCloud also delivered on their design and packaging. I think that the cloud shaped packages and gummies are so cute and unique to the brand. I absolutely love the holographic details on them, it just feels extra nice to pop open!

Even the box in which all the products are sent is customized, pleasant, and a great representation of the brand. IndaCloud pulls no punches with their products, and I think their attention to detail really shines through in every aspect of the experience they provide.

In Summary

Honestly, there’s nothing I would change about these IndaCloud gummies. The high is uniquely balanced, the flavors are mouth wateringly delicious, and they will hit you like a monster truck. There’s also plenty of other flavor options in addition to those I outlined today, such as Fruit Punch, Grape, and Strawberry.

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