Strain Spotlight: London Pound Cake

As more consumers turn to weed for its medicinal and recreational contributions, new strain seems to pop up by the day, each offering a unique blend ideal for varying goals. London Pound Cake Strain is among the impressive marijuana strains that have taken the industry by storm. The strain boasts a high THC kick like no other, with its high Indica averaging 70/30. The Indica-dominant strain features a desert-like flavor with high potency, with THC blasts bordering 29%. London Pound Cake is derived from a strong Indica blended with Sunset Sherbet by Cookie Fam Genetics. London Pound Cake delivers a uniquely grape-like tropical nut feel capable of impressing even the most enthusiastic marijuana user.

The appearance

London Pound Cake is a dense grower featuring dark green buds. The buds take coiled olive-green leaf shapes with tiny amber trichomes dusting. A huge part of the buds is tightly coiled with a fiery-orange pistils look. The plant has purple streaks radiating from its stem, with the crystal trichome glaze giving the strain a morning frost appearance. The strain is aesthetically pleasing, which is complemented by its high potency.

London Pound Cake grows tall with long branches, which is expected considering the longer-than-average growing period. The strains’ grow period averages up to 12 weeks. The longer branches and the tendency to take more time for the flowering to kick in means growers need to give the strain more and careful nursing to get a potent and desirable yield. For instance, growers must know the basics of glooming and pruning the strain, including the frequency and best timing.

Pruning is essential for mold and mildew prevention, which the strain is vulnerable to as it is not the most robust when humidity is in the equation. The right pruning frequency also helps ensure that your weed plants do not waste more energy on branches that only reduce the final yields. Considering the longer growing period, size, and grooming challenges, the strain is best suited for moderate to experienced marijuana growers.

Whether you intend to grow the train indoors or outdoors, you need the right skills to provide an optimal grow environment. If you are up for the challenge, you’ll find quality London Pound Cake cannabis seeds for sale online. High-quality and quantity yields start with great genetics, emphasizing the need to invest in top-shelf seeds. Even the most experienced weed growers can hardly get the best yield if they start with inferior seeds. Before diving into the challenge, let us take a glance at what you can expect from the unique London Pound Cake strain.

Terpenes, aroma and flavor profile

London Pound Cake strain features three main terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene. The dominant terpene is Caryophyllene, the peppery terpene that gives the strain a spicy aroma and is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Limonene delivers the citrus effect, while Myrcene features an herbal aroma and flavor.

London Pound Cake, similar to the Birthday Cake strain, is packed with a strong but pleasant berry and grape flavor. The sweet earthly, and woody flavor is accented by hints of nutty lemon and citrus. You’ll enjoy hints of vanilla, lemon, and butter as the strain gently races through your body, delivering that relaxing high. After a few hits, you’ll get that doughy and/or nutty vanilla cookie flavors that linger as you exhale.

London Pound Cake effecTs

The sweet aroma and flavor complement the gentle high that won’t make you overly sleepy, sedated or induce negative thoughts. The strains offer a calming impact, making you feel more centered and relaxed. For users looking for medicinal effects, London Pound Cake is ideal for addressing chronic stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, ADD, and fatigue. Its mood-changing impact offers a massive boost that can help you manage the overwhelming emotional load and easily navigate life’s stressors. Considering the strain’s terpenes composition, it is worth noting that London Pound Cake does not offer as much pain alleviation impact.

London Pound Cake is also an excellent train for all your recreational needs. The centered and calming effects make the strain a go-to for users looking to spark their creativity, considering the enhanced focus and better clarity. The calm focus, creativity, and evenness that the strain facilitates make it a favorite for more artists looking to stay sharp in their artistry works.

The light sleepy effect and the tingly and relaxed impact make London Pound Cake an excellent party starter. London Pound Cake delivers a body and head high that leaves you with a blissful experience. You can get locked in your couch with friends and enjoy the strain as you dive into movies, snacks and chats. Its calming and energetic kick also makes London Pound Cake an ideal option to spice up your outdoor games or when you simply crave lazy strolls in the great outdoors.

The joy of nurturing a marijuana plant, harvesting and consuming the yield is unmatched. As more consumers continue to favor home-grown cannabis, you shouldn’t be left behind. The trend will only hit new highs, especially with unique and incredible strains like London Pound Cake landing on exclusive shelves that best suit certain target groups. The best part is that you won’t struggle to find the right strains for your needs as reputable online stores continue to deliver tested seeds with a guaranteed germination rate. Information is also readily available, ensuring you can comfortably navigate the process from selecting superior seeds to genetics growing, harvesting, storage and use.