Everything You Need To Know About CBD For Dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical present in hemp and cannabis. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical in marijuana that makes you feel high, is usually not in the substance. But how is the product useful for your pet?

Well, the endocannabinoid system is a messenger system found in dogs, and it supports immunological function, sleep, hunger, pain, and more. CBD for dogs influences the system’s messengers. It also activates the digestive, immunological, and neurological systems.

How CBD Oil Is Beneficial For Your Dog

Have a look at how cannabidiol helps dogs with several health problems: 

  • Helps Dogs With Joint Problems

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory that is safe and doesn’t have any of the bad side effects that some prescription drugs do. It operates by attaching to CB1 receptors in the pet’s brain. These receptors activate the immune system to minimize inflammation. CB1 receptors also alter the brain’s response to pain. Cannabidiol has been shown to be effective in treating joint pain in dogs. Researchers at Cornell University found that giving cannabidiol to dogs with arthritis made them less painful and more active.

  • Helps Dogs With Epilepsy And Seizures 

CBD has also been shown to help pets with epilepsy and seizure disorders. In an experiment held by Colorado State University, the researchers found it a helpful treatment for canine epilepsy. A total of 89 percent of the dogs who took the medicine experienced a decrease in convulsions. It was found that cannabidiol might be able to reduce how bad and how often seizures are.

  • Helps Dogs With Cancer 

Cancer is one of the health risks dogs face, and it can be challenging for your pet if it is getting radiation treatment or chemotherapy. CBD has been discovered by cancer researchers to be a substance that fights cancer.

Animal studies have shown that the substance can fight cancer and stop tumors from growing. In another observation, CBD therapy lessened the expansion of cancer cells. In other words, cannabidiol can make cancer therapies more successful.

By preventing cancer cells from generating energy, cannabidiol also destroys cancer cells. In addition, it can ease the nausea brought on by numerous cancer therapies. Several studies have shown that it can also help a lot with the pain that comes with cancer. 

  • Helps Dogs With Allergies 

Dog allergies are becoming more prevalent and are challenging to manage. Typical skin disorders are one of the most common reasons for seeing a veterinarian. Cannabidiol has the potential to alleviate dry and itchy skin. It can also encourage the development of new, healthy skin cells. In case of allergies, apply the product topically to hot spots and cysts, or give it to your dog orally.

  • Helps Dogs With Anxiety 

One reason for increased CBD for dogs is a rise in anxiety attacks. Your dog might be suffering from anxiety in various ways, such as fear, aggression, noise, panic, and separation anxiety.

When your dog is stressed, cannabidiol can promptly reduce stress if taken orally. It often works in 5 to 20 minutes. However, giving the medication over a prolonged period has the most positive results. So, if your pet is easily stressed, giving it a dose every day may be the best thing to do.

Bottom Line

Cannabidiol for dogs is beneficial in plenty of ways. You can give the medication to your pet when it is in pain, feeling stressed, or suffering from any of the above-listed illnesses.