Why Delta 8 Seltzer Should Be Your New Summer Staple!

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Every year when summer rolls around, we’re always looking for new ways to beat the heat. Whether you’re at your family’s annual backyard barbecue or just having a lazy beach day with friends, these Delta 8 seltzers make a great addition! They’re refreshing, delicious, and amazingly easy to swap out for your favorite soda or IPA. At the end of the day, you may find yourself hiding them away in the cooler!

Best Delta 8 Seltzer: Delta Beverages

Our team was super excited to try these D8 seltzers! I’ve always seen them around at dispensaries or in a friend’s Instagram posts, and I’ve been dying to get my hands on some. I really enjoy Delta 8, but sometimes I’m just not in the mood to smoke or hit my pen. These drinks are light, portable, and easy to share with friends!

Delta Beverages is a pioneer in the industry, carrying the title of “The Original D8 Seltzer! Several brands have copied, but none have come close to the quality and care Delta Beverages is able to put into their products. With 3 signature packs, I’m sure that you and your whole group can find a flavor to your liking. And the branding is super aesthetically pleasing and oh so postable!

The Mixx Variety Pack: D8 Seltzer Review

Starting out strong, we have the Mixx Variety pack. This was probably my favorite because of the variety of flavors and the large quantity of drinks! Each pack comes with 12 Delta 8 drinks with an equal split of four flavors: mixed berry, watermelon, mango, and lime! My personal favorites were probably the mango and lime flavors, but I honestly loved every single one.

Something I really appreciate about these D8 drinks is that they taste just like normal flavored seltzers! At times, I’m not the biggest fan of edibles because of the strong, hempy taste that can linger, but these have my full seal of approval. You’ll find yourself forgetting that you’re even drinking Delta 8 with how refreshing the flavors are—that is, until the effects hit.

After conducting our own tests, we decided that these D8 seltzers create a very calming and well balanced high. We all felt very grounded, but alert enough to avoid any grogginess or sleepiness. At 20mg per can, each seltzer is going to pack a punch, but it still leaves room to indulge in another, given you have no work to do at the time! I also appreciate how unlike other edibles, you can slowly sip on these so the effects wash over you gradually.

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Overall, we think these Delta 8 seltzers are a perfect addition to any type of social gathering or even a relaxing evening alone. With 12 different cans, you’ll have enough to generously share with your friends or stockpile for yourself in the fridge. Step aside, Whiteclaw, we have a new drink of the summer!

The Day Drinker: HHC Seltzer Review

If you’re looking for a slightly more energetic high, the Day Drinker would be a great fit for you. Rather than Delta 8, these seltzers contain a generous serving of HHC. If you’re not familiar, HHC is a relatively new cannabinoid to the scene and is known for being slightly more potent and uplifting than Delta 8!

Delta Beverages describes their Day Drinkers as the perfect way to take your social butterfly out for a spin! Built for social hour, these HHC seltzers will have you ready to mix and mingle at the function, wherever that may be. The Day Drinker pack comes in two varieties: watermelon and mixed berry.

The HHC Day Drinkers definitely created a more uplifting experience, according to the members of our team who tried them! I would say they were a bit less potent than the D8 seltzers, but these HHC seltzers are still no joke. I’m really glad I had the day off to test these, given my low tolerance.

Each Day Drinker pack comes with six cans in a perfectly compact case. My personal favorite was probably the mixed berry, although I thoroughly enjoyed both flavors. I really loved how these gave me a subtle burst of energy. I can be quite introverted, but these had me feeling like the life of the party!

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Why Choose D8 Seltzers?

There are so many reasons to try out Delta 8 seltzers. Whether you’re looking to cut down on your alcohol consumption or just find a new way to relax at the next social gathering, these D8 drinks make a great fit! With delicious and refreshing flavors, you’ll find yourself forgetting it’s something other than a regular seltzer.

To sum up this review, I truly can’t say enough positive things about these seltzers! The flavors are perfect, and the effects are perfectly noticeable and mellow. One drink provides a solid high or buzz depending on which variety you choose, and there’s always room to have another if you want to up your dose. Delta 8 is now one of my go-to offerings at parties, replacing IPAs and wine coolers.