9 Best Strains for Laughs and Giggles

Just about everybody’s favorite cannabis experience is the one that gets you on the floor giggling yourself to death. There’s just something so remedial about that belly laugh that has you almost peeing your pants. Some strains are better at bringing about that giggle fit than others, so we’ve compiled them into this article for you.

They say that laughter is the best medicine—and why not? Maybe that’s the truth about the medicinal benefits of cannabis: that it leaves you in a giggle fit that energizes you for hours after it happens. Nothing feels better than a good old belly laugh—the kind that puts you on the verge of peeing your pants and possibly even crying.

Think about it. We spend so much of our lives looking for the remedy for how we feel. People dive headfirst into supplements, herbs, exercise, and yoga. But what everybody really needs is a solid laughing session. There is no way to laugh when you’re sad, but cannabis can make you do it anyway.

Laughter employs the muscles of your face, lung, throat, vocal cords, and abdomen. It reduces stress hormones in the body and releases hormones in the brain that are natural analgesics. Laughter might even boost your immune system and increase your resilience. That’s why they say laughter is the best medicine.

In this article, we’re talking about strains that are sure to get you into that laughing state of mind—those kinds of emotional places that we visited with friends, on our bicycles, long before cannabis was legal.

Set & setting mean more than strains

Before we get into the types of strains that should make you laugh, we need to start with the basics: the set and setting of your weed sesh. At the end of the day, the environment where you’re smoking weed is way more important than the strain you’ve chosen. Being surrounded by beautiful people and having a lot of space to be silly are the key ingredients to a good giggle session.

There’s no point in smoking before watching a horror movie in the theater if you want to have a good laugh. You get my drift. Create an environment that is conducive to laughing your ass off. Examples include inflatable pool toys in your pool-less garden, a movie night watching Eddie Murphy’s Raw, or having an “eat soup with your hands” party.

And a little fun fact: laughing is a social emotion. So you might not find yourself LOLing if you watch Rick & Morty by yourself, whereas if you watch it with someone sitting next to you, you could end up literally rolling on the floor laughing!

Choosing a strain is important, and we’ve got you covered for that. But always remember that you’re less likely to get the giggles if you’re with strangers or if you’ve got important business to take care of and you’re constantly worried about it. Relaxation is the playing field of laughter, so make everybody feel relaxed, and the giggles should come naturally.

Indica or sativa for laughing?

It’s important to note that some experimenting is needed, as different strains work differently for everybody. Whether a sativa or an indica will send you into a giggle fit might be different for you and your smoking companion!

The basic differences between indica (in the couch) and sativa (activating, social) are notable in the type of high they produce. Indica-dominant strains have more of an effect on your body, enhancing things like taste, touch, and sound. In contrast, sativa-dominant strains are noted for their cerebral high that is energizing, social, and creative.

It’s entirely possible that the indica strain’s relaxation will cause you to pee your pants at the drop of a hat. While the activation of a sativa strain can create a more focused and productive high, The good news is that the only way to find out how an indica or sativa will affect you is by trial and error. (Although there’s really no error when it comes to this.)

Best strains for the giggles

Here are our strain recommendations if you’re looking to get your giggles on this weekend!

1. Laughing Buddha

It’s all in the name, isn’t it? Laughing Buddha is all about getting in touch with your lighthearted, less serious self. In true Buddha style, this strain helps you let go of the day’s stresses and adopt a more fun-loving attitude.

It has a very earthy, herbal aroma and is well known for its uplifting and happy buzz. Pair this strain with a small social gathering, a couple of drinks, and some nice music to get in the mood for a giggling fit.

2. NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid born of landrace Mexican and Afghani strains. It’s one of those strains that has you bouncing off the walls for the first couple of hours before it gently puts you into a state of deep relaxation.

It’s hard to say whether the giggles come early or later—but they almost always come! Whether you get the giggles from endless banter while you’re all energized or whether you get them when you’ve relaxed into a mess of munchies, they’re guaranteed. This strain is ideal for small dinner parties or social contexts because people report being pretty talkative under the effects of NYC Diesel.

Girl Scout Cookies is the classic strain for a giggly smoke session. GSC is a well-balanced indica-dominant hybrid that produces a strong sense of relaxation and has won numerous cups and awards. You’ll notice the effects in your head first, before the rest of your body begins to feel lighter.

Be prepared for a long-lasting high with even longer stoner conversations. We recommend a hot tea with a dash of milk and good vibrations.

4. Strawberry Kush

Strawberry Kush has a reputation for being the most fragrant-smelling bud on the market because it actually smells like strawberries! It’s beautiful too; the pistils of the flower take on a pinkish color. This indica-dominant hybrid produces a chill high with a light cerebral tickle.

It’s on the romantic side, and it might get you laid, as some have reported Strawberry Kush to be an aphrodisiac. With that in mind, it’s perfect for a night of giggles with a special someone.

5. Super Cheese

This strain transports us to 1980s Amsterdam coffeeshops, where the aroma of Super Cheese wafted through the windows. The smell of nasty blue cheese is pretty intense when you’re smoking this strain, and if that’s not enough to get you giggling, then the extreme euphoria will.

Be careful—this is a powerful indica strain; too much and you could be laughing on your own in bed. which would also be OK. Use this strain before a funny movie, a comedy show, or any place that doesn’t require standing up!

6. Lemon Haze

The spicy citrus aroma of Lemon Haze alone is enough to give you butterflies. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid, and you will definitely notice that upon taking a hit. Once inhaled, you can expect an uplifting rush of warm and fuzzy vibrations. Once exhaled and inhaled a couple more times, a creative and social buzz will have taken effect.

You might try to do cartwheels and fail, but then you’ll laugh so hard you’ll fall over. So it’s best consumed on a warm summer night with soft grass and good friends.

7. OG Kush

While we’re at it, we have to mention OG Kush, a parent to many of the other strains on this list. It’s the OG, and we’re sticking to that.

Feelings of relaxation, euphoria, happiness, talkativeness, and the desire to move around, dance, and be social—these are all that you can expect from the OG Kush. This isn’t really one of those sit-still stretches. This strain goes well with a beer and some live music—or perhaps live comedy, since this is all about the laughs.

8. White Rhino

When we talk about White Rhino, we’re talking about some pretty serious THC levels—usually between 18% and 25%. This makes White Rhino such a great psychedelic strain and highly medicinal for those who use cannabis medicinally.

But alas, we’re talking about the medicine of laughter. Expect to feel happy after you smoke some White Rhino, as if all of your worries have literally gone up in smoke with the buds you just rolled up. This is an excellent strain for hanging out with friends over some delicious food. Make sure you bring up old stories to get those bellies laughing!

9. Nicole Kush

Nicole Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with a dreamy, floaty high. Note: You will be on your ass. It’s potent! Often used for medicinal purposes too, it is famed for its effects on sleep and mood. It’s all about self-care, healing, and connection to your body. That’s why we saved Nicole Kush for last.

It’s hard to laugh when we feel low, tired, and run down. So, take time out for yourself with this strain. Curl up in bed and have a giggle while listening to an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine while gently transitioning into the dream realm.

A suitable strain is key, but to get your giggles on, it’ll take a little more than that. Get your friends together in a friendly and cozy environment, and you should be giggling before you even start smoking! We hope you enjoy our strain recommendations and that they get you rolling on the floor with laughter.