TribeTokes Glass Blunt Review: The Phoenix

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There is no smoking experience quite like the glass blunt. I must admit, I was a skeptic before receiving my own Phoenix from TribeTokes, but they have turned me into a believer! After spending several days running to and from the mailbox awaiting this package, it finally came. What happens next is history… I present to you, the official High Yields glass blunt review. 

Why We Loved The Glass Blunt

After unboxing this beauty, the first thing that stood out to me was how pretty this thing is! We received the gold edition, and it just looks so lavish. Holding a full glass blunt makes me feel like I’m puffing on a cigar all by my lonesome, pondering the great unknowns of life underneath a cold, moonlit sky. It is an experience, and I have been exclusively using it to smoke bud since I received it.

We were all really surprised by how much bud can fit into the blunt, as well as how efficiently it’s smoked inside of the spiral. On the TribeTokes website, it states that 2 grams can fit into this king-sized blunt, but I honestly feel like I was able to pack a bit more into it. When we were smoking it, it lasted significantly longer than 2 one-gram joints would, and also got us all significantly higher! 

This glass blunt was incredibly easy to use, and very portable! What I love about it is that it’s small enough to be stored in your pocket, but efficient enough to hold up to 2 grams of flower safely and securely within the spiral. Pipes and bongs can be a bit clunky, and then you have to worry about the storage of your bud if you’re on the go, but the glass blunt is storage and smoke-age all in one!

Yet another pro of this product is that it’s a whole lot healthier than a regular blunt: no tobacco here! Not to slander any tobacco users, we understand if you still want your classic blunts! But for those who are looking for a lighter option on their lungs, the glass blunt is a great and very efficient option. It even has a filter in the front to help create a smooth, scooby-snack-free smoking experience.

As you can tell, the TribeTokes glass blunt was a huge hit with the whole High Yields team. After trying it out for ourselves, we have concluded that this is now one of our favorite smoking devices of all time. I will admit, we were so excited about testing it we neglected to read the instructions of how to pack it and found that to be difficult at first. BUT, after pulling up the TribeTokes websites to see how it’s done, packing was a breeze. To make this process a bit easier for you, we’d like to share the most efficient way to pack your glass blunt – based on our personal experience!

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How To Load A Glass Blunt

Spoiler alert: it’s pretty easy! The TribeTokes glass blunt comes with a little rubber cap for the end, to help keep it secure when you’re on the go and also to help you pack it. The first step is to remove the spiral from the glass tube, pop the cap onto one end, and then fill the tube with ground flower. Next, you just twist the spiral into the tube to make your “herb spiral,” remove the cap, and smoke away! We really loved how simple and fun this process is: it’s so satisfying to watch your bud spiral into the tube.

Glass Blunt FAQ

For those who have never indulged in the glass blunt, you may be riddled with questions about this spiraling smoking device. We’ve tried to answer the most common questions newbies have concerning this product below!

Do You Ash A Glass Blunt?

Yes! As you smoke the blunt, you can slowly twist the ash out of the end of the blunt: it’s really that simple. Just wait until there’s a significant amount of ash, then twist the blunt so that it gently falls out of the tube. 

How Many Grams Can A Glass Blunt Hold?

This king sized glass blunt can hold up to 2 grams of flower! Many people choose to only pack the end of it for solo seshes, but if you’re gonna smoke with friends, you can pack a whole 2 grams of bud into this blunt. When I first tried it, this glass blunt smoked surprisingly efficiently, so it felt like significantly more than 2 grams were packed in there!

How Do You Clean A Glass Blunt?

It just so happens that this product comes with its own mini cleaning kit! Well, minus the isopropyl alcohol: that you will need to supply yourself. First, you’re gonna disassemble the device and place the glass tube into a bowl of isopropyl alcohol, soaking it for about 20 minutes. Next, you’re going to rinse it off with warm water. Then finally, if there’s any more resin left behind on the tube, you can use the little handy brush they provide, as well as more isopropyl alcohol to clean off that excess resin. Once it’s looking brand new, make sure you wash it with warm water again and let it dry. Good as new!

Are Glass Blunts Any Good? 

Yes! Yes they are! The TribeTokes glass blunt has genuinely become my favorite way to smoke flower. It’s portable, durable, can hold 2 whole grams of flower, and burns slowly and smoothly. If you’re considering the glass blunt for yourself, the whole High Yields team can and will vouch for the quality of this product: we can’t get enough!

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